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Profiling Creativity Leader And POW Matt Hale On His 37th Birthday, Buried In ZOG Supermax Prison Until 2037

July 27th is the birthday of another white nationalist figure who is considered a POW by some in the movement. On this date in 1971, Matthew F. Hale, the former Pontifex Maximus of what was first called the World Church of the Creator, subsequently changed to the Creativity Movement, was born.

But Matt Hale does not inspire the same degree of loyalty and concern directed towards other POWs within the movement, such as the members of the Order and the Shaun Walker Trio, all of who were railroaded to one degree or another. Perhaps part of the reason is Hale's own lack of charisma. But even more likely, it is because of Creators themselves. Few groups project and promote themselves as abysmally as the Creativity Movement. Creators seem unnecessarily and unnaturally preoccupied with negativity and hate. In particular, Creators have been singularly bitter towards Christians; read this thread posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum entitled "Why We Indict Christianity So Strongly", which is nothing more than a hysterical, blithering, incoherent anti-Christian rant. Creators seem more interested in bashing Christians than in confronting our racial adversaries and anti-racist whites. And that usually is a sign of an organization that's either a cult, or under government control.

Nevertheless, setting aside the issues I have with Creativity, Matt Hale is a legitimate POW. He has been buried in one of Zog's Supermax prisons for a 40-year-term for allegedly arranging a hit on Judge Joan Lefkow. At least that's what the establishment would have you believe; I present a more truthful account later in this post, courtesy of Edgar Steele.

Wikipedia does give a detailed account of his life up until that point. In August 1989, while a freshman at Bradley University, he began promoting white separatist viws. He invited Klan representatives to the campus to participate in discussion. Eventually he was expelled from Bradley in 1990 for his beliefs, but apparently was readmitted at some point. At the age of nineteen, Hale burned an Israeli flag at a demonstration and was found guilty of violating an East Peoria ordinance against open burning.

The next year, he passed out racial pamphlets at a shopping mall and was fined for littering. In May 1991, Hale and his brother allegedly threatened three blacks with a gun, and was arrested for mob action. Since he refused to tell police where his brother was, Hale was also charged with felony obstruction of justice; he was convicted of obstruction, but won a reversal on appeal. In 1992, Hale attacked a security guard at a mall and was charged with criminal trespass, resisting arrest, aggravated battery and carrying a concealed weapon. For this attack, Hale was sentenced to thirty months probation and six months house arrest.

In 1993, Hale graduated from Bradley University and received a degree in political science. In 1996, Hale took over the Church of the Creator, a religious group that worships the white race as creators of civilization. The church believes that a "racial holy war" is necessary to attain a "white world" without Jews and non-whites and to this end they encourage their members to "populate the lands of this earth with white people exclusively". After Hale was appointed "Pontifex Maximus" (supreme leader), he changed the name of the organization to the World Church of the Creator. The name was changed again to the Creativity Movement when a religious group in Oregon (the Church of the Creator) sued Hale's group for trademark infringement. Hale ran the church from an upstairs bedroom at his father's two-story house in East Peoria.

Hale graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Law in May 1998 and passed the bar in July of that same year. On December 16th, 1998, the Illinois Bar Committee on Character and Fitness rejected Hale's application for a license to practice law. Hale appealed, and a hearing was held on April 10, 1999. On June 30th, 1999, a Hearing Panel of the Committee refused to certify that Hale had the requisite moral character and fitness to practice law in Illinois. Bottom line - he was denied the right to make a living in his chosen profession simply because of his politics.

Two days after Hale was denied a license to practice law, a Creator named Benjamin Smith went on a three-day shooting spree in which he randomly targeted members of racial and ethnic minority groups in Illinois and Indiana killing two and wounding nine others before committing suicide himself on July 4th. Mark Potok, the gay Jew who is the director of intelligence for the Southern Poverty Law Center, believes that Smith may have acted in retaliation after Hale's application to practice law was rejected.

