Friday, May 09, 2008

National Socialist Movement Promotes Brian Holland As A Rival U.S. Presidential Candidate Against The NSOA's John Taylor Bowles

Update February 27th 2012: Brian Holland outs himself as having been a professional FBI informant while in the National Socialist Movement; updated post HERE. editor Bill White has revealed that the National Socialist Movement (NSM) has fronted a rival Presidential candidate to John Taylor Bowles, who represents the National Socialist Order of America. The NSM has chosen to sponsor and support Brian Holland for President.

The initial announcement of Holland's candidacy actually took place during the NSM's April 19th Rally in Washington D.C. Holland has reportedly already qualified for the presidential ballot in ten states, and is attempting to gain ballot access in an additional thirty states.

To briefly summarize his background, Holland worked as a reporter for the Suffolk News-Herald and was a radio talk show host for 17 years. He previously served as an aide to Dr. David Duke and was instrumental in Duke's only electoral victory. However, after Dr. Duke decided to re-direct his efforts from electoral politics to educational outreach, Holland looked for another venue offering more direct political activism. Consequently, he joined the NSM in 2006 and quickly rose to become its Director of Internal Affairs. Holland has an official campaign website currently under construction, accessible at the following link:

Brian Holland's campaign platform is further described on the NSM website:

This nation and this world needs leadership that is prepared to face the real issues, the real problems. The United States needs to see its interest rates dropped and held at a reasonable rate.

We need to make it possible for those that need to be provided for are indeed provided for.

We need to guarantee this nation's freedoms, regardless of your stand or your beliefs, we need to guarantee that you have the right to express it peacefully.

This nation needs to develop a real plan to end the quagmire in Iraq, and to bring our brave men and women home from battle.

Taxation needs to be overhauled, and we need to follow the examples of the former Soviet Bloc nations who have implemented a flat tax for all citizens. Those former Eastern Bloc nations are now flourishing because of their fair and equal taxation system.

Our borders need to be protected at all costs. Borders, language, and culture needs to be the backbone of our efforts.

Crime has to be met face to face, and stopped at all costs.

Illegal aliens need to be returned to their homelands. One out of every three inmates in our Federal Prison System is an illegal alien, they are not our responsibility. America is not the world's police force, and I will not allow it to be.

We are not at the disposal of every third world nation that needs us to bail them out, then when the work is done, they return to their America hating ways. No more.

Education, real education, must be returned to the people.

The protection of the American family. These are the things that haunt me, and the reasons that I have proudly accepted my Party's nomination for the Presidency of the United States of America. With the efforts of Commander Schoep and the help of our supporters worldwide, these goals can be met. It is important to remember, this is not about hate, it is not about the blame game, it is about preservation, heritage, culture, it is indeed about the future.

The campaign will begin full swing in May, with Holland visiting supporters in Arizona, Florida, and Oregon. Future campaign information will be provided on the soon to be published official website.

Analysis: On the surface, Brian Holland appears to be just as qualified for consideration as John Taylor Bowles. And in one particular area, direct political activism, Holland clearly has a superior resume, as he is more familiar with the "nuts and bolts" of running a campaign than Bowles.

However, John Taylor Bowles has not only already been campaigning, but has built up superior name recognition as a public spokesman for the national socialist worldview. He's posted his platform on VoteSmart, and given interviews to Wikimedia as well as to numerous other sources. Consequently, by running for President, Brian Holland runs the risk of sowing confusion about national socialism and dividing the pro-white vote. Holland's efforts would have been much more efficiently directed in running for Congress from his home state; this would have given him the same significant publicity similarly accorded to Indiana's Tony Zirkle without confusing the issue.

Consequently, while Holland appears to be a viable candidate, I must recommend that those sympathetic towards national socialism continue to direct their support towards John Taylor Bowles. Not only does Bowles meet the character test, but he's been campaigning longer and has greater name recognition. And to increase his appeal to the greater population, he took on the dynamic Matthew Ramsey as a running mate. Ramsey, who runs the Zogsnightmare website under the name of Jim Ramm, has demonstrated a special talent in reaching out to younger white racialists who need guidance in expressing their activism in constructive ways that won't get them thrown into jail. The Bowles-Ramsey team is still the way to go.


