Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Caucasus War Post-Mortem: Explain To Me Again How Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Is "Pro-White"

In the wake of the Russian-Georgian conflict, all the "Putinbots" in the white nationalist movement are crawling out of the woodwork and singing the praises of their "Great Helmsman", Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Putin is so wonderful in their eyes because he supposedly "fights the Jew", or "fights ZOG". Of course, they fail to explain just how playing into ZOG's hands constitutes "fighting ZOG".

Let's take a look at what is happening politically as a result of Russia's overreacting in Georgia:

(1). Empowered the extremist Dick Cheney wing of the neocon movement; Cheney sanctimoniously declares that "Russian aggression must not go unanswered".

(2). Joint military exercise with NATO cancelled.

(3). Possibility of Russia being expelled from the G-8.

(4). Former Soviet satellites uniting against Russia; even Belarus refused to support Russia.

(5). Ukraine to curtail access rights to Crimea naval base for Russian warships.

(6). Ukraine's application for NATO membership to be viewed much more sympathetically.

(7). Possibility of NATO declaring and enforcing a no-fly zone over Georgia.

(8). Continued suppression of the revelation of Israel's role in promoting the conflict.

Nobody criticizes Russia for taking measures to protect its citizens, although the manner in which South Ossetians became "Russian citizens" seems opportunistic. Did Russia confer citizenship upon them out of altruistic concern, or to use them as bait for Georgia? But even so, to physically invade and bomb Georgia proper, and to continue doing so even after a so-called "cease-fire" has been declared is clearly excessive. It further empowers those who want to promote conflict with Russia as an excuse to impose their New World Order upon ALL OF US.

Furthermore, the Russian government has cited American involvement in Kosovo and Iraq as a precedent for their actions. O.K., there is a moral equivalency, but on the other hand, Putin is also implying that because Clinton and Bush were thugs, it's O.K. for him to be a thug as well. What this shows is that Putin is NO DIFFERENT than Clinton and Bush.

And what was Putin's original concern? That his country was being "encircled" by NATO and the United States. Now, as a result of Russian actions in Georgia, Russia is likely to become EVEN MORE ENCIRCLED by NATO and the United States. Putin is also in danger of cutting himself off from the predominantly-white nations of Europe, which will force him into the arms of the People's Republic of China.

Yet despite all of this, some white nationalists still consider Vladimir Putin to be "pro-white". LOL!

One white nationalist who is pro-Russian but NOT a "Putinbot" is Dr. David Duke. In his analysis of the conflict, he is more sympathetic towards Russia than Georgia. However, by virtue of his longtime residency in Russia, Dr. Duke is far more expert on Russian thinking than most Americans, so his opinions are considerably more informed. But most importantly, Dr. Duke incisively exposes disproportionate Israeli involvement in Georgia's government, and correctly speculates on the possibility that Israel may have stirred up the Georgian government to launch the all-out attack on South Ossetia which spurred the Russian response. Furthermore, Dr. Duke also explains how the Jewish-dominated Western media may have deliberately promoted an anti-Russian point of view to the exclusion and outright suppression of contrasting points of view.

There's certainly room for debate within the WN community about the conflict between Russia and Georgia. But to consider Vladimir Putin to be "pro-white" simply because he appears to oppose ZOG seems simple-minded at best. How does splitting the international white community constitute being "pro-white"? Putin not only has split the international white community politically, but may have jeopardized unity within the white nationalist movement itself.

I recommend that the greater white nationalist community continue to maintain fellowship with genuine Russian white nationalists and not allow differences between governments to disrupt such ties.


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Its worth noting Sarkozy who has been desperate to build an EU Army has used this fracas as an excuse to offer to put EU Peacekeepers into the region