Thursday, June 12, 2008

National Socialist Movement Issues After-Action Report On Anti-Pridefest Rally In Milwaukee; Three Antifa Arrested For Throwing Urine-Filled Balloons

The National Socialist Movement has finally published an after-action report about the rally conducted on Saturday June 7th, 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin against the Pridefest event where homosexuals and their sympathizers "celebrate" being gay. A previous NSM press release explained the objectives of the rally. Severe weather in the area may have discouraged more people from joining them, but it didn't dampen the ardour of those who did show up.

Click HERE to view photos of the rally. NSM cadre were in plainclothes.

Two interesting developments. First, a lesbian approached the NSM activists and asked for guidance on how to overcome homosexuality. Second, the NSM acquired a new member as a result of the rally. Here's the NSM's report in its entirety:

Hail Comrades.

On Saturday, June 07th, 2008, the NSM WI Southeast Unit hosted a protest of the filthy festival known as Pridefest in downtown Milwaukee, WI. Pridefest has been known as the second largest gay and lesbian festival in the world, and this year was announced as THE largest. We wouldn’t miss this one for the world and to those who did, sucks to be you.

Comrades started to arrive from Illinois, Michigan and Missouri throughout Thursday and Friday. We had some good times making signs for the protest and good meals. We also had the ability to watch all the pre-event media coverage on WISN12 and TMJ4 where SSGT. Borremans of NSM Wisconsin gave some solid phone interviews. The coverage was fair and gave us some good publicity.

Saturday morning we were a little behind schedule with weather issues, but made it to downtown Milwaukee where we passed out leaflets against homosexuality on our way to the main gates of Summerfest for our protest.

The protest kicked off with a slew of queer ARA throwing glittered water balloons across the street, but even with how close they were to us, no one was hit. After the police arrested three of the scumbags, they were able to dismantle their “weapons of mass destruction” by popping the balloons.

The police also did a great job of taking their flags in which they were trying to break down to use the pipes against us. We had some interested locals come by where we were able to chat with and explain our stance to who were very receptive and went home thinking highly of the NSM.

SSGT. Borremans also conducted some other televised interviews which we enjoyed watching on the 10 P.M. news. We had a black preacher man come show his support of us on the moral position we were taking and did a fair interview with him where he admitted to having a problem with Israel and why we were REALLY in Iraq.

Probably the most interesting “visitor” of the day was a woman whom worked at Pridefest who came by to ask us how she could STOP being a lesbian. We can only have hope for this one to repent and change her ways. We passed the megaphone around and told these disgusting people exactly what we thought of them and their festival. We wrapped up around 3 P.M. and headed for the parking structure to take some group photos.

With rain and tornado warnings already under way, we came back to a local home where we watched the news, ordered pizza and knocked back plenty of brews. After a few hours of card games, we hit the hay about 1 A.M.

Here I sit on Sunday morning waiting to take the few out of towners to the bus station thinking how proud I am of the few and proud that had the guts to come out with us yesterday. While slightly disappointed in those who promised yet failed to show up, we had a new addition to the NSM Wisconsin family whose application is in route to state headquarters as we speak.

Again, I am truly proud of those who came from near and far to join us and make this event a huge success. Hope to see those who didn’t get off the fence for this one to make it out to Omaha over the Fourth of July weekend for the mass protest of a furniture company who hires illegals. With camping and concert afterwards, that’s even more incentive to get off your computers and DO something for your Race and Volk.

Hail Victory!

NSM WI Southeast Unit/ Events Coordinator for NSM WI

The only mainstream media coverage of the NSM rally I could find was a brief snippet published June 8th in the Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal and a brief report with video on WTMJ Channel 4. Three anti-racist protestors were arrested for throwing urine-filled balloons at the NSM contingent. A video report aired by WISN Channel 12 a couple of days before the event went into considerable detail about the NSM and was surprisingly objective and balanced, even including a snippet of a phone conversation with SSGT Borremans. Media coverage of the NSM rally was understandably limited by the sustained bout of severe weather encompassing southeastern Wisconsin at the time and which continues to plague the area even as of this post. Localized flooding is still occurring.

But the NSM is not resting on its laurels. Two more rallies are planned. On June 22nd, NSM activists in St. Louis plan to protest a Jewish film festival which, in the past, has apparently presented what might be considered "degenerate art". Then on July 5th, NSM activists will assemble in Omaha to protest the Thrift World store, which apparently is known to hire illegal aliens. This latter protest will be followed by a social event featuring a swastika lighting, fireworks, music, games, etc. As always, the NSM welcomes all white folks who wish to join them. This is also discussed on Stormfront.

This post offers an opportunity to address a couple of other NSM-related issues. In the April 2008 Washington DC After Action Report, Commander Jeff Schoep addressed the uniform change. The more militant all black uniforms with the NSM Patch on the left shoulder are intended for street activism. They are like military fatigues. The traditional NSM Brownshirt uniform is being retained, since it is part of the organization's heritage, but it will be like a military service dress uniform, but reserved for private Party functions and other internal events.

And finally, I've discovered the NSM's social networking site, Actually, I knew it existed, but for the longest time, it was not viewable by the public. Now it is viewable, including the New Saxon Forum, and I can recommend it as a worthy site. The forum is less censored than Stormfront, but not as raucous as VNN Forum.

It looks like the NSM is making a steady comeback from its "reorganization" earlier this year.

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