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A First Person Account From Stormfront About The Browning Of The People's Republic Of California

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If you don't believe California has turned into a multicultural cesspool, wait until you read this first person account posted on Stormfront (post #22) by an individual identified as Traditional American. I knew it had deteriorated, but this account really drives it home in stark terms.

And of course, with increased diversity comes increased discontinuity. Since we don't require immigrants to assimilate any more, we end up accomodating them. Multiculturalism precludes assimilation. This requires the investment of millions of taxpayer dollars in the rigorous management of "diversity". To keep the different groups from lashing out at each other in all out race war, we implement an increasingly draconian regimen of ground rules and anti-hate laws. And when you go out in public, you see the blacks hanging with the blacks, the browns hanging with the browns, the Asians hanging with the Asians, and so forth.

If you absolutely, positively must re-locate to the People's Republic of California, here are a number of recommended websites to visit to ensure you don't inadvertently move into the "wrong" area:

Earth Resource Systems: Provides color-coded ethnic maps of the larger cities. Based upon 2000 census data, it's a starting point.

City-Data: Provides racial and other demographic statistics on all cities. The discussion forums are a good source of candid information about the various locales.

Zipskinny: Provides demographic breakdowns of nearly every geographical area of the United States by zip code.

Schoolbug: Provides demographic breakdowns on every public school in the United States.

Now, for Traditional American's narrative:

"It's very, very bad these days. My wife is from southern California, so we take a trip to southern California every summer to see the in-laws.

Los Angeles County is overwhelmingly non-white. As a whole, the county was around 30% white in 2000. Today, I'd say that it's probably closer to twenty percent white. East LA County is primarily Mestizo/Indian Mexican, but there are some east Asians, as well as a nominal small white minority in far east LA county near the San Bernardino County line. Central LA County is primarily Mexican, with a scattering of black communities in the southern areas of the central core. Along the coast, it ranges from now-predominately non-white Long Beach to roughly fifty percent white to slightly white areas such as Santa Monica. North LA County, such as areas around Santa Clarita, are majority white, but there is still a large non-white presence, and the schools are half non-white, signifying a non-white future for that area too. The San Fernando Valley is mostly non-white in the eastern and central regions, while the western San Fernando valley area of LA county is still predominately white, but with lots of non-whites moving into the area. Areas along the mountain ranges, and within the mountain ranges are predominately white, but sparsely populated. Areas along the rugged coastline, such as Malibu, are predominately white, but very few non-whites, or even most whites, can afford to live there.

Orange County to the south is no longer the white are Republican stronghold. Northern Orange County is now predominately non-white, with perhaps the exception of the city of Orange. South Orange county is considerably white, but these areas are populated by the ultra rich who are very much in denial of the present situation.

The Inland empire is predominately non-white in the northern half. Areas such as Ontario, Fontana, and San Bernardino are overwhelmingly non-white these days, probably only one-third white at best. The southern half of the Inland Empire is more-white, but is probably only fifty to fifty-five percent white at best. This includes areas like Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley, and Perris. Most of the public schools in this area have a white minority, indicating that in the not-so-distant future, the area will be much like the northern Inland empire.

The Low desert areas, starting at around areas like Banning, all the way out to Palm Springs, are nominally white, moreso in the Coachella Valley area near Palm Springs. However, the signs of change are apparent, as schools in the area are only roughly fifty percent white.

The High desert areas of the Victor Valley (Victorville, Hesperia, and Apple Valley) are mostly white, but that too is changing. Both Victorville and Hesperia have non-white majorities in their school systems. Only Apple Valley has a white majority school system, and it is only around fifty to sixty percent white.

The Palmdale and Lancaster areas have become increasingly non-white, and the areas are now only roughly fifty percent white, both with majority non-white school systems.

The Ventura/Oxnard area out in Ventura county is roughly around fifty percent white. Oxnard is predominately non-white these days, while Ventura is predominately white as a whole, but mostly non-white in various areas of town. Most schools throughout this region are predominately non-white.

