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More TNB In Milwaukee: Black Man Carjacks 84-Year-Old Norma Haddad, A White Woman Visiting From Toledo

Update: June 21st, 2008 - Norma Haddad's car found undamaged on June 10th. Other items missing. See details posted in green in the body of this post.

During the past two days, Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been taking a battering from Mother Nature. Heavy rain, strong winds, flash flooding - even reports of tornadic activity.

But Milwaukee is also taking a battering from TNB. Lone white boys get beaten up aboard buses by groups of black boys. Convenience stores get repeatedly raided by gangs of armed black youth. And now an 84-year-old white woman was carjacked by a black man on Thursday June 5th, 2008. Full story aired by WTMJ Channel 4 in Milwaukee.

Norma Haddad, 84, is from Toledo, Ohio. She visited Milwaukee for the annual Bead & Button show going on downtown this weekend. On Thursday night, there was a preview event at the Midwest Airlines Center. At the end of the event, Haddad drove away, but then got lost. That's when her ordeal began.

Near the intersection of Water and Wisconsin, she asked a man for directions. "He said drive, I'll show you and we'll be there in five minutes but a half hour later I was still driving around town," Haddad said. [Ed. Note: Water and Wisconsin is just two blocks north of I-794, in downtown. It's just south of the Negro district.]

Becoming suspicious forty-five minutes later, when they got near Washington Park at 42nd and W. Vliet Street, Haddad asked the man to get out of her car. He refused, then beat her and threw her out of the car, despite the fact that she fought back, kicking him between the legs. He then drove took off in her car. She ended up in the middle of the street, alone and injured. Fortunately, a Milwaukee woman and another man, Devin Drinks, who found Norma in the street became Good Samaritans and rendered assistance. The woman took Norma to her home and cared for her until police arrived. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel identifies the Good Samaritan as a white woman, Meg Skwierawski, who is married to Demond Richardson, a black man.[Ed. Note: 42nd and W. Vliet are in the southern part of the Negro district.]

Haddad is bruised, cut and battered, but happy to be alive. "You think that's the end right there. It's terrible that they do these things to people," Haddad said nearly crying. Haddad is also upset knowing the clothes on her back are all she has right now. "Everything is gone. My makeup is in my purse my money my travelers checks everything," Haddad added. The Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal reported that she had $1,000 in travelers checks, $500 in cash and a cell phone, and hundreds of dollars worth of multicolored beads stashed in the trunk.

The suspect is described as a black man in his 50's. He was wearing a blue shirt and black pants. He is driving Norma's metallic gold 1999 Chevy Malibu with tiger-striped front seat covers and with Ohio plates. [Ed. Note: I should have known - the tiger-striped seat covers must have aroused his simian instincts.]

Update: The Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal reports that on June 10th, a Milwaukee County sheriff’s detective on Tuesday recovered the stolen vehicle parked in the 3300 block of N. 25th St. The Ohio license plates had been removed, but Davis looked up the car’s vehicle identification number and noted that Haddad’s tiger-striped front seat covers were still in place. The car, which was undamaged, was turned over to Milwaukee police, who are investigating the case. No arrests have been made. However, the police who searched the car did not find her purse, which contained traveler’s checks, cash and a cell phone, or the hundreds of dollars’ worth of beads stashed in the trunk. But Mrs. Haddad is pleased that her vehicle has been recovered intact and expressed appreciation for the Milwaukee cops' help.

A Wisconsin blogger who edits the Freedom Eden blog also addressed this crime. Her issue is with the failure of the community to come forward with the necessary information to help solve these types of crimes plaguing Milwaukee. She cites another example, the tragic murder of four-year-old Jasmine Owens, who was murdered, caught in the crossfire, while she played outside a year ago in May 2007, decrying the fact that no one has come forward with information to solve the murder of this precious little girl. She cites the most difficult issue facing Milwaukee in terms of its crime problem is that it has a population of lawless thugs protected by their conscienceless family and friends.

But she fails to name the race of the thugs. They are predominantly BLACK. And this is the case in nearly every major American city with a sizable black population. It doesn't mean that all blacks are evil; such a statement is foolish and untrue. It just means that blacks are significantly more prone to violent crime than other races. Why is it that when blacks commit crimes, so many of them must brutally assault their victims as well? Through her reluctance to NAME THE RACE, Freedom Eden omits information important to the safety of people in Milwaukee, as well as visitors to the city. The lesson: If you're white, stay the hell out of black neighborhoods.

On the other hand, at least Freedom Eden cared enough about this 84-year-old lady to tell her story in the blogosphere. And Freedom Eden is not totally clueless; at least she supports John McCain rather than Barack Obama. But whites need to start explicitly recognizing that race is a problem, and that we are the targets.

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