Anonymous said...

I agree and never thought about it until you explained it in easy terms. Running two NS candidates for President will only confuse people and split the White vote. It doesn't make sense and I think Holland should quit and not be a "ringer" and "spoiler" in this attempt. After reading this I am going to volunteer and support Bowles and Ramsey. They got it going on!

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - Excellent decision on your part. Holland is NOT a bad guy - he would be a great candidate for Congress (depending on his state's filing deadlines) or a state legislative seat. But running for President when we have a now experienced and well-publicized candidate in John Taylor Bowles is redundant.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Off the subject side note -

Detroit is crap blogspot got axed . They have a statement at their blogsite .

Been having a few glitches myself ... makes ya wonder .

Anchorage Activist said...

Damn, Jeff, you're right! DIC has been temporarily suspended because a second Detroit newspaper has accused him of using "copyrighted" material. But he expects to be back up in a couple of days and the DIC Forum is still active.

Bill White said...

A few problems with the article:

1) Taylor Bowles is not on the ballot in any state; his entire campaign was an is a scam.

2) Brian Holland is only sorta running with the NSM. Sorta, not really.

Again, two problems with your blog, which I like, and I understand does its best to be positive about everything:

1) You cannot take everyone at their word; what people say and what they are really doing are usually two different things.

2) Just because something calls itself "white" "nationalist" "white nationalist" or "national socialist" does not mean it is worthy of promotion or support; just as not everyone means what they say, not everyone who says they are in "the movement" is really in the movement.

I know its disillusioning. Better to get over it now, then ask yourself if you really still want to be part of things.

Bill White said...

I also have to add, and you missed this the first time:

Jim Ramm, aka Matthew Ramsey, is seriously mentally ill. I am not saying this because I have something against Ramm -- I say this because it is a plain statement of obvious fact to anyone who has spent more than five minutes speaking to Ramm.

I do not know the author of this blog but I am surmizing he is a kid.

I encourage your efforts and appreciate your perspective, but it is my sincere belief that trying to support everyone is a counterproductive way of being -- one that always ends up biting you.

Anchorage Activist said...

Bill - the prime purpose of this blog is to provide objective information about the Cause and its personalities, but to promote the Cause at the same time. I recognize that there are differences in value between the various venues, but I want each venue to know that they will get a fair shake from me. The establishment media rarely, if ever, gives a pro-white venue a fair shake; I want to correct that deficiency. This obviously flies in the face of the more revolutionary perspective of the ANSWP (being that you quote Julius Evola on your Yahoo site), but my mission differs from that of the ANSWP, although the ultimate objective is the same.

When someone does something right, I will highlight it. But when someone does something I consider problematic, I will critique it. This is in contrast to a lot of the pointless flaming I see on VNN Forum. Don't you get tired of Melcur calling you a Jew? I'd get tired of that in a hurry. I think that type of rubbish holds us back.

Even if Jim Ramm is the volatile personality that you claim him to be, his website, with the humongous array of PDF books hosted thereon, increases his value to the Cause.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping the evaluation of both candidates neutral and objective and not letting Bill White throw his dysfunctional temper tantrum and spoil it. It should be noted that Brian Holland is not on any printed state ballots as of May 09, 2008 as claimed by Holland and Bill White. Any phone call to any state election office can verify it.

Bill White said...

Some points:

"I want each venue to know that they will get a fair shake from me."

Promoting all "venues" equally, regardless of quality of character, is only "fair" in the Bolshevik sense of the term. It is a complete equalling of the unequal.

I once believed in your approach, between ages 13 and about 18. It came from knowing nothing about politics and taking things on their face.

As an adult, I realize that many "white activists", Taylor Bowles being a small player among them, set up organizations solely to take money and support themselves. Most white organizations never do anything effective, and most so-called "white leaders" are frauds.

Posting garbage on a website while being personally mentally ill and leading people down wrong paths does not make you an activist or an asset to the white movement.

Think of it this way:

If the ADL posted up a library of white activist works in order to attract informers, would that make the ADL an asset to the white movement?

Anonymous said...

