Thursday, July 31, 2008

ANSWP Commander Bill White Calls For More Media Outreach, Literature Distribution, And Candidate Recruitment At Recent Party Congress

During the recent American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) congress just concluded, Commander Bill White urged party members and supporters to focus more on the party's core activities; namely, to expand media presence, expand the production and distribution of literature, and to expand efforts to recruit candidates. This summary is based upon listening to the speech, as the ANSWP has not produced an official after-action report of the party congress, except a brief reference HERE. White's first-rate 23-minute speech can be viewed at the following Podblanc link:

Note: Podblanc videos still cannot be successfully embedded on a Blogger platform. Even after changing the width to 400 to make it fit, it still wipes out most of the sidebar completely, although Bill White was able to embed it successfully on his separate Overthrow blog, which is a on different platform. Suggest the ANSWP (and other white activists as well) also consider uploading such videos to WNTube in the future; WNTube videos embed seamlessly on to blogs.

Update: On August 2nd, a complete written transcript of the speech was posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Bill White also discussed the state of the party itself, highlighting its most successful bouts of activism, which included sidetracking the attempt by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to use Jena Six as a pretext to launch a fresh wave of civil rights psychological terrorism against the white community, and also discussed the ANSWP's attempts to expose a corrupt black public official in Lima, Ohio. The ANSWP itself continues to grow despite the array of obstacles placed in its path; they experienced 44 percent growth in Ohio despite replacing the state leader.

These efforts spurred both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to officially complain about the ANSWP to Congress and various law enforcement agencies. In response, the federal government launched a campaign of intimidation and oppression against ANSWP activists, knocking the Overthrow website off line for an extended period, and launching nonsense litigation against White himself. The website problem is now solved, as the line, the building, and the equipment are owned by White, and the litigation problems have all been favorably resolved except for one case, which is expected to die.

Bill White also briefly discussed the Presidential race, characterizing it as a choice between Zionism (McCain) and Communism (Obama). White activists know that Zionism and Communism are merely two separate wings of the same Semitic bird of prey; in either case, Organized Jewry wins. He also urged activists to direct their activism more specifically to connecting with the white working class.

More about candidates. If no ANSWP members or sympathizers step forward to run for office, Bill White urged party activists to identify candidates whose values and platform are similar to those of the ANSWP. This would include Constitution Party candidates. Many such candidates are clueless about how to run a campaign, and would actually be thrilled to death to have ANSWP activists volunteer to help them with their campaigns. And effective, productive volunteers get opportunity to provide input and guide candidates' thinking and discourse more in our direction.

Unfortunately, the ANSWP is still looked upon as the bastard stepchild of the movement by much of the white nationalist community, to include some on VNN Forum and some of the "teacups" on Stormfront. However, one of the ANSWP's most vociferous critics on VNN Forum is himself under increasing fire from various forum members for being an "attention whore". The ANSWP respects responsible criticism, but isn't about to pander to the rest of the movement just to gain transitory surface popularity. They have a fundamental vision, and intend to stick to it. Besides, many of their VNN critics are more skilled at throwing fits than throwing newspapers or magazines.

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