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Jewish Supremacist Sid Dinerstein Overturns Election Of Derek Black As Republican Party Committeeman In Palm Beach, Florida On A Technicality

Update December 4th: Derek Black disqualified from his elected position at the December 3rd meeting. Updated post HERE.

Derek Black, the 19-year-old son of Stormfront webmaster Don Black and his wife Chloe, who once was married to white activist Dr. David Duke, won his first election, but a local Jewish supremacist, tipped off to Derek Black's family connections by a Cuban blogger, has overturned it on a technicality.

The Cuban blogger is Jose Lambiet, who edits the Page 2.1 gossip blog for the Palm Beach Post and whose post, maliciously entitled "Teen Son Of Klansman Wins Vote For GOP Post" is the source of information for this post. I have summarized this post to remove all the anti-white smears and references contained in Jose's post. This story was also reported by the Sun-Sentinel's Palm Beach Politics blog. Dr. David Duke also addresses this issue HERE and HERE. Discussion available on the Vanguard News Network Forum and on Stormfront.

Other pro-white media reporting this include Newsnet14 and Euronews.

Derek Black was successfully elected on Tuesday August 26th, 2008 to be a local Republican Party committeeman in the Pam Beach area. His job is primarily to ensure that voters in District 29, which runs alongside Southern Boulevard east of Dixie, vote Republican. And the outcome was never in doubt - Derek Black won with 58 percent of the votes, 167 out of 287. His opponent was Eduardo Burkhart. The 47-year-old, who's deaf, made news last year when Gov. Charlie Crist used Burkhart's attempts to sell his condo on Flagler as a prop to illustrate why lower property taxes were needed.

But that job may not be his for long. Already, the local GOP has moved to kick him out. Local GOP boss Sid Dinerstein, identified as Jewish, is spearheading the effort to remove him, thus overturning a free and fair election. WPTV Channel 5 news video embedded below:

Initially, Dinerstein played his cards close to the vest. "I assume he qualified to run for the seat and he was elected," Dinerstein first opined. "Anybody in this country can join a party and run for a position on that party. He is entitled to be seated if he acts according to our constitution". Added Dinerstein, who's Jewish, "Hopefully, he left that past behind. He shouldn't forget that this party was formed by abolitionists."

But by 5 p.m., Dinerstein showed his true colors. “We checked the young man out, and his victory may not be valid,” Dinerstein said. “We required that candidates sign an oath of loyalty in June, and he didn’t do it. As far as we’re concerned, Eduardo won”. Jose bragged about how he called local Republican officials to "inform" them of Derek's family connections. And WPBF Channel 25 reveals that on Thursday August 28th, Dinerstein succeeded in getting Derek Black kicked off the committee.

However, Derek Black is not taking this lying down. “We’ll see about that,” Derek Black said. “My understanding is that the oath had to be signed by the first meeting of the new committeemen, and that’s by December 1st. They’re obviously looking for a way to keep me out, but I won’t let that happen”. Derek is still living at his family's home in Palm Beach, from where his father runs the Stormfront website and appears to be teaching Derek the business. [Ed. Note: This is a classical Jewish tactic - when the decision doesn't go Hymie's way, Hymie digs out an obscure rule known by very few and uses it against his interlocutor.]

And Derek has already displayed a creative flair. In 2001, he was just 12 when USA Today highlighted his work at creating a children's page on Stormfront. That page included white supremacist songs, bulletin boards and anti-Martin Luther King bedtime stories. Derek is currently listed as a radio commentator on Stormfront.

He quietly campaigned, visiting many of the district's historic homes. Residents on his block include a single lesbian on one side, and a gay couple on the other. One of the two men is black. "His mom (Chloe) took him around, introducing him to everyone," said one resident who asked that her name not be used.

Said Derek Black, who disavows any connection to any Klan organization, “I ran because I want to make an impact at the local level. Don’t judge me by my family. Judge me by what I want to achieve. I want to sway my party to do something about the immigration invasion and the tax burden. Everyone in this country has the right to protect his group’s interests. White people will soon be a minority.”

Allen West, a black Republican running for Congress in the southern part of the county, says he’ll “have a talk” with Black at the first meeting of the local GOP, if Black is allowed in. "If he won't judge me for my character instead of my race, I'll ask to please not support me in any way," West said.

Those who want to communicated their displeasure directly to those responsible can call Chairman Sid Dinerstein or Executive Director Greg Langowski during normal business hours at 561-686-1616.

Opinion: The Florida media reeks of bias in this coverage. First, note the title of Jose Lambiet's post. He refers to Don Black as a "Klansman". Black has NOT been a Klansman for years. Second, note how Lambiet deliberately uses a picture of people in Klan regalia to try to inflame public opinion against Derek Black. Finally, Lambiet dismisses Derek Black's claim of not being associated with the Klan.

However, the hate campaign against Derek Black is so flagrant and obvious that people posting public comments to the various stories are speaking out in Derek's defense. The elite of Palm Beach are clearly out of touch with the mainstream population, and show that the term "Zionist Occupation Government" is not misplaced. We, as a nation, are presently governed by a hostile force.

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