Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vermont Throws The Book At 17-Year-Old Larry Pratt Jr. After His Verbal Confrontation With A Group Of Black Teens In Brattleboro

A 17-year-old white male allegedly connected to a hate group in Brattleboro pleaded not guilty in Windham District Court Friday to aggravated stalking with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct, both maliciously motivated by the victim's race. Larry Pratt Jr. of Guilford, who was charged as an adult, also pleaded not guilty to giving false information to a police officer and reckless endangerment. If found guilty on all charges, Pratt could face up to nine years in prison and a fine of up to $9,000. Primary story published June 21st by the Brattleboro Reformer; additional reports published June 21st by the Rutland Herald and the Barre-Montpelier Times-Argus.

Originally held on $5,000 bail, Pratt was released but required to follow a 24-hour curfew except for attorney and court appointments or medical visits, a condition Deputy State's Attorney Steven Brown was adamant about.

"The state feels having the defendant off the street would be appropriate. There is little doubt this defendant has the potential to be quite dangerous," Brown said Friday.

Pratt is also forbidden from having, using or buying any firearms or weapons and from abusing or contacting any of the alleged victims in the incident.

Pratt was arrested on Wednesday June 18th after a verbal confrontation with a group of black teenagers. According to police, Pratt and passengers in the car he was driving allegedly shouted racial slurs and threats at the group of blacks on Flat Street. Pratt and the passengers, according to a witness, also threatened a girl in the group, saying they would shoot her in the face.

Pratt then drove the car to the top of the Transportation Center, where the passengers got out and allegedly continued to shout at the teens below. After one of the black teens spit on Pratt's window, Pratt allegedly pulled a handgun from the center console and displayed it, leading one of the teenagers to believe that it was directed at him without actually pointing it at him. The entire altercation was recorded on the Transportation Center's video camera.

The false information charge results from the fact that Pratt allegedly told police that one of the other passengers was shouting the slurs and he did not know if there was a gun in the car. But police later found the gun in the car during a search. A computer was also seized.

Vermont media also allege that Pratt belongs to a "hate group" called the "Nigger-Hanging Redneck Association" (NHRA). The Reformer identifies it as the "Nigger-Hating Redneck Association". The first definition has more widespread use, however.

Acting Brattleboro Police Chief Gene Wrinn said the police department, with the Windham County Sheriff's Department, the Vernon Police Department and the Vermont State Police have been working together in response to reports about the NHRA. This kind of sentiment has cropped up lately, Wrinn said. "Very recently it has got to be open, in your face and a problem." [Ed. Note: The behavior of blacks towards whites nationwide has likewise also become open, in your face and a problem.]

"There is zero tolerance community-wide for either racist-motivated crimes or hate-motivated crimes. It will not be tolerated," Wrinn continued. "This is 2008, I would hope we have moved beyond this kind behavior, but unfortunately, we're hearing about it and we shouldn't be."

Vermont law states that any crime motivated by the victim's perceived or actual race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ancestry, age, service in the U.S. armed forces, handicap, sexual orientation or gender identity is subject to have enhanced penalties for the underlying crime.

ALANA Community Organization Executive Director Curtiss Reed also said the community needs to be involved in the solution. "We need to be vigilant if we want a community that's free of this sort of hate", Reed said. But note that the acronym "ALANA" translates to African-American, Latino, Asian-American, Native American. Everyone EXCEPT white. Sounds like an anti-white coalition, doesn't it?

The Rutland Herald reports that Pratt was remorseful after the fact and attmepted to contact the person he confronted to apologize, but was unable to reach him.

A June 12th article published by the Brattleboro Reformer offers more information on this NHRA. It is apparently comprised of a small number of white students at Brattleboro Union High School. While one student, Jaclyn Hamilton, claims as many as 30 students belong to this group, the school's principal, Jim Day, believes the number is far less, because some of the students posting on the NHRA website invited friends, and that Hamilton may be erroneously counting the "friends" as members (or else she learned how to count from the SPLC). Why they would have a black problem at the school is a mystery; according to, out of 1,130 students, 1,079 are white, and only 14 are black. The city itself, with 12,005 residents, is 92 percent white.

Yet despite the small percentage of black students, the school has been the source of racial-oriented disputed in the past. In 2005, after a black student was suspended following her third fight, 40 students protested outside of the school and the student's family, neighbors and representatives from ALANA lobbied the school board to reconsider the punishment. The student claimed all of the fights started after other students called her racial epithets.