The Simi Valley area is still predominately white, but only by about a sixty percent margin. Most schools in the area are now predominately non-white, with a few schools having a white majority."

Here are more assessments, given last year.

"In the Los Angeles area, one can drive all throughout greater LA and see mostly non-whites. Even into the inland empire of San Bernardino and Riverside counties one can see a majority of non-whites on the interstates. I'm not talking about the backroads which are generally more non-white, but the interstates.

The LA Basin, the part of the LA metro encompassing most of LA & Orange counties is third world in at least half of the areas. Only near the coast, South Orange County and a few other locations is this huge swath of land predominately whites.

It's sad what's happened, because I don't see much of a future for whites in California, at least the southern two-thirds."

and this

"Granted that a shopping mall is more often a hanging-out place for non-white youth, you'd be surprised at how non-white many of the shopping malls are. In the Inland areas of San Bernardino county, you can go to some shopping malls and only see a population that is about seven percent white, but sixty percent Mexican and thirty percent Asian."

and this

"Whites have been leaving California for at least ten to fifteen years now. This meaning that there are more whites leaving the state than there are coming to live there. A lot of the movement has to do with ridiculous housing prices in the state and the lack of the ability to live in a decent white area without selling an arm and a leg. The "California lifestyle" is not obtainable for most whites under forty. So, they're simply obtaining the "American lifestyle/dream" in other western states or parts of the country. Arizona has been a big destination, particularly the Phoenix area. I'd venture to say that at least thirty percent of people in metro Phoenix are former Californians, most southern Californians.

However, another big reason for whites moving out of California is the changing demographic landscape. Whites are simply being pushed out the area by hundreds of thousands, even millions of illegal Mexicans, as well as millions of legal Asian and "Hispanic" immigrants. Since they are a totally different race, it is natural that these people can't assimilate, or be even willing to acculturate to some degree. This is where the U.S. government has gone wrong, in failing to acknowledge that separate races cannot live amongst one another in large numbers and expect there to be harmony, cohesion, or not to be some type of culture or people succombing to the new tide.

I, myself, over the past few years, even here in Georgia, have seen numerous California license plates. Most white Californians are moving to places like Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, even Montana. A large number have also moved to Texas and parts of the midwest and southeast. Fleeing the browning of America by moving to Arizona, Nevada, and Texas, however, seems like they'll be doing the same thing in about ten years."

and this

"California is in a poor position.

If you ever travel to California, take a look at most of the cities: they're filled with non-whites. Even moderate-sized metropolitan areas like Fresno have white percentages only in the 30 something percentage.

If I'm correct, California metropolitan areas are like this:

1) Los Angeles area: 30-35% white (most whites live within ten miles of the coast, near the mountains, or in the high desert). The inner-LA areas are highly minority.

2) San Francisco Bay area: 40-45% white ( minorities everywhere, particularly Asians and Mexicans, with a few black areas: predominate white areas scattered about almost in a "patchwork quilt" with the nearby minority areas. White areas, however, have high numbers of minorities residing within them. North Bay (Marin County), as well as on the coast are more white than the rest, though.

3) San Diego area: 45-50% white (South San Diego area mostly Mexican. Central areas mostly mixed, areas around I-8, though barely majority white. North San Diego county predominately white, though falling rapidly.

4) Sacramento area: 55% white

5) Fresno area: 30-35% white (most whites live in the northeast quadrant of the city/metro (NE Fresno/Clovis), while the southside is mostly Mexican. The northwest quadrant is racially mixed).

6) Bakersfield area: 40-45% white

Whitest areas:
The Sierra Nevada Mountains, other mountain ranges, the Deserts (though not very populated), areas north of San Francisco, areas close to coastline)

Majority minority areas:
Places indicated in above metro areas, Imperial Valley, much of the Central Valley"

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