Saturday, August 30, 2008

James Curtis Arrested And Charged With A Felony Hate Crime In Niagara Falls, New York For Attaching A "Whites Only" Sign To A Water Fountain

Update September 3rd: James Curtis pleads not guilty. See updated post HERE.

Another updated post from September 3rd HERE provides much more detail as to how the sign was recovered and sent to law enforcement.

Update October 14th: Charge downgraded from felony hate crime to misdemeanor harassment. Details HERE

On August 13th, 2008, James Curtis, a white man (pictured at left), attached a handmade sign reading "Whites Only Water Fountain" to a water fountain in the Department of Public Works (DPW) garage in Niagara Falls, New York as a joke. Unfortunately, the city did not find it funny, and so the 52-year-old Curtis, a veteran of 26 years with the DPW not only finds himself confronting a possible felony collar to restrict his constitutional rights and hinder future employability, but also jail time and loss of his existing job. All for a stupid sign.

Full story published August 29th in the Niagara Gazette; supplemental reports by WKBW Channel 7 and WIVB Channel 4, both in Buffalo. Newer stories now posted by the Buffalo News and WGRZ Channel 2 in Buffalo. Discussion on Stormfront and on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

After Curtis, a motor equipment operator for DPW, posted the sign on the water fountain, it was discovered by a non-white employee. It was then turned over to another Negro employee, Joe Paulk. However, Paulk is no ordinary employee; he is a civil rights agitator who is a member of the Niagara Falls Six, a group of DPW workers suing the city for discrimination. Upon learning of the sign, the group sent it to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office and requested an investigation. On Wednesday August 27th, Cuomo spokesman John Milgrim confirmed the sign had been received and the attorney general would assist in the investigation. Sources told the Gazette the sign is now at the State Police lab undergoing testing. [Ed. Note: More updated information on how the sign was turned over to law enforcement is now available HERE.]

At the same time, Niagara Falls police were notified. After a one-week investigation, veteran detective Frank Coney cracked the case, using handwriting samples to induce James Curtis to confess. Curtis was then arrested. On Friday August 29th, Curtis made $500 bail, but must return to court on Tuesday September 2nd to be arraigned on a charge of felony second-degree aggravated harassment. The charge is ordinarily a misdemeanor, but is a felony in this case because Curtis is being charged under the state’s hate crime category. Podblanc video of WKBW broadcast available at the following link:

But Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster said Curtis will face more than just criminal charges. “As part of my administration’s policy of having no tolerance for this type of behavior, in addition to the criminal charge ... the city is also commencing disciplinary proceedings against Mr. Curtis,” the mayor said. Dyster refused to take questions from reporters “because of the now pending criminal and disciplinary proceedings.” Police officials also declined all further comment on the case.

When Joe Paulk found out that Curtis had confessed, he expressed surprise, saying that he’s known Curtis for several years and worked with him in the past, and had never experienced any racism from him. Nevertheless, Paulk wants the city to proceed. “I’ve watched the city handle numerous of these types of investigations before and never once have I ever seen an arrest occur,” Paulk said. “We needed to bring these matters to the surface.” Paulk also points out that because minorities are outnumbered 10-1 in most departments, that breeds "racism" and he wants a "better balance between minorities and non-minorities. [Translation: We be wantin' moah of dat 'firmateef akshun and sheeyit.]

And apparently, some of the other black employees are "restive". Prior to Curtis’ arrest, DPW Director David Kinney said that tensions among his employees were running high as the investigation continued. “I’m working diligently to calm that down and try to get work going again,” Kinney said.

Oh, to add insult to injury, when Curtis was bailed out on Friday, media were lying in wait to ambush him, and a Negro reporter for WIVB, Mylous Hairston, got right in Curtis' face and dogged him as he was getting into his car. The short interview is published HERE.

Opinion: This got completely out of hand. In previous days, the sign would have been ripped up and tossed in the trash, since it was a non-specific threat (and it turned out to be a joke rather than a threat). So local police, state police, attorney general, and court time and resources have all been squandered over a stupid sign. Actually, correction; taxpayer resources are being squandered.

Also notice that although the Negro worker Joe Paulk admitted that James Curtis had never behaved racially towards him, that he wanted to see Curtis punished to the fullest extent possible. There's a lesson for you there, White Man. It doesn't matter how long or how well you know that Negro friend of yours, he'll turn on you when the chips are down.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

You're absolutely right - such a reprehensible "crime"
certainly deserves all this attention ...
NOT ! Plain ridiculous .

And how many black on white brutal atrocities are committed daily , without number , and receive no mention at all .

Wonder how many whites jumped on the
"suck up to the black"
bandwagon concerning this incident .

Yep , when the 'groids take to the street en masse , they aint gonna remember no honky "buddies" ... and the liberals , wiggers and brain dead populace better let that truth sink in .

Anonymous said...

You show ignorance to the fullest. You should be arrested for being so stupid, it has to be a crime! Who calls anyone a negro now adays other than a racist. It still must be white vs blacks in your neighborhood! Why don't you take a history book out and read it!