The NSM are no fans of Bill White by a long shot yet we do agree that Matthew Ramsey is mentally ill. Perhaps the blog owner has a short memory, yet I recall that Ramsey posted both Bill White's, and White's Family addresses on his site, and did the same thing to Jeff Schoep and his Family. Ramsey has clearly demonstrated that he is not on the side of the wp Movement. 80% of his site is dedicated to some weird obsession with the nsm and its members. I realize that all parties nsoa, nsm, and answipe all have different agenda's and may disagree on many things, but one thing clearly stands out amongst that all. Taylor Bowels shot himself in both feet, then cut the feet off by putting Ramsey on as his running mate. No NS in America will vote for Bowels now. At least the nsm has given us an alternative choice and someone we can vote for. I also disagree with the title of the blog. I do not see Holland as a rival at all to Bowles. A vote for Ramsey is like casting a vote into the insane asylum. Those of us who once gave Bowles our support no longer want anything to do with him because of his affiliation with Ramsey. Didn't you guys see the anti-racist video's Ramsey produced against both Bill White and Jeff Schoep? Makes me wonder if what the NSM said about Ramsey working for the adl is true. I guessed it was bad blood at first yet after seeing the videos and the anti-NSM stuff all over zogsnightmare, and no badmouthing of anyone on nsm's site, I really think there may be some solid evidence to back up that Ramsey works for the jews.

There is one vote here for Holland in 2008.

Anchorage Activist said...

To Anonymous 3:21 P.M. - Ramsey's anti-NSM material does detract somewhat from the quality of his site, but I still consider that negative aspect far outweighed by the literary resources he hosts, including books by David Duke, George Lincoln Rockwell, David Irving, etc.

You should also recall that the reason Ramsey ran that hate blog against Bill White was under the direction of Jeff Schoep (according to Ramsey). Since he believed in the NSM at that time, he chose to carry out the instructions enthusiastically. The anti-racist videos you refer to were also for propaganda value.

Here's a question to ponder, though? How can Brian Holland expect to make any headway against Bowles, considering the big head start Bowles had? This is why I think Holland would have been better off running for Congress from his district. He would have received just as much publicity for the Cause as he will running for President.

Anchorage Activist said...

To Bill White: I question the use of the ADL as a comparison, because the ADL is explicitly pro-Jew and anti-white. They issues press releases cheering every time a white activist is taken down.

Taylor Bowles' website promotes principles of national socialism and racial nationalism. Of course there's a risk the NSOA may attract informers; this has been a problem with nearly every major group, such as the National Alliance (which Heavy Fed is currently bragging about on VNN) and the NSM. Proper vetting screens them out.

Anonymous said...

What makes Bill White mad is not the fact that Bowles is running for President; but, the NSOA is an alternative to people that don't want to join either the NSM and ANSWP and White & Schoep aren't getting members because they are evidently going to the NSOA. Also, if you look at the NSOA website and stuff you don't see Bowles having all the drama that White and Schoep have. I don't mean to be hard on White and Schoep but the truth is the truth. Bowles is the alternative to their nonsense and drama. I'm not a member of the NSOA either. Just an observer. I also agree that Hollands candidacy is too late to make a difference and White helping Holland just destroyed Hollands campaign before it took off. White will do more damage to the Holland campaign than Ramm will to the Bowles campaign.

The avenger said...

It's just simply amazing how a serious liar like Bill White can be so bold as to say:

"You cannot take everyone at their word; what people say and what they are really doing are usually two different things"

Remember, this crap is coming from a loser who is one of the most hated men in the movement.

Now he has the nerve to call Jim Ramm mentally ill...and where is the proof? Does he provide any documentation? OF course not. Bill's believes that if you keep lying for years some people will start to believe you and it works on dumb people...

Anonymous said...

Amen Avenger. Look at how he is attacking and trying to browbeat the owner of this site. Whenever someone goes against Bill White that person is automatically attacked or riduculed or Bill White makes up another lie to cover his mistakes.

Thankfully, the owner of White Reference has some balls and won't be intimidated. Bill White is having a hissy fit that his new pawn Brian Holland isn't getting the positive recognition that White wishes he would. Oh well. Come into an election as a spoiler and split the White vote and you get treated and pointed out as that. That's all I have to say.

Klanman said...

