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America's "Mugabe": Detroit's Racist Black Warlord Kwame Kilpatrick Accused Of Roughing Up White Cop, Breaking His Hip

"Dats right, ah'm bad......oh, and by the way, MUH DIK!"

Detroit's black warlord Kwame Kilpatrick is in trouble once again. This time, he's accused of roughing up a white cop, causing him to break his hip. References used to construct this post include the Associated Press, the Detroit Free Press, and WDIV Channel 4. Even adjacent Windsor, Ontario is now being dragged into it, as the Windsor Star condemned the town's mayor for holding a secret meeting with King Kwame.

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According to Wayne County Sheriff's Detective Brian White, who is a lead investigator in Kilpatrick's perjury case, he and a colleague were delivering subpoenas for future court hearings on Thursday July 24th, 2008 when he spotted a parked pickup truck with "Ferguson Construction" on the door. White believed it belonged to Bobby Ferguson, a Kilpatrick ally and possible witness who was to be subpoenaed.

White noticed the mayor's police bodyguards outside the house, which belongs to Kilpatrick's sister. He said he flashed his badge, got their OK to proceed and rang the doorbell. White was told Ferguson wasn't there. Then the detective said he heard a loud voice inside the house.

"Don't tell those (expletive) anything," White quoted the mayor as saying. "I hear, `Get the fuck out of here.'"

Kilpatrick, a former college football lineman, "comes storming through the door ... grabs me and throws me into investigator Kinney," White said, referring to fellow investigator JoAnne Kinney. "He continues to yell, `Get the fuck out of here, leave my family alone!' We composed ourselves and left the porch," White testified. White also said he had X-rays taken at a hospital and might have suffered a slight hip fracture.

In addition, Kinney, who is black, testified that the mayor criticized her for working with White, who is white.

As a result, Judge Ronald Giles of Detroit's 36th District Court changed Kilpatrick's bond from a personal bond in his criminal perjury case to requiring him to post $7,500 cash with the court to remain free. And Giles revoked the mayor's right to make any trips without a court hearing, though he allowed previously scheduled travel. He also ordered periodic and random drug screens for the mayor, though there was no accusation that Kilpatrick was under the influence during the alleged assault.

The judge further stated that it does not "matter whether investigator White was pushed or thrown ... the fact that defendant Kilpatrick decided to inject himself into this situation where the officers were attempting to lawfully serve a subpoena ... defendant Kilpatrick had no right ... to come into contact with investigator White or say anything to investigator White."

"I have locked up defendants for approaching or saying things to witnesses for a lot less, let alone touching them," Giles said. "I'm at a loss to defendant Kilpatrick's behavior here. It's irrational."

Giles did not specifically say why he did not elect to jail Kilpatrick in this instance. But he may have been influenced by the fact that Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Moran did not request that the mayor be taken into custody for the alleged assault.

Wikipedia reveals that the scandal involving King Kwame really broke loose when it was revealed he was carrying on an affair with chief of staff Christine Beatty. In January 2008, the Detroit Free Press examined and revealed the existence of more than 14,000 text messages exchanged between Kilpatrick and Beatty on their city issued SkyTel pagers between September–October 2002 and April–May 2003. This led to the other issues described in Wikipedia, too numerous to be recounted here.

In any event, on March 24th, 2008, Kilpatrick was charged with eight felony counts, including perjury, misconduct in office, and obstruction of justice. If found guilty of felony perjury, Kilpatrick could be disbarred and jailed for up to 15 years per count; he could face additional sentences for obstruction of justice and conspiracy. He would also lose his mayoralty, if convicted. Combined with being a suspect in the murder of Tamara Greene, the recent controversies have prompted a call for his resignation, an ethics probe, and a recall election campaign to have Kilpatrick removed from office.

On May 13th, 2008, the Detroit City Council voted 5-4 to impeach Kilpatrick and approved another resolution to request that Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm eject the mayor in case the impeachment trial did not result in Kilpatrick being removed from office. This comes after Granholm refused to interfere in the matter after the Detroit State of the City address.

The Detroit Free Press reported that an effort to recall King Kwame may fall short by the initial August 1st deadline, but the organizers will continue their efforts. Click HERE to view the Recall website.

And the Detroit Free Press continues to wage all-out editorial war on King Kwame. Free Press columnist Stephen Henderson, who is black, demanded Kwame's resignation in his own July 26th column. And in their own in-house July 26th editorial, the Free Press literally demands his resignation, saying enough is enough. Click HERE to access all previous Free Press articles on King Kwame.

The resident Detroit expert in the blogosphere is the editor of the Detroit Is Crap blog. Click HERE to review all DIC posts on "King Kwame".

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