Monday, May 19, 2008

United White Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan Distributes Immigration Reform Literature In Hallsville, Texas

The Longview (TX) News-Journal reports that some Hallsville residents received packets of unsolicited literature from the United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan on Saturday May 17th, 2008.

In what appears to be a membership drive, rolled packets of Klan material was tossed into driveways around Hallsville. A pamphlet reading, "If you love your country the KKK wants you! Stop illegal immigration. Join the Klan" was included in the material, along with another flyer in which the "United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Southern Alliance," railed against illegal aliens, urging readers to "take a stand and join the Klan." A Longview post office box — State Office, P.O. Box 10071 — is listed for response.

A single-page fact sheet, explaining "what the Klan is" along with what it stands for and what it supports also was included.

Among the list of 20 items the United White Knights supports on its fact sheet is the construction of military bases along the Mexican border and the use of military force to patrol the border. "This would provide troops with practical experience and save money now spent on training exercises," according to the literature.

Along those same lines, the material says the group supports "adopting laws requiring immediate deportation of all illegal aliens with any appeals to be made from their native land at their expense, not our taxpayers'."

The United White Knights is part of the Southern Alliance of Klans. According to, Hallsville, a town of approximately 3,000 people, is located on the north side of I-20, about halfway between Longview and Marshall in East Texas. It is 92 percent white.

Commentary: Good objective report by the Longview News-Journal, without the value judgements normally accompanying a media report of a pro-white literature drop. The immigration reform principles espoused by the United White Knights reflect thinking prevalent among the greater part of the white community.


fuck the kkk said...

Every idoit that is in the kkk is a low life loser that can see otheir people help themself. I'm not white so you guys think am not american as you guys, I bet that I'm more American any Klan member. I I'm a United STates Marine. I am protecting this county not like the Klan that is making things worse for many people. If your not white your not rigth , bullshit. In the marines their is type of race, every thing from African americans, Latinos and whites. Stop wearing dress you low life losers. I dont see Klan members in Irak figthing to protect the freedom you dont want to give to otheir people.

Anonymous said...

Your wrong - you don't know the Klan unless your in the KKK of today. Just because your a Marine does not make you more American.

I know many KKK that have been in WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm and now Iraq. You are thinking of the stereotyped Skin Heads and Nazi you see on the news.

And as far as I know the KKK is not trying to reduce anyones freedoms - embrace the heritage of white people. The same as a black man embracing black heritage of people like Malcolm X and MLK.

You do need a lesson in spelling and grammar. PS - I'm not a KKK member either, just an non-biased observer.

Anonymous said...

The KKK does not embrace the heritage of "White" people. It only embraces the heritage of "Ignorant" people. Embracing the heritage of a people that ripped families apart, forcing them to an unfamiliar country only to be enslaved and dehumanized is not something I as a white female am proud of nor would I ever embrace it as part of my "White" heritage. While this may be our history, we do not have to give it a hug and invite it over for dinner, we can choose not to be friends with it. As Americans we should embrace the heritage of ALL people, and learn from them. We are one big heritage soup.

"Skin Heads" and Nazi's are categorized as white supremacist groups, to associate oneself as a member of the KKK, also a white supremacist group, does not make you any different.

Malcolm X and MLK were fighting for the freedoms of a people enslaved and discriminated by others, to even associate what they were trying to do with that of the KKK is absolutely absurd! Read a book!! Today’s KKK may not be succeeding in legally taking rights from people, but to threaten, humiliate, and terrorize a group of people will produce that affect. They control by instilling fear in those they outwardly protest.

You can not be an unbiased observer in this, to make excuses for the KKK only puts you on their team.

Don't criticize spelling and grammar unless you've proofread your own work. Pretty sure grammar's not your strong point either. Who knows I may have a grammatical error or two in mine.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

The majority of klans today do not preach a docterine of hate and retribute. The klan of today practices the same doctrine as the BBB and Rev. Sharpton. Except we are not black. We believe in Jesus not Mohammad or some dumb nigger god. Hail Jesus Christ. GRN AD.2009

Penguin Messiah said...

After claiming not to push hate, you end with a racist epithet. You're not convincing anyone.

Hypothetically, I don't see anything terribly wrong with a White Pride group, since I don't see anything wrong with Black Pride or Scot Pride or whatever. However, that you would claim such benign unity and then dub yourself the KKK, a group that has an indisputable history of murder and terrorism, gives the lie to your professed benignity.

You don't fool anyone, and you let it slip at every turn. It's not pride. It's reactionary fear and plain hatred.

energylibrarian said...

As a ex-Marine Viet-Nam Vet, I have grown up in the south were KKK was prevelant, in war there is no racial discimination only enemies, yes there were black troups and segragation in companies only by choice but when push came to shove we covered each others back. I might NOT agree with everything the kkk has to offer or other organizations, each group has something to offer that is worth while, each person has to make there own choice. I do support ethinic cultural enhancement each person should support there culture , race, inheritance.

Adrijana said...

the ku klux klan has conflicting beliefs and cannot possibly be christian and still be racist. Why would they want black people enslaved when their people (the israelites) were once enslaved by blacks (the egyptians) anyway? it is completely hypocritical.

Peace and Justice said...

Regarding your "Immigration Reform Literature" that claims a solution by getting rid of all illegal immigrants. While you are at it, why don't you kick yourselves out? Nearly everyone living in the United States is an immigrant! The first white European settlers that came to the US forceable removed (slaughtered) a nation of people that were already living here. So what gives the decendents of those same people -- once illegal immigrants -- the right control others?

Wake up "white" people and those who support KKK ! It's not about skin color ... we are all humans.