As for who is insane, I would diagnose Bill White as suffering from several neurosises. He is a Pathological liar, megalomaniac and a narcissus punk with a napoleon complex.

Bill White has said before that if your not in his group he considers you a anti-racist. Bill has also said that it's his goal to destroy all white nationalist groups so he can build his Ass Wipes on the tattered remains. Bill constantly lies and exists only to destroy.

If Jim Ramm is working for the jews then the joke is on the jews because he has done so much to spread the message. If this was true the jews would be supporting and funding the promotion of white power. But I think it's bullshit...Just my thoughts...

Tom Wright said...

It should be noted that Bowles has the support of the International Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. It's mentioned on his site.

teddy the biker said...

Bill White's calling of Jim Ramm crazy reminds me of what they did to dissenters in the days of the old soviet union. Many who disagreed with communism were labeled crazy and committed to insane asylums. How jewish.

Bill bitches about Mike Blevins, calling him nuts also. But when Mike was a member of the ANSWP he was sane enough for Bill who was always pressuring him for more work on the magazine.

If your with Bill White your sane if your not your insane.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Bill White does not have many friends in this Movement and is widely viewed as a pariah of sorts in many circles. What seems odd though is this... Bill White never made any anti-racist video's calling the NSM Leader a racist nazi bigot, Matthew Ramsey did do that, Bill White never called the NSM or its membership jews, yet Ramsey did. Compare the 2. White often attacks various Racialists even calling former NSM member herrington a child molestor, that is obviously bs or he would be locked up, just a jewish like swipe at his former comrades, not very aryan like at all. Ramsey on the other hand calls nsm commander a kike, and put out 100's of anti-racist video's with his home address and phone # on the net. Check youtube, google videos, aol video, etc to see the videos he posted. The NSM has told me they have Ramseys address, but they don't post it, or make videos of him, nor did they go after Bill White when White slapped a failed 10 thousand dollar lawsuit on the group. Ramsey has clearly shown himself to be an enemy agent. Certain sock puppets here may make excuses and say well he has a sort of wp site, and it has some good stuff on it, but golly, what else does he need, a jew star tatted on his forehead. The guy is outting other Racialists home addresses??? With all that can be said against Bill White, even White does not out the home addresses of other people in the Racialist struggle. Despite bad blood between the various NS personalities or groups only one man (Ramsey) has outted the home addresses of 2 NS Leaders, no doubt at the behest of his jewish masters. Anyone who affiliates with Matthew Ramsey is the enemy, and if they ever show their faces at any Racialist events anywhere they can expect the same treatement he so rightfully deserves. Serve the jews and you will be treated like one. All others who have petty drama should leave it at the door, if we NS do not get our acts together asap we are going to lose our Nation, or worse yet our Race. 88

Minnesota Skinhead said...


Anonymous said...

Minnesota bigot you are just another liar like Bill White.

You claim that Jim Ramm did all sorts of bad things but you provide no proof whatsoever.

We all know that jeff schoep is a jew who left his six kids for a non-white woman.

Don't tell us this crap about jewboy jeff being some kind of racialist. He recently sent Mike schlaire over to angela's house to steal the family dog from his six kids he abandoned.

Jeff is no racialist, who gives a crap who gives out this jews address??

Anonymous said...

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I hope the crypts and Bloods find out and put this traitor out of out misery.

Mud buster said...

Jeff Schoep is no better than Bill White. His threats about beating up NSOA members will lead to him getting his ass beaten.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the NSM and ANSWP are targeting the NSOA? I didn't know that. They must be really jealous of them.

Charles Wilson said...

I hear jeff sold the black mustang with the red racing flames on the side. He now drives a blue mustang. It must be great to spend all your money on cars and not a dime on your kids.

germanbabe14 said...

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Anonymous said...

I would be mentality ill too if my husband left me and our six children, for some non white whore.

John Schafer said...

Hey Freakshow: You and your jew will get yours. Too many people hate you.We will all be laughing when they take away lizzie to live with some nigger foster home.

Anonymous said...

Bill White, Jeff Schoep must be jealous of John Taylor Bowles. Brian Holland is running a lousy campaign for President and is a buffoon.

ANGELA said...

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