Thursday, July 10, 2008

Holocaust Fatigue In Germany: Grotesque Berlin Jewish Holocaust Memorial Vandalized By 28-Year-Old Saxony Man

A 28-year-old man (pictured above) was arrested on charges of vandalizing Germany's main Holocaust memorial in Berlin. Media stories by Bild and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

The man, whose identity has not been made public, spray-painted four pillars at the memorial with neo-Nazi symbols Tuesday evening (July 8th, 2008), according to reports from the German news agency DDP. A security guard at the site reportedly noticed a drunken man with closely shorn hair wandering through the site and alerted police. Police said he is from the state of Saxony.

Among the symbols spray-painted on the pillars were the numbers "884," which stand for the letters HHD, or "Heil Hitler Deutschland." An eyewitness told the German daily Bild Zeitung that the man had been spray-painting for at least five minutes when an elderly lady asked him to stop. In response, he started cursing. The witness added that the man also shoved security guards when they tried to wrest the spray can from him.

Though police said the man did not have a record as a right-wing extremist, he was charged with politically motivated vandalism.

The memorial, which is covered with 2,711 concrete slabs and resembles an undulating cemetery, opened to the public in May 2005. It has been considered controversial from the very beginning because it is stark, hideous, and rather grotesque-looking. Although it's attracted millions of visitors, it has not been universally well-received by locals; in January 2007, Der Spiegel reported that people have been using it as a public convenience.

Officially known as "The Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe", it first opened in May 2005 after years of of delays and disagreements over design and construction issues. While supporters of the memorial say the stones will be central to Berlin's identity, critics say it is too abstract.

The stones were treated with an anti-graffiti agent that authorities hoped would ward off vandals and neo-Nazi sympathisers, but this latest case proves that expectation a bit optimistic. Ironically, even the anti-graffiti agent provoked controversy; it emerged that a subsidiary of Degussa, the company supplying the agent, once manufactured poison gas for use in Nazi concentration camps to kill lice in order to combat recurring outbreaks of typhus. The establishment continues to maintain that Jews were actually gassed as well.

And "Holocaust fatigue" is on the rise in Germany, which is understandable, since Germany has now shelled out an estimated €64 billion (in euros, which is $88 billion based on July 13th, 2007 exchange rate) in direct payments to Holocaust survivors. But that doesn't include payments "in kind", meaning the ships, trains, and buses with which Germany has equipped Israel. On page 306 of his book "Jewish Supremacism", Dr. David Duke estimates the total of all German Holocaust reparations payments to be at least $150 billion. And there's no apparent end in sight.

More of these incidents are likely until Germany decides to wrap up these Holocaust payments once and for all. Sixty years is long enough.


Gage said...

Can you direct me to any videos (or literature) providing evidence the Holocaust did not occur?

Anchorage Activist said...

Here are two websites to get you started.

(1). Access Ernst Zundel's website HERE.

(2). Access Germar Rudolf's website HERE.

Both these individuals have paid a high price for publicly challenging Holocaust dogma. Both are imprisoned for publicly disputing Holocaust dogma.

To be precise, most "Deniers" do not claim that it did not happen. They merely dispute whether or not gas was used, and whether or not six million died (the real number is considered to be much smaller).

Gage said...

Great thanks :)

Hell maybe we should partner up and write a book about Holocaust denial - standing against denying the Holocaust, or as you say challenging the official story/claims, being a crime.

When I founded NS Publishing that is what I wanted to do, however I had little time and no partners who hold more knowledge in that area than myself (Denials and challenges).

Or maybe even blogs? I realize pro-white blogs focus on this subject, but are not fully dedicated to it.

I've got accounts registered at Blogger and WordPress as well as you... perhaps we could get something started? What do you think?

orion14 said... and are also excellent sources of "holocaust" truth.

Anchorage Activist said...

Perhaps I should develop a category on my sidebar where I list all links to reputable Holocaust Revisionist sites. That would be the first step - find out exactly what's out there.

Gage said...

Yes, let me know if you want help friend.

Gage said...

Speaking of this topic, I was looking for news for NSP when I found a couple of items published by the JTA:

"German ex-Judge disputes Shoah denial ban" -

Another report, I already wrote, was that David Irving is speaking in U.S. cities throughout July and August. I imagine on the topic of Holocaust denial and what he's been through.

Figured you may be interested.


It is certainly about time that the germans told the jew to fry his arse,every other war has ended and after about thirty years every-one is ,if not friends ,at least forgetting thier differences,why is this one different?personally i refuse to believe anything that is forbidden critical scientific analysis,under pain of up yours hymie!

Gage said...

Hey, I've something for you to take a look at. I got anxious about Holocaust denial and such, so I branched off and made a quick blog. It's currently in development but it's alright to look at now.

Tell me what you think and/or drop some comments if you'd like.