This kind of hatred only breeds more hatred. May there be a day when peace and justice prevail!

Anonymous said...

first of all things of the past have very liitle to do with the presnt. what is done is done and cannot be reversed. but we are here now. judging by the the way most of you negitively talk about this you are not from east texas. i was born and raised there, ive been gone for 3 years now and as the nam vet said in the military we stand together but the military is a differnt breed any who has been there knows what i am talking about. but in east texas the fight isnt realy a fight of color it is ignorance just like yours but what we are fighting are the thugs that could have a good job but dont becouse they didnt aply themselfs in any aspect of life and any one else that is dgenarte. it is not the falt of the clan that the majority of those people are not white. wile growing up i was racist 3 year later serving beside difernt races i am no longer but i still hate the degenerats back home and there not white so i geuss in your eyes i would still be racist. as for the marine that didnt like this blog here is a wake up call im a marine also ive been to afgan i support the klan so just becous you dont see us dont make the mistake of saying we are not there... and a personal mesage for you .... shut your pog ass up and go sit at your desk and quit bragin that you are a marine... you dont protect our country any more that a cop dose you probly work at the comm shop and have been in for less than a year and have never seen a desert other than 29 palms... ok sorry bout that i got side tracked but to the nam vet thank you for your service yall are the real american heros i dont know the words to say but america will never know how much you truly gave for us.... and to the member of the southern chapter keep texas in good hands till all of use good ole boys are home to join back up with the fight

okieklansman ec 16 said...

Like the Marine said before me. I am in the Army and have done 2 tours to Iraq. I am a proud member of the Oklahoma Klan. So to the POG ass "marine" that needs to go back to 2nd grade english, just because you dont see us does not mean that we are not here. We are EVERYWHERE and are not goin away anytime soon. Like was said earlier today's Klans do not preach a message of hate and violence. We want equal rights for Whites. That's all. If you go to any welfare office you see blacks adn mexicans and any other "minority" in there getting hand outs left and right. But as soon as TRUE self-respecting white person goes into try and get some type of assistance, they are turned down. Why is it fair for some drug dealing crack headed nigger to get assistance when they drive around in brand new cars with big rims that was bought with drug money. But a white man can not get any assistance? How is that fair.

To the person that said why dont we kick ourselves out? Your right we all are decendents or immigrants, that came over LEGALLY!!!!! I nor any other Klansman that I know of has a problem with legal immigration. America is the land or opportunity. I dont have a problem with someone tyring to get ahead. But do it legally! How is it fair for people to come to America illegally and get on OUR welfare system and go to OUR hospitals and not be able to pay? This in turn causes our taxes to go up. I dont care if you are a Klansman, Klan sympathiser, or just plain hate us, taxes hit everyone of us the same. So I dont care if they come....JUST DO IT THE RIGHT WAY!!!!!! And if they are here illegally, SEND THEIR ASSES BACK!!!!

To the fellow Klansmen that will read this. Keep the good fight going, and all us good ole boys over here in the sandbox will be home soon to help with the fight. Till we meet again under the Fiery Cross. KLASP / ITSUB AD.2010

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this site, and found it to be quite interesting, altho we all have our own opinion of things, you dont see native americans whining about their past at least you african americans got to live! You breed like rats! and its sick the way the black folk go after us white folks! I have strong beliefs that the white is the rare breed and now we are becoming the minority due to all the intermingling of races. Which is very unfortunate. Crime is higher in communitys w color, its proven, look at the crime rates and the ethniticity in the city! I personally have small children and I shutter to think that my children would one day hook up w someone other than a white person! I want white grandkids! I believe Lincoln messed up, when he freed u people he should have only given u freedom IF and only IF u returned back to africa!!! Even the diluted ones!! Im not predjudiced i grew up w a black person, we were really close, did ev thing tgether then when i was about 12 my dad sold him!

Anonymous said...

And to u okie clansman, I believe u and the other klan members are doing all u can to keep us and our rights safe. Thank u!! I completely agree w u about the welfare thing as well i lived in az for a brief time and thats all there were in there when i was trying to apply for medical assistance, I was turned down because i hadnt lived there long enough. However my neighbor who was a mexican family all got it a week after they moved in! The family had the grandmother, her 3 daughters and their boyfreinds and all the kids living in a small trailer house the kids were filthy and were often left unattended but u dont see the state doing anything bout that! They come here live off the government and treat us white folk like crap and expect us to embrace them??? its rididculous! they are taking our jobs away from us!! which is why the economy is failing so much! and now we have a black president, and as we can all clearly see he has lied and done nothing to help out the country meanwhile his family lives high off the hog in the whitehouse and after he is done w his term he will be set up for life so why should he care?? Its one big mess!!! Im surprised more and more by this world!

Anonymous said...

I'm a resident of Marshall and Puerto Rico which is apart of the united states most of u kkk are ignorant and raised wrong u say the kkk has changed but all u here about yall are hate crimes that's all u know about I have many friends and family of different color and I was raised as a true American where we all have the same rights no matter the color that's the American way so u in the klan can just go live in your Nazi Germany violence is not the answer to everything

Anonymous said...

Deo vedice my East texas Brothers

Anonymous said...

No worrys my East texas brothers. " Never forget "
( DEO VENDICE ) . If you southern gents need a place to go when yall get back home , to recalect your sealves or just be alone for awile , i have a place way back in the sticks N E Tx . Its the less i can do for yall . Thank yall and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

To all those who do not see the downfall of this country open your eyes. Why do blacks have more rights than whites. Why does a black man get beat by a white and its a hate crime. Its time fir somebody to stand up for the whites. If it has to be me then so be it. Join the new group called nnn. No nigger nation