After Smith's shooting spree, Hale appeared on television and in newspapers saying, "We do urge hatred. If you love something, you must be willing to hate that which threatens it.", but later emphasized that his church did not condone violent or illegal activities. Meanwhile, Hale was distributing thousands of copies of the "White Man's Bible," a book which allegedly encourages a war against Jews and "inferior, colored races". In public, Hale claimed to be against violence, but his church's bibles expressed the opposite sentiment: "You have no alibi, no other way out, white man! It's fight or die!" The White Man's Bible is available HERE.

But it was on January 8th, 2003 that Hale's life abruptly took a turn for the worse. Hale was arrested and charged with soliciting an undercover FBI informant to kill Judge Joan Lefkow, the United States district court judge presiding over his trademark case. Hale had previously filed a class action lawsuit against Lefkow in late 2002, around which time threats against her life appeared on the white supremacist forum and other websites. Prior to his arrest, Hale denounced Lefkow in a news conference, claiming that she was biased against him (in his trademark case) because she was married to a Jewish man and had grandchildren who were biracial. On April 6th, 2005, Hale was sentenced to a 40-year prison term for his attempt to solicit the murder of Lefkow. Hale's projected release date is December 6th, 2037.

Famed white nationalist lawyer Edgar Steele got personally involved in the case, and discusses it in two different posts. In March 2004, he wrote "Trial By Media". But it's his second column, written in March 2005, where he wrote a more detailed analysis of the case. Here's the part which is a point-by-point rebuttal of the government's case:

Having said all that, let me next say that Matt Hale is innocent. He is innocent of having anything to do with the Lefkow murders. Furthermore, Hale is innocent of the charge of conspiracy to murder Judge Lefkow, for which he was convicted and now sits in jail, awaiting sentencing. Additionally, Hale is innocent of the original charge of trademark infringement which supposedly led Hale to take part in a plot to kill the judge. Please pay close attention, because I am going to prove all these things to you today, in this very essay, with but a smattering of simple logic and the application of a couple of well-founded principles of law.

At every turn, for years now, Matt Hale has been railroaded, ramrodded and gulled by the very system which now presumes to pass sentence and punish him for crimes he did not commit. Matt Hale is a political prisoner in every sense of the word. Keep an open mind for the next few minutes and see if you don't agree.

Let's take things chronologically:

1. Matt Hale headed up the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC), a branch of the "Creativity" religion. Creativity is a bona-fide, court-recognized, non-Christian religion, despite its highly-controversial and self-avowed White Supremacist nature (see Peterson vs. Wilmur Communications, 205 F.Supp.2d 1014, 2002 - go here for court's opinion). Founded in 1973 by Ben Klassen, Hale resurrected WCOTC in 1996 and ran it continuously under that name through 2002. Violence was a hallmark of Klassen's stewardship, whereas under Hale WCOTC members generally behaved themselves...with one notable exception (see 3, below).

2. Matt Hale was wrongfully denied the right he earned to be a lawyer. In June 1998, Hale graduated from the Southern Illinois University School of Law and soon thereafter passed the Illinois State Bar. He was denied admission to the Bar, and the license to practice law he had earned, though his record was spotless. The denial was on the basis of Hale's racial beliefs (part and parcel of his court-recognized religion, don't forget), though Blacks in prison for racially-motivated murders of Whites have earned law degrees and been welcomed with open arms to the practice of law upon their parole.

3. A WCOTC adherent went on a killing spree on July 2, 1999, the day that Hale announced he had been denied admission to the Illinois state bar by an administrative appeals board. Though the timing is more than suggestive, there never has been a hint that Hale suggested or countenanced the murderous rampage by Benjamin Smith directed at Blacks, Jews and Asians, which left two dead and nine wounded.

