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Feds Ratchet Up Witch Hunt Against ANSWP Commander Bill White; White Must Appear Before Judge James Turk On July 18th On Possible Contempt Charges

On July 2nd, 2008, the Roanoke Times reports that Roanoke neo-Nazi activist William A. White must appear before U.S. District Court Judge James Turk on July 18th to explain two things: why he deleted computer files that were subject to a subpoena, and why he later sent an e-mail laced with obscenities to lawyers involved in the case. He faces the possibility of being held in contempt of court.

According to the Times, magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski is the driving force behind the campaign against White. Urbanski certified to Judge Turk a case that began more than a year ago, when White became involved in a housing discrimination case in Virginia Beach. The civil dispute, which was recently settled, involved claims that landlord John Crockett Henry violated the U.S. Fair Housing Act by using racial slurs against his black tenants and subjecting them to restrictions, such as curfews, that he did not apply to white tenants. More background on Urbanski can be found HERE; more about the Virginia Beach case HERE.

The Times further claims that White inserted himself into the controversy by sending letters to some of the plaintiffs, calling them "niggers" and taking issue with their lawsuit against Henry, according to court records. In turn, that led lawyers for the plaintiffs to subpoena White's computer records in an effort to determine whether he had any ties to Henry.

Not long after the subpoenas were issued, more than 50,000 files were deleted from White's personal computer, according to an investigation by a court-appointed computer expert whose findings were included in court records. The "expert" is identified on the Overthrow website as Glenn Dardick, a professor at Longwood University. "White's intentional deletion of this electronic information was done at a time when he had actual knowledge that the information was being sought," lawyers for the plaintiffs wrote in a motion filed last month asking that White be held in contempt of court.

In his 10-page opinion Tuesday, Urbanski ruled that White should face possible contempt charges not just for deleting the files, but also for an e-mail he later sent to lawyers that was "vile, contumacious, and laced with expletives." The e-mail, attached to Urbanski's opinion, was sent to several people, including Lori Wagner, a U.S. Justice Department lawyer involved in the case; Anthony Troy, a Richmond lawyer and former state attorney general who represented the plaintiffs; and Urbanski's law clerk.

By copying the e-mail to his law clerk, Urbanski wrote, White created a second ground for a contempt citation. "Plainly, such statements would be contemptuous if uttered in open court," Urbanski wrote. "The court sees no difference in making such statements in an email sent to the court's law clerk as they are plainly disrespectful and constitute an insult to the dignity of the court and an affront to our system of justice."

In a separate case, White also is facing another possible contempt citation in federal court in Norfolk based on comments he made about one of the lawyers involved in the housing case. More information about this separate case HERE.

Although White recently filed for bankruptcy, Urbanski ruled that should have no bearing on the contempt case because it is a criminal and not a civil matter. Urbanski also appointed the U.S. Attorney's Office in Roanoke to prosecute White in the upcoming contempt proceedings. Note that there has been considerable misinformation about White's recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing; click HERE to read all his explanatory posts on the separate Overthrow blog.

The Times claimes that White could not be reached for comment on Tuesday July 1st. However, on the Overthrow website, Bill White discusses an e-mail he sent to the Times reporter Laurence Hammack on July 1st. So the Times' claim that White could not be "reached" for comment is spurious and misleading.

Bill White also discusses the "files" issue at greater length. Contrary to the Times report, it is NOT 50,000+ files that are in question, but only 8,000 allegedly deleted files. What happened, as White explains it, is that he compressed 54,000 files into .zip format before his hard drive crashed on February 24th, 2008. Most likely this is where the Roanoke Times got their 50,000+ figure from.

In response to the government's original subpoena, White informed the government that the compression had occurred and gave them addresses of the zipped files to assist them in determining no "deletion" had taken place.

So why do the Feds continue to insist that White deleted the files? It's because the government's "leading computer expert", Glenn Dardick, is incompetent. He took White's hard drives and ran them through a piece of forensic software. But the software used has a bug -- when it encounters a file compressed by WinZip, it neither determines that that file is "encrypted", nor can read it as a plain unencrypted file, so it just ignores it and makes no report. Thus, the FBI's top piece of forensic computer software is incapable of finding any file on a hard drive that has been compressed with WinZip. Despite the fact that White showed Dardick exactly where the zip files were, Dardick has been unable to figure out how to use WinZip and open them, so he just blows it off and submits a sworn statement claiming the files were deleted.

So why else would the Feds continue to claim Bill White deleted the 8,000 files even though White showed them exactly how to find them? It's got to be a witch hunt. The government has allegedly spent $1 million trying to nail this guy, and they're desperate to have something to show for it. Ironically, once the case comes up on July 18th, and Bill White demonstrates in court just how to access the files, the government's case against him will collapse. But the Feds apparently aren't concerned about that. They're simply engaged in a secondary strategy of tying up White's time and draining him of financial resources.

