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Canadian White Nationalist Ciaran Paul Donnelly The Latest Victim Of Professional Human Rights Gadfly Richard Warman

On June 12th, 2008, the Vancouver Sun reports that Canada's professional human rights gadfly Richard Warman has settled his federal human rights complaint about Internet hate posted by Ciaran Paul Donnelly (pictured above left), a resident of Coquitlam, British Columbia. More background information is posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum. The anti-racist website One People's Project is rhapsodizing about this development.

Terms of Settlement:

- Donnelly has agreed to permanently close his account on Stormfront, and to request that his earlier postings be deleted.

- Donnelly has also agreed to pay $1,000 in damages for making veiled threats against Mr. Warman and posting a picture of a sign reading, "The Church of Dead Warman."

- Additional terms of the settlement, which prohibit Mr. Donnelly from posting further hate propaganda on the Internet or engaging in additional retaliation against Mr. Warman, will be registered with the Federal Court.

Donnelly, who posted his messages under the username "Der Totenkopf," is a well-known figure in the Canadian neo-Nazi movement. He was a leading member of Western Canada For Us, a now-defunct Alberta-based neo-Nazi group that included Glen Bahr and Peter Kouba, against whom Mr. Warman has filed successful human rights complaints for Internet hate.

Another member was Mr. Donnelly's sometimes girlfriend, Jessica Beaumont of Calgary, known as "Jessy Destruction" on Stormfront. She was the subject of another successful complaint by Mr. Warman, who has had 10 complaints about Internet hatred upheld by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in recent years. More background information on this case posted on Stormfront.

Warman will donate most of the settlement money to a memorial education fund for the children of Kelly Morrisseau, a dysfunctional Aboriginal woman whose 2006 murder in Gatineau Park remains unsolved. The rest will go to the Canadian Anti-Racism and Education Society (CAERS), an anti-racism organization that tracks and monitors hate crime.

But Warman has more one victim ensnared. His complaint against the Northern Alliance and its leader, Jason Ouwendyk is expected to be heard in August. This case also discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

In an interview, Warman bragged about the success of his seven-year persecution campaign against Canadian white nationalists and other Canadian patriots. "The agenda was always to get the message out and to sideline a generation of leadership of the neo-Nazi movement," he said. "I think the case law so far has developed that I've accomplished what I originally set out to do." And he's trolling for even more victims. "I won't ride off into the sunset just yet", Warman concluded. Warman exclusively targets white "racists"; I've never known him to target racists of any other race.

Richard Warman is still pursuing a suit against five Canadian bloggers, first discussed in April on the Voice Of Deseret blog. Click HERE to read the 23-page suit in PDF format. The most recent update I can find was posted May 23rd on Ezra Levant's blog. Here's a snippet:

Connie and Mark Fournier of Free Dominion have now filed their Statement of Defence against Richard Warman's defamation suit. You can see a copy of that defence here.

As readers will recall, Warman, the former Canadian Human Rights Commission "hate speech" investigator, has sued the Fourniers, as well as Kate McMillan of
Small Dead Animals, Kathy Shaidle of Five Feet of Fury, the National Post and its editor Jonathan Kay, and me for our criticims of his tactics, especially his habit of posting bigoted comments online, posing as a neo-Nazi. You can see Warman's lawsuit here, and my analysis of it here. The National Post and Kay have already filed their defence, which I posted and discussed here.

The Free Dominion defence is a fascinating read. It's obviously a document written for the court of law, but it's also a powerful weapon in the court of public opinion. It's quite readable -- not too leaden with legalese -- and it tells a hell of a story. As I predicted when Warman first sued us, we might well be the nominal defendants in this case, but it's Warman who's really going to be on trial.

The truth about Richard Warman and his misuse of the human rights tribunal process as a political weapon against his adversaries can be found HERE.

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