Friday, July 04, 2008

Nashua Telegraph Does A Hit Piece On Upcoming North East White Pride "Close The Border" Rally In Hudson, New Hampshire Scheduled For July 5th

Recently, when the Keystone State Skinheads launched their campaign to participate in the Wilkes-Barre NAACP's diversity forum, the local media did at least pay lip service to fairness. They kept editorialization to a minimum.

Not so up in New Hampshire. The North East White Pride organization has been planning a "Close The Border" rally against illegal immigration in Hudson, New Hanpshire for some time now, and on July 3rd, 2008, the Nashua Telegraph published a editorial hit piece on the organization, although it did include some facts about the rally itself. Read the full article HERE.

According to the Telegraph, supporters of a so-called "white pride" group are expected to gather Saturday July 5th at 2 P.M. at an undisclosed location in Hudson to stage what is being billed as an annual "Close the Border" demonstration. If it is anything like the group's event two years ago at Library Park, participants will meet to drum up support from passing motorists while holding signs containing messages like "Keep NH safe, deport illegals."

Update: Rally took place without incident. See updated post describing the rally.

North East White Pride has a soft spot in its heart for Hudson because it was one of the New Hampshire communities that received national attention in 2005 – New Ipswich was the other – for charging suspected illegal immigrants with criminal trespass under state law. A Jaffrey-Peterborough District Court judge ultimately dismissed the charges on the grounds that the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction over immigration law in this country.

In fact, group member Rob O'Donovan of Haverhill, Mass., made that very point when posting the announcement of the demonstration on the organization's Web site, (the Telegraph then goes out of its way to describe the main page of the site as being "plastered with Nazi soldiers"). But O'Donovan rejects descriptions of his organization as a home for racists and white supremacists and claims "we don't hate anyone."

Then the Telegraph goes on to claim that looking at the website makes O'Donovan's protestations ring "pretty hollow". They then cherry-pick a couple of the more extreme posts on the website to frame the entire group in the worst possible light. This is a common tactic of the establishment - present the most extreme examples of the pro-white movement as typical of the ENTIRE movement in order to scare whites away from them.

The Telegraph also cites the fact that O'Donovan himself once tried to organize a Martin Luther King Day protest in 2006 in front of the Museum of African American History in Boston as "evidence" that the illegal immigration issue is just a convenient front for an organization with much broader tentacles. Yes, they use the word "tentacles". You don't suppose the Telegraph might be just a wee bit biased against these NEWP folks, do you?

If you would like to express your displeasure to the Telegraph for their biased coverage, you can post a comment to the editorial. Registration not required for anaonymous comments, but anonymous comments go into a moderation queue and will not be visible immediately. Or you can e-mail the executive editor Dave Solomon at:

North East White Pride is currently upgrading its website. However, for those interested in participating in their rally, they've posted the following message:

Please excuse us while we upgrade some software.

Looking for info on the Border Security protest on July 5th? Mapquest directions to 40 E Hollis St, Nashua, NH 03060

Once there you can call our hotline # for directions to the protest. This arrangement is meant to make sure that everyone has a safe time.

Our hotline # is 508/451/4884 . . remember to write it down BEFORE you leave your house.

The protest will be between 2PM and 4PM, with a friendly cookout afterwards.

I would like to thank the Nashua Telegraph for giving me the opportunity and the excuse to publicize yet another activist event by a worthy pro-white group.


sgruber said...

The name "Solomon" is often a Jewish name.

Jews hate non-Jews - particularly non-Jewish Whites. Jews are the source and biggest promoter of "diversity" (the reduction of non-Jewish Whites) as a doctrine.

To find out why, read Kevin MacDonald.

Of course, Jews don't diversify racially. They want us White people to diversify - to blend ourselves out of existence as a race, while they continue their Zionism. This policy is White genocide on behalf of Jews, and Jews push it hard, in every classroom and workplace. To repeat, the Jews are the source of the diversity doctrine.

Anchorage Activist said...

Absolutely. Jews promote diversity to keep a greater society off balance. I once read where a leading Jew said "Jews cannot live in an ethnic state". Consequently, they have an incentive to dilute the ethnicity of such a state. And those who resist such dilution will find themselves misrepresented and demonized, even as the Telegraph did to NEWP in this hit piece.

Yet you'll find that when diversity comes to a Jewish neighborhood, the Jews are the first ones to pack up and leave, as happened in Shaker Heights, Ohio years ago.

Anonymous said...

The denial of hate by white nationalist groups is weak. Jews make very little effort to hide their venomous hatred of white nationalists. To go begging, hat in hand, to the jew media to be treated fairly is not only degrading, it's pointless! The jew media will never provide any help to a movement that, if successful, would expel them.