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Update On The Campaign Of The Nationalist Coalition's John Ubele, Pro-White Candidate For Florida House District 46

Back in September 2007, I first introduced you to the candidacy of John Ubele (pictured at left), who's running for the District 46 seat in Florida's House of Representatives. Ubele is the Operations Manager for the Nationalist Coalition, and so is unmistakeably a pro-white candidate. Thus his candidacy is just as important to America's greater white comuunity as it is to those living within the boundaries of HD 46.

However, Florida electoral deadlines are fast approaching, and we want to make sure Ubele's candidacy is not forgotten. June 16th is the filing deadline for any other candidates. If no one else files for this seat, none of the three candidates in this race will face primary opposition on August 26th, and so they will have a clean shot through November 4th.

John Ubele is running as "NPA", or "No Party Affiliation", which is an officially recognized category in Florida. This is his second try at elective office, having run unsuccessfully for a Pasco Mosquito Control Board seat (and having visited Florida myself, I can personally attest that this is a MUCH MORE IMPORTANT OFFICE than appears at first glance). Access his official campaign website HERE. Ubele's campaign finance page reveals that he's received only $910.31 to date; all from individuals, no PACs or special interests. However, Ubele is opposed by two other candidates, each representing the establishment parties.

Representing the Republicans is incumbent John Legg. Legg is more than just a Representative; he's also the Deputy Majority Whip of the Florida House, and is the Vice-Chair of the K-12 Committee. Thus he wields more power than the average Representative, which he can bring to bear during the campaign and use it to project an artificially-inflated value of his candidacy. Access his official House website HERE. Legg has his own page on the VoteSmart website; an examination of the various contents indicates a solid conservative rating from pro-business and pro-family groups. Legg's campaign finance page reveals that of this post, he's raised $36,500, much of it from PACs and other special interest groups. Consequently, it appears John Legg is the officially anointed and approved candidate.

Legg also appears to be a kool-aid drinking acolyte of Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain, as shown by his membership on a Family Issues Steering Committee. Since he joined that committee back in January 2008, long before the Republican nomination was decided, this implies genuine conviction rather than an eleventh-hour conversion merely for political convenience.

Representing the Democrats is Ronald Rice. Since he just jumped into the race on April 18th, he has no official campaign website and no campaign finance history posted yet. However, a May 2nd Tampa Tribune article provides some insight. Rice is a field supervisor in the engineering/land survey department of the city of Clearwater and has worked for the city for over seven years. He is also an active member of the Communication Workers of America Local 3179 (which means that if he can at least walk and chew gum simultaneously, he'll lock up the union vote). If elected, Rice intends to focus on reforming Florida's tax system, developing an educational plan for a 21st-century economy, and resolving the homeowners' insurance crisis. An ethics complaint filed by Rice against another politician in November 2007 implies that Rice will place ethics on his campaign menu as well; after all, Coconut Road is not exactly a continent away from New Port Richey.

So John Ubele is faced with two challengers; an establishment-funded cash-flush Republican incumbent who's pro-business, pro-family, and has more than average legislative stroke, and a Democrat aspirant who will be pro-labor and pro-ethics. Ubele's response; a strong, practical, and coherent platform designed to promote American sovereignty, reduce government waste, and protect individual liberty. From his platform page, the following:

Real Limited Government
• Drastically limit the scope and power of government, cut spending, pay off debt, protect States’ rights
• Remove regulatory, paperwork and tax impediments to business and free enterprise
• Eliminate unnecessary and intrusive agencies that waste money and violate citizens’ rights
• Replace self-perpetuating, counter-productive government social programs with private and religious charity
• Terminate government preferences, encourage excellence and fair competition, reward merit only

• Restore neighborhood schools and parental involvement
• Implement rigorous academic and vocational standards
• Enforce discipline and respect for teachers
• Reduce bureaucracy and waste

• Protect all innocent human life
• Eliminate government programs and policies that undermine the family unit and parental authority
• Protect traditional marriage between a man and a woman

Property Insurance and Tax Crisis
• Develop solutions to homeowners & business insurance crisis through the private sector with public oversight
• Relieve citizens from the obscene property tax burden resulting from escalating real estate values

• Compel the federal government to secure U.S. borders, enforce the law and protect Florida from invasion
• Use state and local law enforcement to expel illegal aliens
• Enforce the official State language of English, eliminate foreign language ballots, publications and forms

Protect Jobs, Businesses and Agriculture
• Protect Florida jobs, businesses and agriculture from federal government interference, including international trade agreements such as NAFTA and GATT

Gun Rights
• Protect the right of Floridians to keep and bear arms

Ubele also discusses his campaign from time to time on this Stormfront thread.

This is a model on how a pro-white candidate should run. These are issues that will appeal to mainstream America. When the British National Party switched their electoral outreach in a similar direction, they became more electable and now have 100 serving officials. This switch does not mean that the ultimate goal, namely, the 14 Words, has been abandoned; it simply means it has been deferred. Racial populism hasn't become the end goal; it merely has become a way station to the final goal of racial nationalism. For an excellent discussion of the difference between racial populism vs. racial nationalism, read Shaun Walker's essay, "Racial Populism: Can This Save Our Race".

But to merely take that first step requires that John Ubele get elected. And to do that, it takes money. He's currently being outfunded 40-to-1 by John Legg. We must help him become more competitive financially. It doesn't matter if you can only send $20; anything will help. Here's how to contribute to Ubele's campaign. You can donate via the PayPal button on the Home Page of his website. Or you can send your donation to:

John J. Ubele for State Rep District 46
PO Box 1104
Port Richey, FL.34673

Also be sure to include a signed note with your donation it if its over $100. Maximum allowable individual contribution $500.

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Old Blue said...

Alright. You have talked me into it. I will make a contribution to John's campaign as I did when he ran before. I am not foolish enough to believe he will win but at least he is taking an active stance and not just complaining about conditions. Good luck, John.