Monday, June 16, 2008

AWB Leader Eugene Terre'Blanche Revives Campaign For A White Afrikaner Homeland In South Africa, May Press His Case At The U.N.

Four years after serving a jail sentence for assaulting a black worker, Eugene Terre'Blanche, leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), seemingly has lost none of his old fire, railing against the communist-inspired African National Congress (ANC) government, Muslims, Catholics and whites who sold out the “volk” at a protest rally in the wintry town of Vryheid in KwaZulu-Natal this week. Full story published June 14th, 2008 in The Times of South Africa. Also reported by The Thought Leader also provides an interesting analysis of this development.

Addressing a meeting of about 200 people at the Vryheid Agricultural Union on Thursday night (June 12th), Terre'Blanche whipped up emotions as he spoke about his campaign to go to the UN and the International Court of Justice in The Hague in a bid to secure an Afrikaner homeland.

He said Afrikaners were being robbed of their cultural, political, historical and religious identity by the ANC government. Political parties, he said, had sold out “die volk”, leaving Afrikaners with only the options of prayer, self-defence and an international campaign to secure their right to self-determination if they were to survive.

But although Terre'Blanche’s rhetoric has not lost its bite, there was no sign of his former Ystergarde bodyguards or the flags, masses of screaming supporters and, importantly, the trusty steed Attila, all of which used to accompany his appearances. His arrival was low-key, greeted with a smattering of applause as he walked into the hall and mounted the podium, which was set up in front of a livestock scale and draped with a red, white and blue Afrikaner republic flag. Organiser Danie Roberts called on the audience to donate to Terre Blanche’s travelling costs. The resurgence of the AWB is documented in this previous post.

Describing ANC president Jacob Zuma as a “clown”, Terre'Blanche said Zuma’s song to “bring him his machine gun” was not for purposes of “a hunting expedition or shooting dogs”, but to “kill you”. “Who do you think the machine gun is going to shoot?” he asked. “You.”

Terre'Blanche said he had addressed similar meetings across South Africa in a bid to gain support for the drive for a free Afrikaner republic. “We gave blacks their homelands, why don’t the ANC do the same for us?", asked Terre'Blanche.

The Afrikaners, he said, were the descendants of white settlers “chosen by God to bring the white light to the darkness of Africa”. He added that he would also be mobilising farmers and others to fight against scheduled land reform legislation, which was aimed at “driving white people off the land”.

The latter issue is of grave concern to white South Africans. According to a recent post on the South Africa Sucks blog, the ANC-regime has incorporated all of the country's agricultural land-sites into border-to-border municipalities to gain control over all the agricultural land- and water-use rights, and also to force the country's (few) remaining commercial farmers to pay extra taxes even if these municipalities give them no services in return at all. It is SAS opinion that all agricultural land is South Africa is now vulnerable to this threat.

The Times article seems a bit snarky in its attitude towards Terre'Blanche throughout. They seem to view him as a cartoon character, and attempt to minimize his impact. A May 31st article in the U.K. Telegraph, itself no friend of the AWB, paints a more realistic and optimistic portrait of the AWB and Terre'Blanche. The Telegraph states that since the AWB's relaunch in March, it has been drawing crowds to its rallies, motivated by Mr Terre'Blanche's claims that an ANC-led government is turning a blind eye to the murder of white farmers, is seizing their land for redistribution and is presiding over the destruction of the Afrikaans language and culture. And it is a message that has acquired a new resonance among younger Afrikaners, who are fed up with violent crime, corruption and power shortages and are bitter at "positive discrimination" laws.

Terre'Blanche's concerns are entirely justified. He looks north to Zimbabwe, and sees a similar future for whites in South Africa. The slowly escalating land expropriations in South Africa do not bode well for the future. And considering the failure of the West to intervene on behalf of whites in Zimbabwe, it is unreasonable to believe that the West would intervene on behalf of whites in South Africa, particularly if America elects Barack Obama as President.

Of course, if the reverse were to happen and the AWB were to seize control of South Africa, NATO and OAU would be launching an invasion in short order.

Appealing to the U.N. or The Hague? Remember what happened to the last white nationalist leader in the hands of The Hague? Slobodan Milosevic? He was snuffed (no way his death was natural, any more than David Lane's death was "natural").


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

You're absolutely right ... if the whites were to make a united stand , I believe the west would speedily seek to destroy them . But all this time they suffer and are decimated ... we can't be bothered by their cries for help . It's criminal indifference at best .

There is much blood guilt that will be required for this shameful policy and actions . I believe quite a few of our people here would raise hell if they only knew the truth .

But lest we think that we'll be able to continue on our merry , multicultural way ... this is a foreshadowing of what will envelope our land . It's already a daily occurance but will increase in severity and frequency . Only the brain dead liberal can fail to see it coming .

I do hope Terre' Blanche is genuine . At one point he professed belief in Christ and his convictions dictated the groups actions .
And he understood the difference between the Christian God and the god of the jews ... for they are NOT the same .

Anonymous said...

it is really annoying that this idiot Eugene Terreblanche is in Africa fighting against Africans,being racist to the people who own the land.
Africa belongs to African people and Africans are all blacks originally.
so if you don't like black people and the multiculturalism in S/A, then fuck back to Europe where your ancestors are originally from.
i can't dream of blacks in uk, italy,portugal,Germany even in USA where they were forced to in millions fighting for their own black nation , so why the silly dream of a boer nation. and i bet you, it will never come through because it is built on racism, white supremacy, and inequality. it's unfortunate this is not happening in my own country, they (silly boers) would have been wiped out from the face of the earth

Anonymous said...

I think it is annoying that stupid retards like you come onto this website and insult Eugene I think its more like we'll wipe you off the earth if you fuck with us so go back to your little pissy life style as the nothing you are and keep your mouth off our movement. You have no idea how it is here so FUCK OFF wanker.