Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Calgary Herald Guest Columnist Rob Breakenridge Exposes Anti-White Bias In Canadian Hate Crime Coverage

Disproportionate Canadian government persecution of the white community has become so overt and pervasive that Canadian whites with no racial instincts are starting to speak out against it. The selective persecution of whites by professional complainer Richard Warman is backfiring.

And the latest public spokesman to take a stand is Rob Breakenridge, a Calgary Herald guest columnist who also hosts a radio show on CHQR. While Breakenridge is certainly no friend of the pro-white movement, in a Herald column published on August 5th, 2008, he takes issue with the media's obsession with the Aryan Guard's lawful political activities up in Calgary while virtually ignoring actual hate crimes committed by non-white Muslims against other Canadians. Read the full Calgary Herald column HERE.

Breakenridge exposes a couple of double standards. First, a double standard in which the "prospect" of hateful acts being committed garners national headlines, but actual hateful acts attract very little attention at all. But Breakenridge also implicitly exposes a racial double standard - that actions or crimes by whites are subjected to greater scrutiny than those by non-whites. How many Islamic jihadists have had their kids snatched out of their homes by the state in Canada? None. How many pro-white activists have had their kids snatched by the state? One - in Winnipeg.

But while the Canadian national media have chimped out over the lawful political activities of the Aryan Guard, Breakenridge observes that they've all but ignored a serious hate crime committed by a Muslim in Sunnyside. Here's how Breakenridge describes it:

Our real world assailant is named Moustafa Khan Taj. On Nov. 3, 2006, Taj approached a group of teens at the Sunnyside LRT station and asked, "Who's Jewish?" A 16-year-old girl replied that she was, and was told by Taj, "I'm Muslim and hate Jews." He then slapped the girl and pulled her hair.

The other teens tried to intervene, but Taj attacked them, too, punching two other girls in the face. He wasn't finished: an 18-year-old male was pushed onto the tracks.

Taj was handed his sentence last month, with the judge specifically noting the hateful (and unprovoked) nature of the attacks.

Remarkably, though, it was not a first-time offence for Taj. In 2005, a Sudanese immigrant was attacked by Taj and another man. Verbal assault again accompanied the physical, as the attackers swore at the victim for being Sudanese and African.

The coverage of these attacks was almost exclusively confined to local media, with much less fanfare, mind you, than the activities of local neo-Nazis.

Imagine the reaction if a neo-Nazi skinhead had committed these crimes. Not only would the media firestorm be intense, but anti-racist activists all over Canada would be foaming at the mouth and chimping out, jostling for space with media from the national news outlets.

Again, I remind you that Breakenridge is BY NO MEANS pro-white. He merely advocates that hate crimes/incidents be covered by their merits and impact rather than on the basis of the race of the perpetrators.

However, to do this requires a careful balancing act. Untold amounts of time and resources must be spent monitoring to ensure "equal" coverage. And therein lies the Achilles heel of coerced diversity and multiculturalism - time and resources which could be employed more productively in the broad community interest are instead diverted towards managing "diversity" and "equality".

This is because immigrants are no longer required to assimilate into the greater society. Not only are we required to tolerate immigrant culture, even at personal hazard, but are now forced to accomodate it. For example, in Shelbyville, TN, Tyson dropped Labor Day from its list of worker holidays in exchange for the Muslim holiday Eid-al-Fitr. So what's happening in Canada is now taking root in the U.S. Immigrant culture is no longer attempting to co-exist with the mainstream culture; it is now being permitted to displace it. That's a cardinal principle of colonization. White nations are now being colonized by non-whites, and the white political establishment is aiding and abetting the process.

The prospect of successful assimilation requires a certain fundamental level of compatibility in the first place. The less compatible one culture is with another, the less the chances of successful assimilation. And many of these Third World cultures are inherently incompatible with Western culture.

Yet we allow them to immigrate to white countries. This lights the fuse for conflict and possible future race war.

Rob Breakenridge needs to take his advocacy to the next level, and question the foundation of immigration into Canada itself - why is it so non-white, and why this is bad for the country. Recommending that all "hate" incidents be treated meritoriously rather than racially is a tactical solution - restricting immigration to those who are culturally and racially compatible is a strategic solution. The first solution addresses the symptoms; the second, the disease.

And if you don't cure the disease, the symptoms recur ad nauseum.

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