Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hooliganism Disguised As "White Nationalism": Billings, Montana Plagued By An Epidemic Of "White Supremacist-Related" Vandalism

The last "respectable" forms of bigotry in the United States are bigotry against Mormonism, which resurfaced during Mitt Romney's campaign, and bigotry against white nationalism, which has actually intensified in recent years. One of the leading causes of bigotry against white nationalism is perpetrated by thugs who use white nationalism as nothing more than protective cover for personal hooliganism.

On June 10th, 2008, the Billings Gazette and KPAX-TV reported that a recent outbreak of white-supremacist-related vandalism in Billings has prompted the Billings Police Department to ask for the public's help in its investigation. "We need to turn the community onto this," Police Chief Rich St. John said. "We want people to be vigilant and watch out for it."

Pictured above left, Curtis Allgier, a notorious Utah hooligan masquerading as a white nationalist.

At least three local restaurants have been vandalized during the past several weeks. At each one, swastikas and messages such as "scum out" and "white power" were painted on the businesses. The restaurants vandalized were Papa Eddie's Grill, Mamacita's Café, Golden Phoenix, and Mongolian Grill. All four restaurants are minority-owned. Papa Eddie's has been targeted twice; the latest, on June 4th, when vandals threw a brick painted with white-supremacist messages through a window at Papa Eddie's for the second time in a week. St. John said white-supremacist graffiti has also been painted on the Rimrocks off of Black Otter Trail. A large Nazi flag and about 100 feet of additional graffiti, including racist comments, have been painted on the sandstone.

Update: Comments posted to a June 25th article in the Billings Gazette reveal that the owner of Papa Eddie's is a registered sex offender. This may explain why this restaurant has been more frequently targeted (although it still doesn't justify vandalism).

No arrests have been made, and police are investigating the incidents. Anyone with information on the vandalism is encouraged to contact the Billings Police Department at 657-8460.

On June 4th, the Billings Gazette also reported that the Shepherd Ah Nei OHV area, where people go to ride ATVs and other off-road motorized vehicles, was vandalized. It appears there was no racial connection to this act.

In February, the Billings Gazette reported that the Congregation Beth Aaron Synagogue was vandalized when someone threw pudding at it.

And in December 2007, the Voice Of Deseret blog reported than an LDS chapel in Billings was vandalized, resulting in $20,000 damage.

Commentary: The possibility of a relationship between all these incidents has not been discussed. However, the fact that no one has been apprehended implies the possibility of a common relationship. It is noteworthy that the Billings Gazette holds judgmentalism to a minimum, describing the graffitti as "white supremacist-related" rather than white supremacist. This implies they recognize that ordinary thugs use pro-white symbology not out of honest conviction, but simply to titillate and outrage.

Most likely, the perpetrators are not committed white racial activists, but thugs who are using white nationalism as nothing more than protective cover for personal hooliganism. People like this bring discredit upon the white nationalist movement, perpetuate and promote negative biases and stereotypes against white nationalism, and encourage the authorities to consider more restrictive and invasive measures designed to inhibit the legal and constitutional advocacy of white nationalism. In addition, such actions sow terror within a community, and make the white community more resistant to the message of white nationalism.

Two much more constructive ways to spread the white nationalist message are offered by the Keystone State Skinheads, whose activities are discussed in an entire Stormfront sub-forum, and through the political candidacy of John Ubele. These are much better examples to follow. In addition, back in March, American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) activists in Portland, Oregon came up with a bold and innovative way to display the swastika, attaching it to a hot-air balloon and flying it over the city. No property was damaged as a result.

The white nationalist community will remain marginalized until we consistently expose and renounce hooliganism committed in our name and nurtured within our ranks.

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