Sunday, June 08, 2008

Exposing Anti-White Racism: Another Vanguard News Network Video Tribute To The Victims Of Black-On-White Crime

Because America's political plutocracy tends to minimize and even cover up the prevalence of black-on-white crime in the United States, there can never be too much information put out to expose this hypocrisy and to correct the public record. These crimes are commonly referred to as "hush crimes" because the establishment wants to hush up the racial identities of the perpetrators.

The video embedded below is yet another attempt to publicly expose this problem and ensure the victims are not forgotten. It was produced by a VNN Forum member who posts as "Littlemissevil". She claims it is her first attempt at producing a YouTube video, although the professionalism of the product makes it appear she has much more experience. VNN discussion thread HERE.

Another example of the minimization of black-on-white crime, as well as overall black crime in general, is the category of "serial killers". Apologists for the existing system as well as white anti-racist activists are fond of reminding us about "white serial killers". They ignore the existence of black serial killers. A list of black serial killers is provided on this blog to correct that deficiency.

Some people prefer attacking the symptoms. They do so by advocating that all trans-racial crimes be equally treated as "hate crimes". On the surface, this appears fair and equitable. Unfortunately, this approach results in an even more complex and Byzantine criminal code, not to mention the risk of trying people for their politics instead of for their actions. It's like applying a band-aid to a sucking chest wound.

But others, such as many of us who are part of the Vanguard News Network, want to bypass the symptoms and address the disease directly. The disease - coerced integration. Forcible integration has destabilized and endangered countless neighborhoods and cities nationwide. It has corrupted public education, causing untold resources to be diverted from creating new generations of intelligent, employable citizens to security measures designed to keep the different races from waging all out war against one another, such as what takes place in many of our nation's public schools. And it has also resulted in the creation of a non-productive, resource-hogging parasitical civil rights bureaucracy which inflicts further bureaucratic misery upon us. This encourages corporations to deliberately pass up qualified whites to hire less-qualified minorities in order to preempt civil rights litigation, since the civil rights bureaucracies, employing the Marxist principle of the presumption of guilt, interpret the absence of "sufficient" color from a corporation as proof of "racism".

Although Bureau of Justice statistics continue to show that most murder is intra-racial, they also show a racial disparity in trans-racial murder. From 1976 to 2005, while 94 percent of black victims were killed by blacks, only 86 percent of white victims were killed by whites. These same statistics clearly show that blacks continue to be much more prone to commit murder than whites.

The Jewish slave traders who brought African slaves to America sowed the wind, and now we are reaping the whirlwind.

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