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Irish Post Launches Vendetta Against Stormfront Members Who Questioned Selection Of Half-Breed Belinda Brown As London's "Rose Of Tralee" Entrant

The Irish Post is bragging about how they discovered the online identities of various Stormfront forum members who questioned the selection of a half-Jamaican Irish resident as London's new candidate for Rose of Tralee. Irish women from all over the world compete for this title every year. The overall winner will be selected at the Tralee Festival, which runs from August 22-26. The Irish Post, which is a newspaper for Irish living in England, has published a number of stories about this. The first one of interest appeared on July 23rd, 2008. The article is quite subjective and is extremely bigoted against the Stormfront posters, referring to them as "sad people" and their opinions as a "sickening campaign". Oy, vey! This story also reported August 3rd by the Sunday Tribune.

Before continuing the story, the Rose of Tralee International Festival is based on the love song The Rose of Tralee, by William Mulchinock, a 19th century wealthy merchant who was in love with Mary O’Connor, his maid. Mary was born in Broguemaker’s Lane in Tralee and worked as a nanny. When William first saw Mary he fell in love with her, but because of the difference in social class between the two families their love affair was discouraged. William emigrated, and some years later returned to Tralee only to find Mary had died of tuberculosis. He was broken hearted and expressed his love for her in the words of the song. Click to read The Rose of Tralee story.

According to the Post, the remarks on Stormfront drew widespread condemnation. Belinda Brown (pictured above left), who is half-Irish and half-Jamaican, and who wasn't even born in Ireland, was crowned London's entrant for Rose of Tralee earlier this month at the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood. But not long after this event was featured in The Irish Post, the comments began appearing on Stormfront questioning her Irish background. They are featured in a section entitled White Nationalist Issues in Ireland. There are actually two specific Stormfront threads which could qualify; one HERE, which is simply discussion, and another, which features a poll asking respondents who categorically should be allowed to compete for the honor, located HERE.

But Belinda Brown, who has not personally read the threads, says that the reports have merely spurred her on to make the most of her time in Tralee. She will use the event to spread the message of modern Irishness and proclaim her pride in her heritage. The 26-year-old — who was born in Jamaica and raised in Ahoghill in County Antrim — told the Irish Post, “I know that statements have been posted on a website but I have not even seen them and have no intention of looking for them. I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion but these people were clearly very misinformed about me to say that I’m not Irish when I clearly am. I would tell them to check their facts before they broadcast their opinions".

Racism and bigotry are not specific to Ireland — it is everywhere. These types of people find something to pick on everyone about – if I was a size 20 no doubt I’d be hearing about that. I just think it’s sad that they have this time on their hands and this is what they choose to do with it. I don’t have to prove I am Irish to anyone”, Brown continued.

Belinda Brown also claims that “Modern Irishness is what the competition is all about — not what you look like but what you have inside of you. Particularly now, after the event has received criticism about being old-fashioned, it is embracing that sense of multiculturalism more than ever”.

The comments about the second-generation Irish woman have also sparked outrage in Irish communities both in Britain and Ireland. Radio Kerry presenter Deirdre Walsh said: “It is quite shocking the things that have been said but it’s great to hear that Belinda will not let it stop her enjoying her time in Kerry when she arrives for the competition. It is very sad — this is the first time she has encountered any racism in her life. But we have had a great response from our listeners — messages of support for the London Rose have been flooding in and we all wish her well in Tralee later this year”. The Irish Post has also received a number of letters to the editor in support of Brown.

Under the Public Order Act, publishing material which will incite racial hatred is an offence. A Home Office spokesperson said, “While we do not have a sort of webwatcher in this country who can scour the web for these types of offences it is illegal to publish this type of material and anyone who takes it upon themselves to do so faces the risk of prosecution. We encourage people to report any incidents where racial or religious hatred is incited regardless of what medium it is found in.”

A spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission added, “Any incitement of racial hatred whether made on a blog or otherwise would be regarded as an offence".

But the Irish Post didn't stop there. In another July 23rd article entitled "A Real Irish Rose", they presented a more detailed profile of Belinda Brown's background. And on July 30th, in another article entitled "Police Probe Rose Hate Website", the Post discloses that police have now launched an official investigation into the Stormfront members who posted offensive messages against Belinda Brown. The police praised The Irish Post for its actions and confirmed that a CID team specialising in Internet crime are investigating to try to find the identities of the culprits.

The announcement of the police investigation in turn has triggered yet a third Stormfront thread. Most members scoff at this prospect; how will the British police impose their will upon an American-owned website on American soil? And I seriously doubt that Stormfront webmaster Don Black will give up any information to the Brits.

What an absolute waste of time for the British police to be pursuing this issue, when Britain is plagued by crime, particularly a series of knifings in Greater London. Besides, the question as to whether or not Belinda Brown should be considered Irish is a legitimate one. Ireland, like the other nations of Europe, originated as ethnic nations. When one thinks of a European, one does not visualize someone who has a overtly Negroid appearance. Or, as one Stormfront poster put it, just because a dog wakes up in a stable doesn't make him a horse. This does not mean the dog is less valuable than horse; it simply means it's different.

Besides, if anybody can be Irish, can anyone really be Irish?

