Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not In Our Town: National Socialist Movement To Rally Against Homosexuals At Milwaukee's 2008 Pridefest

If you live in the Milwaukee area, and you're tired of spectacles like you see portrayed above, you have a chance to publicly raise your voice against the homosexual lobby. The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is finalizing its plans to hold a rally at Milwaukee's annual Pridefest on June 7th, 2008. The rally is designed to show visible and vocal opposition to the gay rights celebration on that day. Click HERE to download and print out a PDF flyer promoting the rally; this is suitable for distribution within the local area. Contact information for rally organizers is posted on the flyer.

The NSM announcement is a bit confusing, since it links Pridefest to Summerfest. Summerfest is actually a separate event which doesn't begin until June 26th. But there's no confusion about the intent of the rally.

The NSM's Wisconsin Southeast unit conceived and organized this event. The objective is to send a message that, despite the California Supreme Court's recent decision to effectively legalize gay marriage, most American citizens will continue to oppose the growing effort to promote and protect the homosexual lifestyle, and in particular to oppose organized homosexual outreach to our youth. It is an opportunity for local citizens in the Milwaukee area to stand up and say "Not In Our Town".

Antifa opposition is expected. The radical antifa website Infoshop has put out a call for all radical "trannies, queers, and supporters" to show up in force. However, police are deployed to keep the contingents apart, and NSM cadre and supporters customarily behave in a scrupulously law-abiding fashion at their rallies. I can't remember the last time any NSM member or supporter got arrested or seriously injured at an NSM rally.

Pridefest has been continuously held in Milwaukee every year since 1988. In 2007, its 20th anniversary, 27,467 tickets were sold during the three-day event. Pridefest also relies upon corporate sponsors; you can see a list of the most current corporate sponsors HERE, in case you want to try to influence them either with your keyboard, or better yet, your pocketbook.


Anonymous said...

what is odd is... the photo above is not nearly as disgusting as the big dicks from the NSM who showed up at the event. you must be so blissful in your ignorance.

SSgt. Borremans said...

Your right Anonymous the photo above is digusting. Glad we can agree on that. It would take a gay such as yourself perhaps (?) to notice our big dicks here within the NSM, but they match our big balls. The only ignorance I saw Saturday the 7th was the immediate removal to jail of three pink wearing protestors on the other side of the street. The highlight of the day was the arrest of the one young man whom squealed like a girl when the horse pinned him to the wall until the cuffs were on. Have the arrests on tape will be great to watch and post online.