Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Black Eye For Ray Nagin's "Chocolate City": New Orleans Hurricane Gustav "Evacuees" Turn Calhoun Community College Into A "Superfund" Site

When Hurricane Gustav delivered a glancing blow to New Orleans, the residents of Decatur, Alabama generously opened their arms to some of New Orleans' evacuees, making the gym at Calhoun Community College available to them. In gratitude, the 300 evacuees basically turned the gym into a "Superfund" site, requiring a biohazard firm to come in and perform decontamination. Full story reported September 6th, 2008 by the Athens News-Courier and aired on September 8th by WAFF Channel 48 in Huntsville, Alabama; hat tip to Western Voices World News for alerting me to the story. Interesting discussion of this on the Timebomb2000 Forum.

Some of the findings, according to the college's Dean of Business and Finance, Jack Burrow:

- Some of the guests stopped up commodes with blankets furnished by the Red Cross.
- Ninety percent of the cots and blankets were soiled; in some instances, the fabric was cut off of the frames.
- The tarp protecting the gym floor may be ruined.
- Blood on the locker room door and a lot of spatter on the walls

Most likely, much of the damage was caused by the indiscriminate disposal of human waste. Translation: The evacuees pissed and shit in place rather than used the designated facilities. WAFF news video of story embedded below:

So far, the college has had to disinfect, clean, and wipe down the entire gym, hallways, chairs, tables, bathrooms, and the snack machines outside. They also burned all the blankets. They had to bring Roto-Rooter out in the middle of the night to unstop the commodes. But these are only preliminary steps; they've also engaged a bio-hazard firm from Birmingham to perform additional decontamination, at a cost of $25,000. However, FEMA has assured the locals that the Feds will cover all the charges.

The story scrupulously avoids any mention of who the evacuees might be. However, a comment posted to the story gives us an idea:

corey Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm from Lockport Louisiana about 50 miles south of New Orleans, I was emailed this article I cannot believe what ya'll had to put up with, that is ashamed, Next time I would tell Nagin to ship his CHOCOLATE CITY somewheres else. The best part of all this people from Terrebonne & Lafourche parish (Where the eye hit)and has the most damage are getting turned down for help because they have insurance but in New Orleans they are getting food stamps and for what. What a joke this really is.

Wish everyone the best in Alabama.


BHAMRESIDENT, 9/6/08 8:13 ET

Mayor Nagin,

On yesterday, September 5, 2008 several buses left the state of Alabama with many of your residents on board. What a joyous day for us.

We opened up our state to your residents offering them shelter from the storm, just as we should have because we should help our neighbors. Imagine how shocked we were to find out the evacuees were so ungrateful for the helping hand.

YOUR citizens tore up seats on the buses, YOUR citizens damaged or destroyed some of the facilities in which they stayed, YOUR citizens robbed OUR citizens, and YOUR citizens whined because no one gave them spending money, YOUR citizens whined because Wal-Mart expected them to pay for items instead of just giving it to them because they were evacuees. YOUR citizens caused an uproar in one of the shelters and assaulted a Sheriffs deputy, YOUR citizens complained about the accommodations and the food they were served, YOUR citizens constantly begged the volunteers, the police officers, the EMS personnel and everyone else they came in contact with for money. The list goes on and on. Some of YOUR citizens were arrested and I hope they missed the bus home, but I certainly hope they find their way back and get out of our state.

I am sure that somewhere in the nearly 4000 people that were here, someone was thankful for the help, but they would have been hard to find.

Volunteers worked day in and day out to help YOUR citizens. Police officers and EMS personnel worked hours upon hours of overtime to help YOUR citizens, and for what?? A slap in the face and a whole bunch of complaining.

I think you owe the State of Alabama and all the cities in which YOUR people stayed an apology for the way YOUR citizens behaved. Please, next time, evacuate them somewhere else, or don’t evacuate them and let them be reminded of how good things really were here.

Yep, it figures. Mostly Negroes. Just like the Negroes who trashed the Superdome and wreaked havoc in Houston after Katrina. Note that there were no such reports from the mostly white evacuees in the recent Iowa floods.

Anytime Negroes are in the majority, you have problems.

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