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Anyone with one grandparent who was born in Ireland qualifies for Irish citizenship. Miss Brown has a parent born in Ireland and was raised in Ireland. Her right to be a candidate is undeniable.

Anchorage Activist said...

Obviously when Ireland crafted that citizenship law, they did not anticipate a situation like this.

Anonymous said...

Politicians passing a law does not reality change.

Anonymous said...

People like need to understand that there is a difference between what's legal, and what's right from a moral and ethical standpoint. Why does she have a "right" to be a candidate? Because some bought off politicians made some artifical rule saying so?

Today's world is completely upside down. What's legal is very often wrong from a moral standpoint, and what's right is very often illegal.

I wish that people would stop treating these two concepts as though they're one and the same. Basic concepts of jurisprudence which have circulated the western world for centuries have apparently all disappeared down the memory hole. Our handlers have made sure of this.

Anonymous said...

I guess then that this qualifies all Irish as Africans now. Using the same logic as applied by the trash who push this.

Applying the same logic now can I assume that the Israelis will welcome their neighbors with open arms?

Orion said...

I think it's time some Irish Patriots find out the identities of people at the Post and at the CID.

Mongrel Brown has the right to leave Ireland in one piece ONLY! She has no other rights a White Man is obligated to respect!

I wonder what the Jamicians would say if Whites were cast in their stories. Would they say the same bullshit the mongrel Brown spouts?

Orion said...

I wonder who owns the "Irish" Post. I'm willing to bet is a jew behind all this.

Anonymous said...

It is the same old song and dance put on by DOGS people for the mentally lame.

OMG the terrible holohoax.

While at the same time as DOGS people
(Matthew 27:25) push this multicultural trash worldwide they continue with the genocide of the indigenous people of Palestine!

Start wars everywhere to defend Satans own spawn (WW1, WW2, Iraq, Iran, da di da di da).

This young lady is no more Irish than I am the Pope. But what do you expect from the Brits who pushed this trash?

I've been to Ireland more than once. My name is on the computer at Stormont for being an Irish Nationalist.

But I will say it right here that the Orange Order in their lodges is solid behind us Nationalists that importing jungle bunnies to promote the destruction of Ireland will NOT STAND!

Orange and Green can unite behind this! ! !


Anonymous said...

Please tell me why the fuck this competition is the concern of an AMERICAN facist website in the first place???

Dont you have enough going on in your own country to write about??!! Dont think I remember seeing Ireland down as one of your states in the USA. Get a life you racist biggots and leave the poor girl alone!


"It does not matter what colour you are"how very convienient!naturally it does not matter to someone who is trying to pretend that they are not a negro,but it matters very much to someone who sees parasites invading thier country and who is proud of thier country and culture and wishes to preserve it for thier children.the question is why are negroes desperate to distance themselves from who they are,all over europe we see the same thing,unaware of the stupid absurdity of pretending to be "negro european"or "black irish" or "black swiss".The truth is that they are black,ashamed at being unable to compete on merit with white people,unable to compete and make a sucess of even a negro ruled country because of thier propensity for crime and savage violence which manifests itself wherever they go for a free hand-out,a piece of paper will not make you something that you are not,and it is a very great insult to presume that upon arrival in our countries ,the negro or any-one else is instantly my countryman.

Anonymous said...

'Please tell me why the fuck this competition is the concern of an AMERICAN facist website in the first place???

Dont you have enough going on in your own country to write about??!! Dont think I remember seeing Ireland down as one of your states in the USA. Get a life you racist biggots and leave the poor girl alone!'
Applying the same logic as put forward by this racist biggot who hates white people, it wasn't anybodies business what was going on in South Africa either!

Multiculturalism is in itself that form of racism which is applied by racist jews to gain power in countries that are not provinces of Israel.

The jews, many of which were communists used the blacks in America in the 60's as a battering ram to knock down the gates of power and then once they were securely inside they left their battering ram outside the gates.

So I ask you racist pig why in the hell anybody would be concerned with your racist opinions?

Anonymous said...

What a joke. This little "Irish" girl is probably Irish when it suits her needs and also Jamaican if it suits her needs. If there was a scholarship being given away to people of Jamaican descent I'm sure this girl would be one of the first in line.

Would this "Irish" girl defend the culture and heritage of the Irish people. Very doubtful.

If anyone can be Irish these days then whites should claim they are illegal mestizos to get free medical care and college education.

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea.

Since the jews were the main people involved with the slave trade and were also busy screwing their burr headed slaves this woman is probably of jewish blood.

Deport her from Ireland to Israel where she can run in the Miss Tel Aviv contest.

Anonymous said...
It's my understanding that the offer of dual citizenship for people with an Irish-born grandparent is open to US citizens only. The Dallas Morning News had an aricle about it a few years back (which I have filed away somewhere here). The DMN explained that the offer was Ireland's way of saying "thank you" for the US allowing a lot of Irish to immigrate here during the Potato Famine.
Laura from Dallas

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you that this Jamaican Afro did not emigrate to America during the potato famine, LOL.

Just because one of her relatives got drunk and screwed some Jamaican nigger bitch does not mean that this niglette is of the Irish that emigrated during the potato famine!