The contempt charges over the e-mails are equally bogus. Contempt charges are not normally preferred against those who criticize lawyers in e-mails. Consequently, this appears to be another effort to falsely buttress a case that is bogus to begin with. So on July 18th, Bill White likely will win his case, but will be out the money he is spending on a defense. And that secondary objective will satisfy the government - if they can't knock him out, at least knock him down.

Why should this concern us? After all, Bill White has become almost universally despised within the white nationalist community, primarily for excessively targetting other white nationalists, some of who are genuinely repulsive (Strom, Herrington, Matthew Roberts), but others who merely run afoul of some of his subordinate leaders (McKinley, Melcur). He's even been banned once again from the Vanguard News Network Forum.

There are two reasons why we should be concerned. First, the ANSWP is still, by profession, a pro-white organization. This means they officially continue to work on behalf of the white community. Just because we may disagree with the ANSWP approach from time to time doesn't make them anti-white or crypto-kikes. But second, and even more importantly, if they can get away with knocking down Bill White, it will make it easier for the Feds to come after others, such as Alex Linder, David Duke, Jeff Schoep, et al. A systemic attack on one white nationalist needs to be looked upon as an attack on ALL; we come together as a community.

When we accept and master this concept, we will then be able to stage our own Million Man Marches and put WNs in our legislatures the way the BNP does over in the United Kingdom. And then we can solve the problems with the Roanoke Times the same way the Nauvoo Mormons solved the problem of the Nauvoo Expositor in 1844.

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Concerned said...


ROANOKE - A bankrupt and self-declared anarchist, who has been
touted by pro-minority-activist and former George-McGovern-fund-raiser
Morris Dees as a "player" in rightist-politics, is headed back to
federal-court and, possibly, to jail. William White, who wails against
the "bourgeoisie" and "ruling-classes" over his profanity-laced website
and who routinely issues denials that he is a mental-patient, has
been charged with criminal-contempt for destroying computer-files,
subpoenaed by the court, and for sending profane e-mails to a judge's
law-clerk and various others involved in a "housing" dispute. If
convicted, White faces up to a year in prison.

Dees had undertaken to "select" unstable, criminal-prone individuals
as "leaders" of rightist-politics, in order to mock and bring down
pro-majority activism. His self-appointed "leaders," upon whom he
lavished an admixture of praise and derision, included, White, who
has professed to being an anarchist, Communist, Green, Libertarian,
Socialist and neo-Nazi, Andrew Greenbaum, a Jew, who vanished,
when a $13-million judgment was levied against him for spamming
the Internet, Matt Hale, who is jailed for forty-years for conspiring to
kill a judge, Richard Butler, a bankrupt convicted of assault, and
Alex Curtis, who vanished after serving a six-year term for "intimidation."

Virginia federal-magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski certified the case
against White to Judge James Turk, attaching a report of an
investigation by a court-appointed computer-expert, attesting that
White had deleted computer-files, which linked him to "discrimination."
White, a Roanoke slum-lord, who had filed for bankruptcy, alleging
$1.4 million in debts, including $56,000.00 in credit-card expenses,
had not only destroyed files, but sent "vile, contumacious and laced
with expletives" messages to court-personnel, Urbanski ruled in
a ten-page order. White faces similar charges in Norfolk. White
responded by terming Urbanski an "idiot."

White, who had founded the Utopian Anarchist Party, of which he was
the only member, had joined the Communist Party and served as
reporter for "Pravda," the Moscow Communist-newspaper. When
ousted, White appeared in a Toledo Negro-neighborhood, dressed
up as Hitler, touching off a riot. After failed liaisons with numerous
political-groups, White, operating solo from his Roanoke-apartment,
was dubbed "the second leading" rightist by Dees, after filing a
complaint against Nationalists with the Mississippi Bar for shutting
down threats over his website. The complaint was dismissed.
Nationalists dubbed White " the little anarchist who couldn't."

White engaged in a lengthy, on-line smear-campaign against
Nationalists, terming them "mentally ill" and "wacky," including the
posting of a White-concocted caricature of a man, dressed up as a
woman, who White denominated as "pretty." Although dismissed by
Rusty Shackleford as "just another psychopathic, ego-gratifying misfit,"
White continued to be elevated by Dees-spokesman Mark Potok, who
insisted that White would "continue to be a player." However, White's
last, two associates left him all alone, whereupon White labeled his
former-aide Justin Boyer as a "nit-wit" and his former-propagandist
Michael Blevins as a "schizophrenic."
Copyright 2008 The Nationalist Movement