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Washington Post Reports Barack Obama Candidacy Fueling Upsurge Of Interest In White Nationalism; White Revolution And Stormfront Cited

On June 22nd, 2008, the Washington Post published a lengthy article exposing and analyzing the upsurge of interest in white nationalist organizations and venues fueled by the Presidential candidacy of Barack Obama. Stories about Pastor Jeremiah Wright's overt anti-white bigotry, as well as reports of Michelle Obama's more subtle bias against the white community are awakening whites as never before to the true attitude of much of the black community against whites - and whites are turning in growing numbers to the only group of people who have spoken out vigorously and consistently on behalf of the greater white community - the white nationalist lobby.

And as these whites turn to the white nationalist lobby, they find that Jeremiah Wright and Michelle Obama are merely the more respectable public faces of anti-white bigotry. As they link up with other more race-conscious whites, they learn that there is a nationwide low-intensity conflice being waged against whites by a growing number of rogue blacks, as stories of black-on-white mob assaults from Lousiana to Norfolk to Baltimore to Cleveland to Portland, Oregon continue to multiply.

According to the Post, Neo-Nazi, skinhead and segregationist groups have reported gains in numbers of visitors to their websites and in membership since the Illinois Senator mathematically secured the Democratic nomination on June 3rd. His success has aroused a community of racists, experts said, concerned by the possibility of the country's first black president. The quotes below are directly from the article, but much of the surrounding prose represents my interpretation of the events.

"I haven't seen this much anger in a long, long time," said Billy Roper, the 36-year-old chairman of the White Revolution organization based in Russellville, Ark. "Nothing has awakened normally complacent white Americans more than the prospect of America having an overtly nonwhite president". Roper was once a senior cadre in the National Alliance, but was forced out after a leadership shakeup which took place following the untimely death of former Alliance Chairman Dr. William Pierce in 2002.

White nationalist groups are said to have historically inflated their influence for self-promotion and as an intimidation technique, and they refused to provide exact membership numbers or open their meetings to a reporter. Leaders acknowledged that their numbers remain very small -- "the flat-globe society still has more people than us," Roper said. But experts said their claims reveal more than hyperbole this time. Roper also states that White Revolution now receives 10 new applicants for membership each week, twice the normal total.

Stormfront's Don Black is also cited. Black spends 16 hours each day on his computer reading hundreds of derogatory Obama comments posted on, a website with the motto "White Pride World Wide." Black, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, launched the site in 1995 to create a central meeting place for the white power movement. In the wake of Obama's securing enough delegates for the nomination, Stormfront, he says, has begun to fulfill his vision.

A site that drew a mere few thousand visitors per day in 2002 has now expanded into Black's full-time job, attracting more than 40,000 unique users each day who can post on 54 different message boards. Black has enlisted 40 moderators and his 19-year-old son to help run Stormfront. Stormfront has often been criticized by other white activists for its rigorous and sometimes unpredictable moderation, but one of their primary objectives is to confront and rebut negative biases and stereotypes about white nationalism. Considering that they have over 100,000 registered members, by far dwarfing other WN venues, it appears Stormfront is fulfilling its stated mission.

Posters on Stormfront complain that Obama represents the end of "white rule" and the beginning of "multiculturalism." They fear that he will promote affirmative action, support illegal immigration and help render whites, who make up two-thirds of the U.S. population, "the new minority". "I get nonstop e-mails and private message from new people who are mad as hell about the possibility of Obama being elected," said Black, a white power activist since the 1970s. "White people, for a long time, have thought of our government as being for us, and Obama is the best possible evidence that we've lost that. This is scaring a lot of people who maybe never considered themselves racists, and it's bringing them over to our side."

Dr. David Duke, a former Louisiana state representative and a longtime advocate of racial segregation, said hits to his website have doubled and that more organizations now request him as a guest speaker. "One person put it this way: Obama for president paves the way for David Duke as president," said Duke, who ran for president in 1988, received less than 1 percent of the vote and has since spent much of his time in Europe. "This is finally going to make whites begin to realize it's a necessity to stick up for their own heritage, and that's going to make them turn to people like me. We're the next logical step." Dr. Duke also recently published updated editions of two of the most widely-read and cited books in the WN lexicon; "My Awakening" and "Jewish Supremacism", the latter including first-time runs of foreign-language versions. The previous version of "Jewish Supremacism" is still available for free viewing and downloading in PDF format on the Zogsnightmare website.

