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Vanguard News Network Activist In Georgia Needs Financial Help To Appeal An Unjust Probate Ruling By Biased Judge

A Vanguard News Network activist in Georgia, who posts on VNN Forum under the name of Signal, is currently being victimized in a probate case by a judge who may be biased against him because she learned of his pro-white activism. The case has apparently dragged on for about a year and a half.

At the core of the dispute is the house Signal lives in. His mother verbally agreed to leave it to him before her death, and followed it up with corroborative documentation prior to the event. He has been paying the mortgage on the house. Upon his mother's date, he became the administrator of his mother's estate. However, his tow half-siblings, who were already separately provided for in the estate, want to steal the house from Signal. To facilitate their design, they arranged to have Signal removed as administrator through some unspecified chicanery. Signal's lawyer basically took his money and walked out on him. The judge is refusing to forward the case to Superior Court as prescribed by Georgia law, but insists on adjudicating the case herself. So not only does Signal face the loss of his home, but the legal battles have drained his financial resources.

Another VNN activist, who posts under the name of OTPTT, has taken up the cause. He first informed us of this case on this VNN Forum thread on May 15th, 2008. Here's his opening post:

Many of you here know our friend Signal. I met Signal before the first Knoxville rally when he volunteered to drive me and anyone else wanting a ride from Atlanta to Knoxville for the first rally. Signal and I met ToddInFla in Chattanooga and had breakfast. Then the three of use met up with Yankee Jim, Hal, and several others before the rally at Yankee Jim and Hal's hotel and subsequently had more coffee.

Signal has been the victim of a corrupt and drawn out probate proceeding for about a year and a half. I've been helping when since November with the writing of various pleadings and making sure facts and evidence are entered into the record of the probate court.

Signal had a (cunt, bitch) lawyer who did absolutely nothing for him, bailed in the middle of the case, stole $500 from him after he had paid her $1200, and left him high, dry, and in a worst place than had he not had a lawyer.

Signal was removed as administrator of his mother's estate because of lies from his half-siblings who want his portion of the estate. They have physically battered him, threatened him and at one point he had two of his sibling arrested and jailed.

Signal has a written document from his mother stating that the home and property he's living in is his and he has in fact been paying the mortgage up to this point. The half siblings agree that the document is valid and have testified to that fact in court. No contest there.

As administrator of his mother's estate his half sister canceled the registration on his car causing him to have to rent a car to get to work. Because of his having to pay for a rental car when he should have had the use of his own automobile there came a point where he could no longer rent a car and pay the mortgage too. He lost his job but has done everything he can do to earn morning to pay his bills and fight this probate matter.

Signal is a good man. He works hard and has never bemoaned his situation. I have done everything I know to do in terms of establishing an administrative record for an appeal of the probate courts adverse ruling against him which is contrary to clear and overwhelming facts.

He had a lawyer but she fucked him and good as I stated above. Signal needs a lawyer to step in and work on his behalf so that he can keep his home and property that is rightfully his.

I am asking all that will to contribute to a legal fund which will go to retain a reputable lawyer to fight on behalf of Signal so that he doesn't lose his home which he's been paying the mortgage on for years. The other siblings have their property but only his is being put in the community chest to be distributed. It simply isn't right and I suspect that there is something going on behind the scenes to see that he loses his home and is made homeless.

I am also asking General Lee if he knows of any probate or general lawyers in the Atlanta area that can help Signal in his time of need. If anyone else knows of a lawyer that can help PM me or Signal.

In the meantime I will work to find an Atlanta lawyer that can work on Signal's case and hopefully justice can be done in this situation. I did the same for Alex after his arrest in Knoxville and worked with him until he retained counsel in that matter.

I spoke with Signal last night when I was traveling back from Knoxville and he told me of the developments in his case. He filed a notice of appeal in the probate case which will allow for time to find a lawyer that won't screw him over again.

I will contribute the first $100 and am asking everyone that can to contribute whatever he or she can to help a very deserving White man keep his home and property. Send whatever you can send to P.O. Box 8062, Mobile, Alabama 36689. I will make a post in this thread detail and document each and every penny received and see that it all goes for a competent lawyer for Signal. What monies that aren't used will be divided by the number of contributors and total amount received and that sum sent to each man or woman that sent Signal money for legal counsel.

If there are any questions or if there is some problem with my approach then let me know. However, time is of the essence and a lawyer must be retained as soon as is possible.

Thanks in advance.

By the way, I didn't ask Signal before making this post and he wouldn't have asked himself but I've seen his effort and hard work. I've also seen the evidence he has and it's overwhelming. He just needs a lawyer that won't fuck him over so that the court will take him seriously.

And later on in this thread, Signal posted his response, clarifying the situation further:

Thanks for the gesture OTPTT.

For a little background on what’s going on here, the incompetent attorney is not the root of my problem. The attorney did breach our contract immediately after signing the employment agreement by contracting to file an appeal in one court and then the next day filing a Motion for Retrial in the original court. She then went on with two months of ineffective assistance of counsel (refusing to return phone calls, evading messages left at her office and neglecting to address additional matters that arose after she took on the case) and abandoned the case in mid February then waited two weeks to actually withdraw from the case the day after a hearing date was set. I believe OTPTT may be correct in his assumption that she may be a drug addict. I can sue her at a later date, but the recovery would probably be minimal.