In 2004, the whole community was embroiled in a debate about changing the school's mascot, a colonel that resembled a Confederate Army leader. In the late 1990s, the community wrangled over the presence of the Confederate flag in the school gym. And in the early 1990s, Brattleboro parents sued the school district, and won, in a case charging BUHS with racial discrimination.

There's a Topix discussion forum on this issue opened up. Registration not required to post.

Commentary: The prosecutor is clearly trying to make an example out of Pratt. Four separate charges in clearly overkill. This sounds more like a personal dispute than an actual racial dispute. But the fact that Pratt displayed a weapon aggressively in this situation is a problem, and he needs to be held accountable for that specific act. One count of reckless endangerment is the only charge justified.

Amazing how, despite all the diversity propaganda dumped on our kids in society, a number of white kids still have some subliminal race consciousness. Of course, it only takes a few bad experiences with blacks to trigger race-consciousness among whites. Or perhaps the white kids' parents were victims of affirmative action and their kids picked up on the parents' true vibes.

What's surprising is the amount of sub-surface racial ferment in a town that's 92 percent white and less than two percent black.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

" ... of course , it only takes a few bad experiences with blacks to trigger race - consciousness among whites ."

Oh how true . A few in yer face encounters will open the eyes of all but the most brain dead .

I believe it's the frustration our people feel , particularly our youth , that leads them oft times to " act without thinking it through ."

Surely more could of been accomplished rather than a shouting match ( which ya can't win with the savages ) , leading to the unwise brandishing of a weapon .

But it does seem , as you suggest , that prosecutors leap to the opportunity to
" lower the gavel " upon any indiscretion of our people . All the while , untold horrors are committed by blacks daily and are under and / or not reported .

Did me good to hear of the confederate flag flying way up in Vermont . We understand this is all of ours battle flag , for a freedom cause that never perished . There is no " north vs. south " anymore . We are one people . ( still expect them to ban this at some time )

See you had a visitor from Burlington . A few years ago I helped a buddy work on his house in Williamstown . We had to drive to Burlington ( outskirts ) to hit the Home Depot for supplies .
Very pretty country . Alot of awakened kinsmen up there . Saw a few stars and bars flying .

Anchorage Activist said...

Yes, I did notice the visitor from Burlington myself. It looks like a number of Vermonters understand the real problem but are keeping a low profile.

Which is prudent for now. If they can dump all over a white kid for what was little more than a verbal confrontation with kaffirs, imagine what they'd do to a serious adult white activist.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked by the discussion on this blog. First of all, you folks know nothing about what happened here. Second, you sound terribly anti-American, racist and uneducated. It would be better to find out about the situation here rather than just inject your distorted agenda into it.

A Vermonter

Orion said...

Why don't you fill us in, Vermonter? Enlighten us uneducated, racist, dentally challenged, trailer park white trash.

I'm here to tell you, it's not the negros and the latrinos that we have to worry about. It's the white traitors who will, in the interest of feel good false eqalitarianism, bring about our extinction. They weren't stopped in the 19th century, they weren't stopped in the 20th, and if we don't stop them in this one, we will cease to exist.

We need to get deadly serious with these people.

Anonymous said...

She is no 'vermonter' she is a transplant flatlander form lonGG Island or new jersey, that much is evident.

I am a 5th generation Vermonters and we are meeting weekly discussing when and with what effect we will handle this black plague descending on the Great State of Vermont.

well over 12,000 in attendence last meeting and not a nigger lover among them.

The pavement ape moves to Vermont because they can easily attract a poor inbred flatlander fat white girl and pop out a few mongrels thus ensuring she gets welfare and assistance and in Vermont where no Vermotner applies for welfare the lack of lines means the bootlips are right in line with ahnd out, no waiting, the few spearchuckers we had weregood to show our youth the 'worst case scenario' of what their lives could be but in the last 4 months we met in Brattleboro, Bennington, Rutland and Barre and ALL but Barre is really covered with these chimps. They were jaywalking and shucking and jiving across mainstreet in Bennington and we stopped and asked the police why they were not being cited for jaywalking, the Lt. stated that he didn't see anything, and pulled away, he is from Boston by the way! Where he is probably used to running from the average melon headed porch monkey.

It is CLEAR that Vermonter, true Vermonters, not wanna be hippies who moved here 30 years ago, we must wait for the right time and then respond with appropriate levels to cleanse the Green Mountains of this sludge and smog.

NHRA...FINALLY kids are doing something constructive!