Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Revisionist Historian David Irving Releases New Book Entitled "Banged Up", Discussing His Experiences As A Political Prisoner In Austria

Revisionist historian David Irving has just released a new book, entitled "Banged Up", about his experiences as a political prisoner in Austria. Click HERE to visit the index page of the website.

After reaching the website, you can choose to download either the full illustrated version (4.6 MB) or the unillustrated version (0.5 MB). This is significantly faster, and if you have dial-up, is probably your only option.

Click HERE to download the 152-page illustrated version in PDF format.

Click HERE to download the 114-page unillustrated version in PDF format.

A paper copy of the book will be published. Prices unavailable at this time. Click HERE to find out how to pre-order a paper copy.

Note that the book is copyrighted. You are strictly forbidden to commercially reproduce or distribute any of the book's contents without prior permission. Key word is "commercial"; this implies that if you have a blog where you don't make money, you can post excerpts. And Dr. David Duke has posted an excerpt which you can read on his website.

The book is an account of his 400 days incarceration in Austria, stemming from his re-entry into the country with an outstanding warrant against him. The warrant was originally issued and Irving banned from re-entering Austria after Irving denied the Holocaust in two 1989 speeches given there. Wikipedia provides us with a summary. On November 11th, 2005, Austrian police in the southern state of Styria, acting under a 1989 warrant, arrested Irving. Four days later, he was charged by state prosecutors with the speech crime of "trivialising the Holocaust". His application for bail was denied on the grounds that he would flee or repeat the offence. He remained in jail awaiting trial. On 20th February 2006 Irving pleaded guilty to the charge of "trivialising, grossly playing down and denying the Holocaust". As a tactical measure, Irving then pretended to recant his Revisionist views, but the prosecutor and the judge didn't buy it.

Both Irving, hoping to have the verdict overturned, and the Austrian prosecutor, calling for a longer sentence, served appeals on April 22nd, 2006. In September, the Austrian Supreme Court considered Irving's appeal but ultimately ruled against him. The appeal over the length of sentence was heard and concluded on December 20th. The court replaced two-thirds of Irving's jail sentence with probation. Since he had already served the balance of his sentence in jail, he was released from prison, and was deported to the United Kingdom. On 21 December 2006, Irving was technically "expelled" from Austria; he was banned from ever setting foot in that country again. Upon return to the United Kingdom, Irving reaffirmed his Revisionist views once again. Dr. David Duke posted reaction to Irving's release back in December 2006 HERE.

David Irving is currently on tour in the United States. Click HERE to find out his specific itinerary. On June 9th, he made a controversial appearance at the University of Oregon under the auspices of the Pacifica Forum, which specializes in bringing in controversial guests for thought-provoking discussion. Anti-racist protestors showed up but did not seriously disrupt the event. One Indymedia correspondent showed up and wrote a report on the experience, posted HERE.

While David Irving is not viewed by the white nationalist community with the same loyalty and affection accorded to Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf, his intellect is still respected. Irving is just as much a victim of the Holocaust as Zundel and Rudolf.


teacher.paris said...

I live in a country where access to David Irving is blocked. Is it possible someone could download the smaller version and email it to me.

Anonymous said...

"I live in a country where access to David Irving is blocked. Is it possible someone could download the smaller version and email it to me."

If you're in a country where revisionism is illegal Tor is a must. Tor allows you to anonymously read websites and download material. The connection between you and the sites you browse is encrypted and passed through multiple proxies. It slows things down but it's worth putting up with when you're trying to bypass censorship. Read the documentation carefully and test it before going to any sites that are illegal in your country. It can't anonymize FTP downloads, just HTTP downloads. If you don't know what that means research for yourself.

You can download Tor here.


It works best with Firefox. You should also install the Noscript extension to stop script exploits to get around Tor and avoid any streaming audio or video content, which requires that you enable extensions that can bypass Tor.