Sunday, July 06, 2008

North East White Pride's "Close The Border" Rally Against Illegal Immigration In Hudson, New Hampshire Proceeds Without Incident

It looks like the law of unintended consequences is catching up with those who want to use "diversity" and "multiculturalism" to promote the deracination and disenfranchisement of the White community in the United States. Not only did North East White Pride (NEWP) pull off a successful rally against illegal immigration in Hudson, NH on July 5th, 2008, but a counter-protestor of Asian Indian origin crossed the street, engaged in dialogue with the NEWP activists - and not only found it to be a "pleasant" exchange, but apparently discovered she shared a LOT OF IDEAS with the NEWP activists, except on immigration.

Whoops! This is NOT what the multiculturalists planned. The multiculturalist script calls for every race to be allowed to celebrate racial identity - except for Whites. Blacks can have their NAACP. Latinos can have their La Raza. But we Whites? We can have our Irish associations, or our German bunds, or our Scottish clans? But a White association for all of European ancestry? Uh-uh; strictly verboten, because we alone of the races have been somehow "uniquely" oppressive. The multiculturalists even invented a term to discriminate against us Whites further; the term "people of color" applies to every race except Whites. Multiculturalists do not consider White a color.

But back to the rally. To summarize the Nashua Telgraph's account (the Boston Globe also did a brief story), which was considerably more objective than their previous editorial hit piece, ten white activists showed up to participate in North East White Pride's "Close the Border" demonstration aginat illegal immigration. They were offset by an estimated 40 counter-protestors. All assembled in the vicinity of the intersection of Chase and Ferry Streets in Hudson. This was the second time in the past two years that North East White Pride has chosen to rally against illegal immigration in Hudson.

Both groups waved American flags, but otherwise the visual similarities were few. The protestors were all White, most of them young adults and many with shaved heads. The counter-protesters were of all different races, to includes a few Whites, and varied in age from children to senior citizens. While the protesters carried signs with slogans like, "Deport Illegals Now!" the counter-protesters countered with their own signs with slogans like, "One World." Nevertheless, the rally, which lasted more than two hours, was peaceful, with both sides quietly holding signs and waving at passing cars.

North East White Pride publicized the rally ahead of time on its website, although the exact location was not disclosed. Most of the protesters who showed up refused to comment on whether they're associated with the group. Last week, Rob O'Donovan of Haverhill, Mass., the member who posted the message about the protest, said the group's focus is strictly promoting white culture. O'Donovan was profiled on June 30th by the Nashua Telegraph and on July 1st by the Eagle-Tribune. But the Telegraph opines that the swastikas and racial epithets on the NEWP website – which was down for a rather inopportunely-timed software upgrade Saturday – suggest otherwise. One 90-year-old World War II veteran expressed misgivings about "Nazi soldiers" being displayed on the website, although the soldiers displayed were from the Wehrmacht, or regular military forces defending Germany, rather than the SS.

One white activist succinctly explained his presence. "I'm here for white pride. That sums it up," Francis Burns said. The 44-year-old Rhode Island resident was holding a sign that sign that read, "Bring the troops home! Put them on our border!"

And it was this that set the stage for one of the main highlights of the event. A woman of Asian Indian origin, 25-year-old Kaveri Rajaraman of Boston, was one of the estimated 40 counter-protesters who lined the other side of Ferry Street for several hours. She chose to cross the road to strike up a conversation with the white activists, and later described the encounter. "It was a pleasant exchange," Rajaraman said when she returned. "I think we shared a lot of ideas." In response to Francis Burns' sign, she said, "I agree with that – bring the troops home". Rajamaran also said, "I think it was pretty significant that a white pride rally had an anti-war message . . . our only disagreement was undocumented immigrants".

Rajaraman further stated that she agrees with the group that everyone should be proud of their culture. However, her position on illegal immigration is that many people are escaping war or other bad situations and looking for a way to feed their families.

To which 25-year-old John Camden of Manchester, NH responded: "My grandfather came over here without a dime in his pocket, an Austrian immigrant," Camden said. "He learned English, worked hard and came legally." Camden and other white activists explicitly stated that they don't consider themselves to be racists.

North East White Pride is a white unity organization welcoming all white racial activists who want to participate constructively, including national socialists. One of the continuing challenges presenting itself to national socialists is how to successfully market the NS message so long as World War II veterans who fought against Germans remain alive. To such veterans, any implications that the "Nazis" may have been less than evil challenges the very character of their service in their eyes. A way for NS activists to counter this problem is to present World War II as it really was; a catastrophic international civil war within the worldwide white community, provoked under Zionist pressure.


Rob said...

We had a great time in Hudson, nice write up here! We've done this for several years and look forward to stopping by Hudson again next 4th of July weekend. We're always greeted with hundreds of honking horns, waves and thumbs up!

The antis held nonsense signs like "Columbus was an illegal immigrant", and "no hate", either totally missing the message of Border Security or presenting some false arguement (Columbus was neither an immigrant nor did he reach the New World illegally.)

We only hope that each time we do this type of activity we continue to grow and other folks in the area take our example and get offline and outside where people in their communities can see them and hear the message that there are people who are sick and tired of the status quo and are willing to do whatever they can, big or small, to try to change it.

Rob from Boston

Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks for your report, Rob. Since your organization's website is a bit limited at present, I thought I'd help get the message out here.

Good to hear that so many people driving by expressed their support. The Telegraph somehow omitted that part.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Sorry to barge in fella's - blogsite
" Why South Africa Sucks " - has been shut down AGAIN . Just there last night so must of just hit them .

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Just found their new site ( SAS ) -

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

a slight tweaking I guess , just received from UG -

Anchorage Activist said...

Jeff - thanks for letting me know about this. I would have eventually found out, but thanks to you at least I'm able to put the word out earlier, as I did in my next post.

Christ, they were last taken down in April. This is getting ridiculous!

Rob said...

North East White Pride will be holding another Close The Border rally against illegal immigration in Hudson, NH on July 11th @ 2PM

More information can be found on our website,

Anonymous said...

Heard illegal immigrants holding a rally in east haven ct on august 15 at 1pm to protest police deporting illegals who have commited crimes