Monday, June 09, 2008

Manitoba Child & Family Services Snatches Two Kids From Their Winnipeg Home Over "Neo-Nazi" Concerns, Launches Smear Campaign Against Father

The Manitoba Child & Family Services agency has seized two young children from a Winnipeg home based on concerns that their father, who is alleged to be a "neo-Nazi", was filling their heads and marking their bodies with messages of hate. And the government agency is now seeking a permanent order of guardianship based on ongoing concerns about the safety of the seven-year-old girl and two-year-old boy, even though no criminal charges have been filed against the parents. Full story originating with the Winnipeg Free Press, but also picked up by the National Post. Discussion thread on Stormfront.

A Court of Queen's Bench is hearing the case today, June 9th, 2008. According to a later article from the National Post, the case is now being continued until June 23rd so that the mother has adequate time to find her own lawyer. She has been sharing a lawyer with the father.

The province's child protection agency claims that "the children may be at risk due to the parents' behaviour and associates. The parents might endanger the emotional well-being of the children".

The case was opened in late March when school officials raised concerns about the little girl. Supposedly, the girl showed up one morning in class with writing on her body, including a swastika and a common white supremacist symbol "14/88". The number 14 refers to a slogan containing 14 words -"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children", while 88 represents the letters HH (the eighth in the alphabet) to mean "Heil Hitler."

Police confirmed the father was recently interviewed based on allegations he was involved in hate crimes involving children. Police had also questioned him regarding similar concerns in 2005. A search warrant was recently executed at the home, resulting in the seizure of a computer and other personal items. In addition, child protection officials are spreading innuendos about "concerns over parental drug and alcohol use in the home". This is typical non-specific BS designed to bias the population against the parents.

The mother of the children is also named in the CFS application as being unfit to parent, based on her relationship with her husband. He is the biological father of the young boy and the stepfather of the girl.

Commentary: The lack of any criminal charges makes this entire case suspect. Perhaps the little girl decided to draw on herself in emulation of her father. Perhaps he has tattoos, and she wanted to make some of her own. There has been no evidence presented that shows that the kids were actually abused. Also note how Manitoba CFS plants innuendos about "drugs" and "drinking" to discourage due process and dampen the presumption of innocence.

So, just like Texas CPS arbitrarily decided that a polygamous environment was inherently dangerous to children by its very nature, the Manitoba CFS has arbitrarily decided that a racialist environment is also inherently "dangerous". As one poster on Stormfront stated, pretty soon only homosexuals will have the right to raise kids without government oversight.

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