Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jewish Supremacist Joe Kaufman Uses Americans Against Hate Website To Defame Stormfront, Accuses It Of Threatening The Life Of Barack Obama

Joe Kaufman, a notorious Jewish supremacist who operates the hysterically anti-Muslim "Americans Against Hate" website, has openly accused Stormfront of allowing its members to post threats against the life of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Proof that Kaufman is a Jew is posted HERE.

The accusation was part of a press release posted by Kaufman, in which he congratulates the Palm Beach Republican Committee and its Jewish leader, Sid Dinerstein, for deliberately overturning the free and fair election of 19-year-old Derek Black as a committeeman. Upon Black's election, Dinerstein suddenly "re-interpreted" a rule requiring candidates for a committeeman position to sign a loyalty oath, insisting it should have been done before the election. Derek Black contends he was informed that it didn't have to be signed until before the first meeting of committeemen, on December 1st. Most people believe that Derek Black was targeted primarily because he is the son of longtime Stormfront webmaster Don Black. This was addressed in greater detail in this previous post, and is also being discussed on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Here's the pertinent part of Kaufman's statement:

Stormfront brings together and provides a forum for members of worldwide hate movements. The content on Stormfront, many times, is of a violent nature. Just yesterday, one of Stormfront’s members stated that he hopes United States Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama gets assassinated. Another member commented, “All it would take is one person.”

Stormfront is currently engaged in attacks against Dinerstein for being Jewish. One of the attackers is Don Black, himself.

Americans Against Hate (AAH), armed with info concerning Derek Black’s extremist activities, was amongst the first to inquire about Black’s newly elected position within the Republican party.

AAH Chairman Joe Kaufman stated, “We praise Palm Beach Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein for taking a stand and not allowing someone like Derek Black to serve the party. Black is part of a vile and dangerous movement that should never be granted power in our country.”

We pledge our continued support to both Republicans and Democrats in driving this venomous element out of our society. As well, we call on law enforcement to investigate Stormfront’s threat on Senator Obama’s life.”

Kaufman also displays a Stormfront screenshot to validate his accusation against Stormfront. The screenshot can be viewed HERE. It shows part of a discussion threat entitled "Would Obama get assassinated if he were elected". Two of the posts obviously concern Kaufman. In one post, the poster states "All it would take it one person". In the other post, the poster states, "I hope he gets assassinated, as unnecessary as that might sound".

Neither of those statements constitutes a threat against the life of Barack Obama. Hal Turner used to push the envelope a lot further than that without legal retaliation.

TheMuslimWatch website exposes the truth about Joe Kaufman and Americans Against Hate. They state, "Americans Against Hate is an organization that creates slander and uneducated, presumptive allegations that never have merit or truth. Joe Kaufman is a man with a plan to spread lies and hatred toward Islam and creates broad and unfounded accusations that never are logical. Americans Against Hate (AAH) does the exact opposite of what the title and scope of his organization assumes".

They further state, "As recipient of the dubious Onion Award, Joe Kaufman's disgusting and dangerous slander makes him an anti-Muslim bigot. Considered a clown in disguise, Kaufman gets trashed left and right. He's made fun of more than many others because of his highly incompetent ability to properly and impartially understand religious and cultural ideology".

Kaufman was sued by several Muslim groups late last year for similar tactics. Perhaps Don Black ought to entertain a defamation of character lawsuit against him as well.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry your racist site will be coming down soon.

Whats it like when your mother and father are also brother and sister.

BTW te reason you feel so inferior is that you are inferior to everyone else

Orion said...

"We praise Palm Beach Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein for taking a stand and not allowing someone like Derek Black to serve the party."

So a jew is praising another jew for denying a white man the right to particpate in the corrupt jewish system we have today. As if we needed anymore proof of jewish control in this country.

" Black is part of a vile and dangerous movement that should never be granted power in our country"

Here, let me fix that for you: Kaufman is part of a vile and dangerous alien tribe that should never be granted the right to live in a white society.

Orion said...

Hey anonymous jew, what's it like to have a university education and still not know how to spell or use contractions correctly? What a waste that some deserving White man could have used instead.

By the way, why don't you be a man for once in your sorry life and at least leave your email, so we can know who to thank for "taking down" this site? Fucking koshergirl.