Ron Doggett, a highly-respected contemporary of former White Patriot Party leader Frazier Glenn Miller, also weighed in. "Our side does better when the public is being pressured, when gas prices are high, when housing is bad, when a black man might be president," said Doggett, who also heads the Richmond, VA chapter of EURO. "People start looking for solutions and changes, and we offer radical changes to what's going on".

But Doggett also acknowledges the opposite effect is possible. "What you try not to think about is that maybe if Obama wins, it will create a very demoralizing effect," Doggett said. "Maybe people see him in office, and it's like: 'That's it. It's just too late. Look at what's happened now. We've endured all these defeats, and we've still got a multicultural society.' And then there's just no future for our viewpoint".

Of course, the anti-racists were also invited to weigh in on this discussion, and the Jewish supremacist Anti-Defamation League was quick to sound off. "The truth is, we're finding an explosion in these kinds of hateful sentiments on the Net, and it's a growing problem," said Deborah Lauter, civil rights director for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which monitors hate group activity. "There are probably thousands of Web sites that do this now. I couldn't even tell you how many are out there because it's growing so fast." However, the ADL cannot be taken seriously because their definition of anti-Semitism is so large it not only engulfs honest critics of Zionism and Israel, but even devout Christians who believe the New Testament to be the authoritative word of God.

And the Southern Poverty Law Center wasn't about to be left out, either. They also assert that the past few months reflect a recent trend of hate group growth. Fueled primarily by anti-immigration sentiment, white supremacy groups have increased by nearly half since 2000, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups. The KKK has diversified regionally and now has about 150 chapters spread through 34 states, according to Mark Potok, the gay Jew who heads up their so-called "Intelligence Project". However, the SPLC's credibility is compromised not only by their overt left-wing political bias, but because they obsess with white racialist groups, to the point of padding their numbers, while virtually neglecting Latino supremacist groups. You can read the SPLC's latest Summer 2008 Intelligence Report HERE and see the bias for yourself.

Neo-Nazi and white power groups acknowledge that they have little ability to derail Obama's candidacy, so instead some have decided to take advantage of its potential. Some white nationalist leaders who once feared Obama's campaign have come to regard it as a recruiting tool. Several groups now portray his candidacy as a vehicle to disenfranchise whites and polarize America. The premise of many of these groups is "Worse Is Better". Since they think Obama will make things worse than McCain and promote greater interest in the Cause, they urge support for Obama.

Commentary: Overall, the Washington Post article itself seems to hold bias against white nationalism to a minimum. One conspicuous omission though; the Post did not discuss the activities or the influence of the uniformed wing of the movement. This is odd because the National Socialist Movement held a rally in Washington, D.C. in April, which they covered.

The Post also failed to explore whether or not the white nationalist movement was gravitating towards any particular third party candidates. There was an initial bump towards the so-called "Libertarian" Bob Barr, and James Buchanan wrote a laudatory article about him in White Civil Rights, but the Barr campaign paid him back by telling white nationalists to get the hell out of the campaign and "don't let the door hit you on the ass". Consequently, Bob Barr can get fucked as far as we're concerned. I expose more of the truth about Bob Barr HERE.

Some interest in Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin has been expressed, and so far, Baldwin has not overtly rejected WN support, although like Ron Paul, he's not actively courting it. That's O.K. by me.

White nationalists also have two overtly pro-white candidates. One is the NSOA's John Taylor Bowles, who's been campaigning for nearly a year now. He was slowly gaining traction, but lately his campaign appears to be foundering. In addition, the NSM is running Brian Holland, but his campaign is barely two months old, and he still hasn't completely developed his platform. He might be a better candidate than Bowles, but he started too late and his campaign will go nowhere.

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Rumor has it that Bowles is in poor health and could die. Has pulled all references to the presidential run and Nick has apparently relocated to South Dakota and is would seems that he is abandoning the redneck shop.