Wednesday, September 03, 2008

American National Socialist Workers Party Distributes "Racist" Literature In Peoria, Illinois And Lexington, South Carolina

The Illinois State Unit of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) distributed pro-white literature in Peoria, Illinois, sometime between the hours of midnight and 8:00 A.M. on the morning of Sunday August 31st, 2008. Story published by WEEK Channel 25. Also posted on Overthrow and on the ANSWP Illinois website. Discussion thread on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

The area of distribution included Glen Avenue and over on Woodview Avenue. Media outlets report that many residents were allegedly "appalled" and some even "fearful" about the racially-charged message of the leaflets. To facilitate accurate and precise distribution, the leaflets, folded and inserted in a plastic bag, were weighed down by sand. Some distributors will use rocks to ensure the wind does not blow the leaflets away. Leaflet displayed below, courtesy of USNN88 on VNN Forum:

One resident, Mike Martin, seemed unappreciative. “We would just like to make sure everybody knows we have a nice racially mixed neighborhood, and we don’t appreciate this garbage...keep it outta here. Keep your racist thoughts to yourselves and everybody will be happy. That’s all I have to say...this is insulting,” said Martin.

Martin also said he saw several of the bags in front yards and driveways while walking his dog Sunday morning. After speaking with a dozen residents in the neighborhood, most declined comment for fear of retaliation.

Click HERE to view news video from Podblanc.

The leaflet was produced by the American National Socialist Workers Party and is headlined "Monkeys Escape from the Zoo". It makes reference to fighting and violence that has gone on in Peoria, and blames it on blacks. Some of this violence has been previously documented on the ANSWP Illinois blog, in June when 100-150 youth, mostly black, chimped out at the Steamboat Days celebration, and again in July when about 100 blacks chimped out at the Heart of Illinois Fair.

The Peoria Police Department is currently looking into the matter. This is the second literature drop in Peoria in two weeks; on August 17th, the Peoria Journal-Star reported that racist leaflets were distributed in the 3100 block of North Isabell near Forrest Hill.

Other ANSWP activists were active elsewhere this past weekend as well. As documented on Overthrow, ANSWP activists returning from a shooting and camping event this weekend in Augusta, Georgia distributed more than 1400 pieces of literature in Lexington and Newberry Counties, South Carolina, urging white working people to continue to arm themselves and defend against Negro crime in the wake of the arrest of a man who did exactly that. Those fliers, which were accompanied by copies of National Socialist Magazine, focus on the case of Francis Marion Reeves III, a man in his 60s who shot and killed a 17 year old Negro who was beating his son during the attempted robbery of a cell phone. The killing sparked gang retaliation against the Reeves family later that night, during which Mr Reeves shot two more Negro gangbangers. This action is now also being reported by

All in all, a productive weekend for the ANSWP.


Anonymous said...

James Dinkins
5115 N Merrimac Ave
Peoria, IL 61614-4657
(309) 691-1567

Michael S Martin
5109 N Merrimac Ave
Peoria, IL 61614-4657
(309) 689-1983

Can't find info on the sheboon reporter though.

Anonymous said...

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