Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dozens Of Black Students At Uniondale, New York High School Stage Massive Smash-And-Grab Guerrilla Raid On Local Convenience Store

While this story is a bit old, the surveillance video just released shows a dramatic outbreak of TNB in Uniondale, New York. On June 10th, 2008, a number of Long Island schools, including Uniondale High School, secured from classes around 12:30 P.M. because 90 degree temperatures created sweltering conditions in the classrooms. An estimated 20-30 Uniondale High School students celebrated their early departure from school by entering at convenience store located at 566 Jerusalem Ave. at around 1:30 P.M., knocking over a display, pushing items off shelves, shoplifting copious quantities of candy & beverages, and throwing a 2-liter soda bottle through a plate-glass window. The window alone was worth $1,500. The students fled before police arrived. Initial story reported June 11th, 2008 by Newsday.

Hat tip to Stormfront for tipping me off to this video. And here's the video, uploaded to LiveLeak:

However, there is some good news. On June 28th, WCBS Channel 2 in New York City reports that three of the teenagers involved have been caught and are being charged with riot and petty larceny.

Here's the demographic breakdown of the student population from Uniondale High School for the school year just completed. Information from

Total 1,651 students:

Negro - 1,272 (77 percent)
Hispanic - 325
White - 35
Asian - 14
American Indian - 5

There's your answer - it's a Negro school. To find out the demographic breakdown of any other high school, middle school, or elementary school nationwide, visit the Home Page of, select the state of interest, then select city and school as directed.

The overall demographic breakdown for Uniondale as a whole, based on statistics (2000 census) shows the top three races are Negro at 55.5 percent, Hispanic at 22.9 percent, and White at 17.6 percent. But with an average home price of over $322,000, I wonder how so many Negroes can afford to live there. Unless most of them are renting.

Of course, no amount of "justice" will remove the feelings of apprehension and terror that the convenience store clerk will now feel whenever he or she sees groups of Negroes. The clerk has now experienced group TNB up close and personal. The clerk is probably lucky not to have been assaulted or killed.

This clerk has now seen the DARK side of diversity.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess you are a racist!!! Can't see beyond the color of skin! So your logic is because the school is a negro school, they went on that rampage. So therefore, Columbine happened because the students were white?

Moral0verMind said... ignorant are you? Its sad that you think you are better than a certain group of people just because the color of their skin, when you yourself are posting something negative and naive like this..that makes you just as bad or worst. And for you to wonder why so many "negros" can afford to live in a place like is beyond me...Its called WORKING. You need to educate yourself and get out into the world more. Im sorry for whatever event happened in your life to make you believe that black people are "bad" or whatever you thing, but you really need to learn some things.
PS. You really made yourself look like an a**

Anonymous said...

i would much rather bust up a 7-11 than walk the hallways of my school shooting my classmates and teachers. white people suck and UR MAD that ur dick is the length of a thumbtack

Anonymous said...

thats actually my skool and they jus did that 2 make a sene and hae fun .. even tho it was ignorant .. u racist cracker can duck dat dick

Anonymous said...

You know what, I graduated from Uniondale High School and I am very much proud to say that i attended such an amazing school. How about you go check your facts again and you'll see that despite the ignorant "negros" as your say that attend our school, we're also considered one of the top minority schools academically in new york, having students whom after graduation attend schools like Duke Unniversity, Columbia, Cornell, Notre Dame, etc. and alot of them being awarded scholarships. Thats right it's those same people who walk the corridors of those fine schools alongside your children and people of your kind, isn't it great. And you wondered how it's possible for black people to afford homes in long island, ill be glad to answer that one for you too. Because unlike you white people, black and hispanics know what the true meaning of the word WORK means. We know how it feels to get down on our hands and knees to work for what we have. We don't wait for mommy and daddy to pass down the money- no we go out and do what ever it takes to put food on the table. And you now what, we dont complain about it either. You know why you people hate us so much- it's becuase you envy us. You envy our attitude and how now matter how hard you people try to break us, we only get stronger. All you white people are plain- simple. Your women- trash. They don't know what it means to be a woman and how to take care of their men and their families. And even the ones who try, cant do it. Your children- drug addicts. And the funny thing is that everyday i see more and more white kids trying to fit into our world, i'm sure it infuriates you, doesn't it? And the men- serial killers, rapest, child molesters. How about you go and make a website about all the white people who bring this country down. GO look at the demographics of the people in jail. As a matter of fact, once you're finished with that go further and research how most white people make it into those prisons. Then go look at the drug abuse statistics according to age, race and location and please, let us know what you find. THEN, go look at the suicidal rates and you'll find white women are up there. You want to know why- BECAUSE THEY'RE WEAK. YOU ALL ARE.NONE OF YOU WOULD LAST A DAY IN OUR SHOES. YOU'D ALL JUST BREAK. Which is why you make websites like these to comfort yourself, but you know what it's okay. This only gives us more strength, becuase if you havn't noticed, OUR PRESIDENT IS BLACK. NOW AIN'T THAT A BITCH!

Dominique Ryder said...

Your completely racist, If it had been a bunch of white people committing the same act, no one would have gotten arrested and you would not be reporting this right now. So Go to Hell

Anonymous said...

ahh man i really didnt know that there was such an epedemic, where minorities period, on long island at that, could not rent, but actually own their homes over $330,000. hmmmm what a mystery!!C'on seriously either u are really racist or really dumb and uneducated to the reality of todays society really dumb or maybe all the above becuz they all seem to go hand and hand

what a fucking clown!

Anonymous said...

Wow who ever you are, I feel sorry for you. Shows how ignorant you are. I went to Uniondale High School. Just because majority of the school is "African American" does not mean a thing. And the little riot that took place at this 711 does not mean that all black people are bad. And if blacks are so bad, how come your president is black. And I betyou probably have ten items in your home mad by a black person. Jerk. I'm gonna pray for you.

Anonymous said...

I went graduated from uhs and I recently came back to long island and let me say that town has gone to shit. I'm so happy I left that town I wouldn't even drive through it to visit family. Sorry to say but race does play a big part. How come you can never have a party without someone being shot or beaten. I lived in a white town on the west coast and here back on long island and not once did I fear for my safety. Even when I lived in uniondale I always had to look over my shoulder. Its sad to see that people saying they did it for fun. I don't blame the kids I blame the parents. Those kids will never contribute to society. They should be put down just like the animals they are. And before anyone says oh this person is white I myself am a minority. I lived there for a good part of my life and I seen how they have ruined that town.

Anonymous said...

Blacks love to beat on whitey. Black men like to rob and rape whites.