Monday, July 07, 2008

Internet Censorship Strikes Again; South Africa Sucks Blog Taken Down A Third Time, But Resurrected A Fourth Time Under A Different Url

Update July 5th, 2010: South Africa Sucks blog taken down again, now resurrected under the following url:

Thanks to some comments appended by Jeff to my previous post, I have learned that the popular and persuasive South Africa Sucks blog has been taken down once again. However, the intrepid editors of that blog were reasonably prepared, and have resurrected it straightaway a fourth time, under the since-superseded url.

The official title of the blog will still be South Africa Sucks, because, quite frankly, South Africa still sucks, and will continue to do so as long as the Communist-influenced ANC kleptocracy rules the country.

This is the fourth incarnation for this essential lifeline of truth about the new South Africa, or Arsezania, as critics call it. First appearing as South Africa Is Crap a couple of years ago, it was taken down by Blogger. After a second incarnation as South Africa Sucks, it too was taken down by Blogger in April 2008. The most recent incarnation was Southafricanhell, although the official title was still South Africa Sucks. It also was taken down.

One of the editors, Uhuru Guru, briefly explained the latest takedown in this post:

Google has again deleted the blog but here we are. All posts have been backed up from the two previous blog addresses. Regrettably we've not done all the things we wanted to do the last time they deleted us (registering domains & doing our own hosting) and for this I apologise - I've simply lacked the time to do all these things - finding time to write posts is difficult enough.

Please bear with us as we recreate your favourite blog, and thank you for your support, it is much appreciated. If anyone has the time or inclination to assist us in having this blog hosted on a "friendly" server, we would like to hear from you.

Best wishes


The previous posts have not yet been recovered and re-posted. In the interim, you can view some of South Africa Sucks previous posts via this Google cache.

White Reference applauds the determination of these fine South African patriots in keeping the pipeline of truth about the new South Africa wide open. I encourage all people to spread the new url of South Africa Sucks as far and wide as possible.


Anonymous said...

Might be worth reading here

jimbo! said...

wtf don't they transfer the 'blog to "word-press" ?!?

(they've got a better record than "joogle"!)

Anonymous said...

Keep courage. Truth cannot be surpressed for ever, it can be repressed for the longest time but it can never be quelled.
Good facts-about-race honest reporting is all takes to dismantle the wall of PC lies.
Best wishes!