Sunday, July 06, 2008

National Socialist Movement Rallies Against Illegal Immigration At Thrift World In Omaha, Nebraska; An Estimated 45 NSM Cadre And Supporters Show Up

Less than a year after their Labor Day rally in 2007, the National Socialist Movement held another successful rally against illegal immigration in Omaha, Nebraska on July 5th, 2008, this time focusing on a business particularly prone to hiring illegals. According to the Omaha World-Herald, 45 NSM cadre and supporters squared off against approximately 100 antifas. No violence ensued.

The objectives of the rally were previously spelled out in this pre-rally press release and flier.

KPTM Channel 42 in Omaha aired two stories related to the rally. The first story was about the rally itself. At approximately 4:00 P.M., the NSM patriots gathered in front of Thrift World on South 24th Street in downtown Omaha to protest their practice of hiring and hiding illegal immigrants. They were met by a group of counter protesters, but police kept both contingents separated. A police helicopter circled overhead and riot teams stood ready.

For an hour, the NSM shouted slogans and traded insults with the antifa. One antifa, Lupe Espinoza, said, "Everybody wants a better life for their family, everybody wants a better life for their kids. I want a better life for my kids, but the only way I can do it is if I work from the bottom to the top,"

NSM cadre tore up a Mexican flag and said they want illegal immigrants sent back to where they came from. And NSM Presidential Candidate Brian Holland was showcased. "I respect people's heritage. I respect where people come from. My problem with illegal immigration is that it is illegal," said Holland. KPTM news video embedded below:

Brian Holland's official campaign website is HERE. His VoteSmart candidate page is HERE. Click HERE to read his responses to the VoteSmartPolitical Courage Test.

Why was Thrift World targeted? It stems from a federal indictment in April 2008. The owner of the Council Bluffs secondhand clothing distribution company, American Clothing, was charged with knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. A criminal complaint shows American Clothing resells items to places like Thrift World.

Some say the NSM's message is falling on deaf ears. "It really is our job to support the community and to send a strong message that hate and hate-filled groups such as the one that we are being visited by are not welcome," said Barb Angelillo of the Conference for Inclusive Communities. [Ed. Note: How can they call themselves "inclusive" if they don't welcome national socialists?]

But leaders of the movement insist Omahans know there's a problem with immigration in the United States. "Every time we go someplace we grow. We recruit new members everywhere we go," said NSM Commander Jeff Schoep. However, Brian Holland got the last word: "We're not about hate. I'm not about destroying other people's cultures. What I am about is preserving our culture and our future and our tomorrow," he said. Holland also hopes to make the group its own political party. He says that even though the movement is often associated with violence, leaders understand the only way to accomplish their goals is through the political system. [Ed. Note: As I've stated countless times before, any "white power" violence is usually perpetrated by agents provocateur or by boneheads who use white nationalism merely as protective cover for personal hooliganism.]

At approximately 5:00 P.M., the NSM contingent boarded two buses and headed off to a private social event. As is their custom, the NSM will publish their own after-action report and post it on their website sometime next week. But before leaving, NSM leaders expressed plans to return to Omaha at some unspecified time in the future. And these plans were the subject of discussion on the second KPTM story about the NSM rally.

In this story, a University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO) criminal justice professor, Pete Simi, appeared as an "expert" on the NSM. He believes the groups repeated trips to Omaha are about recruitment. Since the NSM has units in Kansas City, Wichita, and in Iowa, they want to use rallies in Omaha to build on some of the membership they have in adjacent states and use it as a springboard to develop local interest in Omaha. Simi also believes the immigration issue is one of the most powerful lures to attract people to patriotic movements, including national socialism.

"From their perspective what's really happening is an invasion, a non-white invasion of the United States, and that the sovereignty of White Americans is being stolen, and White Americans no longer have a place of their own, a homeland of their own," Simi said.


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In response, State Sen. Ray Aguilar of Grand Island plans to introduce legislation to allow "driver's certificates" for qualified illegal immigrants.

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