Monday, May 05, 2008

Is The New "League Of American Patriots" Laying The Foundation For An American Version Of The British National Party?

Update June 30th, 2010: The League of American Patriots has now merged with the American Third Position Party. It becomes a chapter of the A3P.

Thanks to Overthrow editor Bill White, who revealed this information on his resurrected Overthrow blog, I have learned of the formation of a brand new advocacy organization designed to advance the interests of America's white community. The organization calls itself the "League of American Patriots" (link no longer exists).

In reviewing the primary players and resources referenced within their website, the LAP appears to be an historic amalgamation of paleoconservatives and race realists. After all this time, it appears that some paleoconservatives have finally realized that, whether they like it or not, race is an issue. Chief among them, of course, has been Pat Buchanan, whose latest book, "State of Emergency", reads like an entry-level primer to white nationalism. And ready and waiting to receive these paleoconservatives were race realists like Jared Taylor, who heads up the New Century Foundation and who publishes the scholarly American Renaissance magazine. Here are the primary resources referenced on their links page:

Publications: American Free Press - Middle American News - Occidental Quarterly

Education: American Renaissance - National Policy Institute - Pat Buchanan - VDare

Political Activism: Ron Paul for President - No War for Israel - Numbers USA - Canadian Association for Free Expression - Federation for Immigration Reform

Can you hear the faint sound of clinking teacups in the background?

Of course, my next question is "Why another organization?" After all, the American scene abounds with organizations; for example, national socialists have three active organizations fromn which to choose, while outside the NS community, there are a host of other organizations as well. European Americans United (EAU) probably comes closest to representing the style and the demographics of LAP. But apparently not close enough. So this implies that LAP has a uniquely different mission than all the other organizations, even EAU. And just what might that mission be?

It's quite simple. To get paleoconservatives to jump on board, the organization must switch from racial nationalism (No Jews, Just Right) to racial populism (Some Jews, O.K.). Whether this is just an intermediate tactic to jumpstart some mainstream political success or whether it's a final objective is both unknown and irrelevant at this juncture. Some other signs of this shift have already been manifested on Stormfront, where they decided to ban the use of swastika-based avatars, under the pretext that the swastika "made it harder" for European activists.

But why would they want to shift to racial populism? Perhaps they've noticed the recent success of the British National Party. During the John Tyndall era, the BNP was strictly a racial nationalist party. They elected no one. But after Nick Griffin took control, the BNP switched to a more racially-populist approach. Jews and off-whites became accepted, as were openly-gay members. All of a sudden, BNP candidates started getting elected - a trickle at first. But the trickle recently evolved into a more defined stream. Read more about the BNP's recent electoral success on Western Voices World News.

And this is why I believe the formation of the League of American Patriots is a precursor to the organization of an American political party similar in orientation and scope to the British National Party. And it is likely to promote racial populism rather than racial nationalism. They believe racial nationalism is too rich for the blood of the American white community, which explains why they won't support the one pro-white candidate in the Presidential race, John Taylor Bowles. And maybe they have a point - many American whites can relate to the white nationalist message in regards to blacks and Latinos, but too many of them turn away from the Jewish Question. But, as Patrick Grimm likes to say, the Jewish Question is like the Big White Rabbit in the room; it won't go away just because people refuse to see it.

Nevertheless, racially-populist candidates are not unworthy of WN support. After all, one of the more revolutionary WN organizations, the ANSWP, supported Art Jones in Illinois, is supporting Tony Zirkle in Indiana, and just recently expressed some support for Chris Buttars in Utah (a wealth of additional information about Buttars can be found on the Voice Of Deseret blog). The ANSWP does try to be practical. Even former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker, in his 2005 ADV broadacast "Racial Populism: Can This Save Our Race", implies that not only can people run on a racially-populist platform, but are worthy of support so long as it is recognized that racial nationalism is the ultimate solution.

So it would appear at first glance that the League of American Patriots would have a bright future. However, there is one ominous-looking cloud in that supposedly "sunny sky"; Kevin Alfred Strom. There are persistent rumours that the LAP may try to backdoor the self-confessed convicted child porn shopper back into the WN movement. Bill White, with his greater network of contacts, has documented at least one aborted attempt to do so already.

