Thursday, July 31, 2008

National Alliance Activists Distribute "White Supremacist" Leaflets In Cambridge, Maryland

The Dorchester County Sheriff's Office says someone has been distributing "white supremacist" leaflets in yards in the Cambridge, Maryland area. Story published by WBAL-AM 1090; WBOC Channel 16 in Salisbury had the most comprehensive report.

At least five citizens reported finding the leaflets, which were placed in newspaper bags and weighted down with rocks for additional stability, on their lawns between 10 P.M. on Monday July 28th through 6 A.M. on Tuesday. One of the individuals finding a leaflet works for the sheriff's office. Sheriff James Phillips says the literature includes hateful remarks about the African-American race and Judaism. He says a group called, "The National Alliance," has its name printed on the pamphlets. Similar literature drops have also been reported in nearby Talbot County.

Sheriff James Phillips said a group called "The National Alliance" has its name printed on the pamphlets. Phillips said the literature includes hateful remarks about blacks and Jews.

WBOC called the National Alliance headquarters but received an automated voice message system. The message stated: "We, of the National Alliance, oppose the governmental enforcement of quotas, multiculturalism, and political correctness in our schools, universities and workplaces. We favor a free, strong, proud, white America." The National Alliance has 10 other units nationwide in addition to its Hillsboro, WV headquaters; this includes a Maryland unit.

Update: The National Alliance posted its reaction to this story on their website on August 2nd. Here's their statement:

Anyone who has been a member and/or supporter of the National Alliance for any length of time knows that any media coverage of our literature outreach efforts will be smeared by the media as "racist" every time. It is almost comical to see these media types, the worshipers of political correctness that they are, write virtually the same report in every instance as if they are copying each other.

For the benefit of those who may be new to our news site and/or not familiar with the National Alliance, we would like to make the following very clear.

- We want to establish an all-White living space. When this is accomplished, the concept of racial supremacy will have no bearing as there will be no non-Whites in the living space.

- None of our literature goes out of the way to offend Negroes or Jews. Some, including representatives of the media, might be offended by statistics and truths that don't show minorities in a positive light but they are always nonetheless the truth and fact.

- It is appalling and irresponsible of the authorities to try to act as if the literature distribution is somehow illegal. These law enforcement agencies seem to want to say the politically correct things (that they are passing the literature on to intelligence agencies etc.) but they know very well that no law has been broken by our Maryland unit simply distributing literature that is 100% protected by the 1st Amendment.

Tactics like these are used by the media and police to keep other Whites who agree with our message silent out of fear of trouble with the law. These timid Whites should be aware that there never are any follow-up arrests or charges in these cases simply because there have been no laws broken in which to prosecute, and again the police know this even as they make the politically correct soundbyte for the TV cameras. That is the kind of law enforcement we have in America when the ADL supplies them with "training".

Congratulations to our Maryland unit for its ongoing efforts to reach out to like-minded Whites in that region.

Dorothea and Francis Bryant have lived in Cambridge for 30 years. They said they never remember a white supremacist group wandering through their neighborhood. "You're looking for peace around your homes," Mrs. Bryant said. "And these kinds of things are disturbing to find it happening around you." Her husband, Francis, said he does not feel like he knows the people in the area as well as he once did. "It's scary," Mr. Bryant said. "You won't know who's who and what's going through their minds." [Ed. Note: That's not because of the National Alliance. That's because of all the illegal Hispanics and other mystery meat flooding your area.]

However, a supportive comment was posted by Richie on the WBOC website:

I really don't see a problem. It is what it is. The NAACP is [the] same thing but because of the race it's not considered by anyone racial. But go to their website and see what they talk about. What a joke. Racism will never leave America because of the way whites are treated, if everyone were held up to the expectations most of the "white" people were maybe America wouldn't have Osama Obama running for president and our country would be a whole lot better. I'm sure I sound racist and maybe I am but at least I admit it!

The sheriff's office says the pamphlets have been given to intelligence agencies for analysis. [Ed. Note: What a ludicrous waste of resources.]

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