My actual problem lies with a rogue jew judge in the probate court. This judge heard the original case back in November of last year. I personally believe that she is biased against me due to one of the supposed “witnesses” for the opposing party bringing up my former membership in the KKK, which was completely unrelated to the issues at hand.

In her conclusions of law contained in the order this judge made statements that had nothing to do with any testimony or evidence submitted, stating that I had lived in a home contained within the estate for over a year (my home for the past twenty years) without paying the mortgage. At no point during the hearing and nowhere in any of the testimony or evidence submitted did anyone say that I had lived in the house for over a year without paying the mortgage this jew dreamed that up on her own. And apparently $10,000 in canceled checks paid by me directly to the mortgage company (and later submitted to the court along with a Motion to Set Aside Judgment) does not constitute evidence in this judge’s court. In actuality, it is my sister, whom this judge appointed as sole administrator, who has resided on a piece of land which is held under the same mortgage which I pay, who has been living on the estate for over a year without paying anything to the estate or the mortgage company, but this judge doesn’t seem to care about truth, facts or the law. A simple review of the account of the estate would show who paid what, but this judge refuses to order an accounting.

Additionally the judge made decisions in her conclusions of law in which she attempted to determine title to property. The home in which I live belongs to me under a longstanding verbal contract between my self and my deceased mother and there are existing documents which evidence this agreement. This type of agreement is enforceable in this State and the probate court has no jurisdiction to determine title to property, that jurisdiction lies in the Superior Court. By deciding this matter for herself rather than transferring the case to the higher court the judge issued an order which is “void on it’s face” due to lack of jurisdiction over subject matter. What she should have done was transfer the case to Superior Court so that it could be determined wether the property actually belongs in the estate, which legally, it doesn’t. I suppose she decided that since I didn’t have an attorney she could do whatever the fuck she wanted.

At one point during the second hearing as I tried to submit written documents proving false testimony by the opposing party, this bitch actually sat on the bench, rolled her eyes and said “it doesn’t matter if their testimony was false”. Since when does perjury not matter in a court of law? There’s no doubt she is biased against me. [Ed. Note: This sounds a lot like those "Holocaust denial" cases in Germany, where the judge will say "Truth is no defense".]

I could go on all day about various aspects of this case in which the judge violated right to due process, showed undue bias and neglected to diligently review the case, etc.

At this point what I need an attorney for is to have these orders declared void by a higher court and have a county administrator appointed to oversee the settlement of the estate and possibly to file an action for specific performance of a contract, in order to have my property released from the estate.

I have been in contact with the court’s law clerk over the past few days and sent to him case law and sections of the
Georgia Constitution which show the judge was in error, and he has practically admitted such, but I don’t have a lot of faith that the judge will do the right thing and revise her order to conform with truth and law, which is supposedly the duty of the court. She knows she was in the wrong but it seems she doesn’t want to admit her mistakes. I’m also looking into a complaint against her with the Judicial Conduct Commission, which I’ll probably be filing next week. Her bias and negligence has so far cost me around $13,000 in attorneys fees to the opposing party on top of about $18,000 spent securing “assets” of the estate.

Again, Tony, your gesture is much appreciated as are those of you who have offered to help in this situation. Also as Tony mentioned, if any of our resident attorneys here at VNN could offer any advice on this subject, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

I might also add that even advice from paralegals would be helpful, particularly if experienced in probate law. While paralegals cannot function as full-blown attorneys in court, they can be present as judicial advisers to give continuous guidance to a person arguing a case before a court. Legal professionals interested in providing assistance to Signal should register on VNN Forum and make their intentions known either by posting on the thread or by sending a private message to either OTPTT or Signal.

While I've never personally met OTPTT, I have followed his activism on VNN Forum for about two years now. He was an instrumental player at the May 26th, 2007 Knoxville Rally for Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. You can read about his activism HERE. Consequently, I will vouch for the man's personal integrity sight unseen; you can trust him. He also wouldn't be helping out Signal if Signal wasn't on the level.

We raised over $4,000 for the Chester Doles Truck Fund. Surely we can step up to the plate and raise some money to help Signal out. There ain't no NAACP or La Raza to help Signal out, since he's a white man, so we need to do it ourselves. Keep the spirit of Yankee Jim alive; send whatever amount of money you can spare to:

Tony Boone
P.O. Box 8062
Mobile, Alabama 36689

Preferred form of payment is a postal money order, with the payee side left blank. You can also send cash, but cash can easily get stolen.

Update: From the VNN Forum thread, as of May 24th, 2008, fund total now $360. In addition, OTPTT posts the following new development:

Signal just called me and notified me that he had found a list of contributors to the campaign of the judge who heard the probate case of his late mother's estate. A contribution was made by the lawyer for his half-siblings in the amount of $500 on February 14, 2008. The case itself was being heard before this very judge during this very time. The judge should have recused herself due to the obvious conflict of interest and general ethical considerations! [Ed. Note: More information about the contribution in question can be found HERE, on page 6, second name listed.]

This explains why none of the factual evidence was heard and in fact ignored by the court (judge) when presented by Signal. It may or may not explain why his own lawyer bailed on him having done nothing at all and then stealing $500 from him to boot.

This judge not only should be thrown off the case, but if this is true, should be facing criminal charges.

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