4. WCOTC's very name was stolen by the ADL, with the aid of the courts. In 2000, an Oregon corporation, Te-Ta-Ma, secretly founded and funded by the ADL through its Regional Director, Richard Hirschhaut, applied for and received a trademark on the phrase "Church of the Creator." Shortly thereafter, in May 2000, the ADL filed suit in Illinois Federal District Court through its straw man, Te-Ta-Ma, against Hale and WCOTC for trademark infringement. Judge Lefkow ruled against the ADL, which appealed her ruling and persuaded a three-judge panel to issue an order directing Judge Lefkow to reverse herself and grant judgment to Te-Ta-Ma. Lefkow followed orders, as she legally was bound to do, and subsequently threatened to hold Hale in contempt for failing to turn over every publication which bore the WCOTC name. Hale responded that he possessed none, as he had stepped aside as head of WCOTC to concentrate on the court appeal of his bar admission denial. As Hale prepared to defend himself on the contempt charge, he was arrested by the FBI and charged with conspiracy to commit the murder of Judge Lefkow...the very Federal judge who previously had ruled in his favor, not of any of the appellate justices who sided with the ADL against him.

5. Hale's entrapment was engineered by the FBI. An FBI plant, Anthony Evola, wormed his way into Hale's confidence and was named head of WCOTC's security force (Hale and his followers regularly received death threats and had been the targets of multiple assaults and property vandalizations through the years). Evola secretly recorded conversations with Hale that were, at worst, noncommittal concerning Evola's offer to "exterminate...the Jew rat" (a male Jew rat, as transcripts made clear). At one point, Hale was recorded as saying, "I'm going to fight within the law." Also, note that, while Judge Lefkow is married to a Jew, she herself is not Jewish, a fact known at the time to both Hale and the FBI.

6. Hale's trial was a sham. The FBI plant, Evola, testified that, during a conversation wherein he asked if Hale wanted him to "get the rat," Hale nodded affirmatively. Never was any evidence presented other than that single bit of testimony concerning Hale's alleged approval of the FBI scheme. A good deal of circumstantial and highly prejudicial evidence, especially concerning Benjamin Smith's rampage, was allowed, however. Directly upon the State resting its case, Hale's attorney, noted Chicago criminal defense lawyer and former Federal prosecutor Thomas Durkin, rose and rested Hale's defense without calling a single witness or introducing a single shred of evidence. Durkin reportedly made numerous remarks derogatory to his own client throughout the trial both during the State's case and during closing argument. I understand the ploy: by acting as he did, Durkin presumably hoped to make plain the weakness of the State's case. Problem is, Durkin didn't understand how juries respond to politically-incorrect defendants (though, prior to the trial, Durkin personally assured me that he well understood the situation in which he found Matt Hale, an assurance I passed on to Hale's family and that played a large part in their retaining Durkin; an assurance that retrospect now shows me to have been either a lie or merely incompetent).

The jury in the case was a multi-racial jury which swallowed the government's case hook, line, and sinker. But even if you believe Hale was guilty, the facts show that 40 years is a gross miscarriage of justice. By the time he gets out, he will be 66 years old. His life will be effectively over, with no opportunity to compete economically, to build a life for himself, or to create a family.

Regardless of what you think about Creativity, Matt Hale is the victim of massive injustice. He is just as much a POW as the Order and the Shaun Walker Trio. And Hale has not been totally idle while in prison; his 38-page analysis entitled "The Truth About 9-11" can be viewed HERE.

You can send letters and postcards to Matt Hale at the following address:

Matthew F. Hale #15177424
USP Florence ADMAX
US Penitentiary
5880 Highway 67 South
Florence, CO 81226


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Only Hale's parents can write him and visit him.

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Keep your bitchy remarks against Creativity to yourself.

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Creators have long since broken into two distinct groups. The first group known as The Creativity Movement are a group of foul mouthed, insecure upstarts who believe that unless you join their group, you are a jew or work for jews - they can be found at The second group are polite, welcoming and appear to be well educated - you can find them at Neither group has been able to reconcile their differences in more than five years.