While the LAP website makes no reference to Strom, let me make this perfectly clear; NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, could be more catastrophic to the future of the League of American Patriots that to welcome Kevin Alfred Strom into its ranks in any capacity. Strom wasn't merely convicted of possession of child porn, but pleaded GUILTY to it. You do NOT plead guilty to any charge of sexually exploiting kids unless you actually did it. By pleading guilty, Strom showed he CANNOT be trusted around kids, and since white nationalism is family-oriented and about assuring a "future for white children", there can be no future for Strom in the pro-white community, at least for the short term. Rehabbing Strom at this time would bring the wrath of nearly the entire WN community down upon the League of American Patriots. And it would be richly deserved.

The League of American Patriots can scotch these rumours straightaway by posting a statement on their website that only people of proven character will be accepted for membership.


Mr Speaker said...

It's about time the Americans setup a credible nationalist movement, with all your resources you could have a massive organisation.

And you are quite right Tyndals brand of strict Ethno-nationalism kept success away from the BNP, we're going to have European members of parliament in 2009 mark my words.

Anchorage Activist said...

The BNP's "populist" strategy seems to be working, and if it can work for you, I see the potential of it working for us as well.

I look forward to hearing about BNP MPs in the European parliament.

Bill White said...

I am going to clarify this, since my release has been quoted:

I have chosen to not yet publish everything we have on this organization, but it is being set up, led and organized specifically for the purpose of bringing Kevin Alfred Strom back into "the movement".

All the rest of the alleged ideology is just a cover for that goal.

While I enjoy this blog, its author is often too willing to take what is said at face value, instead of looking into the underlying "real" and often hidden purposes of things. What people say and what they are really up to are generally very divergent things.

Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks for your clarification, Bill. Actually, I merely linked to and summarized the primary point of your Overthrow post.

But I question whether the primary purpose of the LAP is to rehab Kevin Strom. As you have indicated, there may be some who want to do so, but I doubt someone of the status of Jared Taylor would want to. Taylor would have far too much to lose to approve of such a scheme.

But another purpose of my post was to warn the LAP against rehabbing KAS, and let them know of the possible consequences should they do so. We need more WN bloggers to take a no-nonsense stand against KAS.

Anonymous said...

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Brad said...

I have been a reader of American Renaissance for over a year now and I strongly recommend it. It has the strains of racial populism. The address is

dizzyfatplonka said...

I think populism helps in bringing your arguments more mainstream, yet it must be tempered by growth in traditional nationalism to keep them on their toes.
At the moment the LIB/LAB/CON are closing ranks to keep the BNP out but if the old National Front can grow along with the BNP one day we may see everyone voting BNP populism to keep the NF out.

And a strong NF would stop the populists becoming to soft on policy.

Anonymous said...

can't wait for President Obama, its the end of your world as you know it...stew in your hatred I hope it eats you alive!

Anonymous said...

I arrived on this site ,with the hope of agreement
through mutual thought,that the most horrible
atrocity ever, is about to be declared.That a negro
is about to be given the right,to sit in the chair
that the forefathers of America deemed sacred.The
highest seat in the land,and more than 200 yrs.
later in the world.I am very disapointed in my race.
I would like some help,dealing with this.

Anonymous said...

Its a new world and you've all been left behind. So cling grimly to your guns and religion, you are all relics now...

Anonymous said...

all of you people are funny.. Living in a fantasy world clinging to guns religion and ancient rhetoric. Marks my words.. YOUR so called "MOVEMENT" failed along time ago and will never EVER EVER suceed. just give it up.. You SO CALLED AMERICANS are nothing but members of brainwashed cults... do us all a favor and commit mass suicide!

Anonymous said...

I understand that ones ego, in combination with complicated childhood, may drive ideologies such as white supremacy or jihad. But what do you base your supremacy on? The genetic theory led you nowhere, so whats next?

At least the jihadists fight for their way of life, not their skin color.