Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hal Turner Gets Payback: Aussie Channer Targets 420chan Operator Aubrey Cottle With Phony 911 Call, SWAT Team Storms Cottle's Toronto Home

Ed. Note: I remember how absolutely pissed off I was when a bunch of channer scum started DOS'ing Hal Turner's website in late 2006/2007. The source of many of the attacks was the 420chan site operated by Aubrey Cottle, and this punk was so brazen that he even registered on the Vanguard News Network Forum and bragged about it in this VNN Forum thread under the name of Kirtaner. Now, some Aussie channer has given him a taste of his own medicine.

His name is Aubrey Cottle (pictured at left) and he didn't get much sleep on Thursday May 15th, 2008. That's because he - along with his mother and his girlfriend - were all awakened in the middle of the night by some unexpected intruders: a huge phalanx of heavily armed police officers. And while they weren't exactly home invaders, they did have reason to think someone dangerous was inside the man's Vesta Drive home, in the Bathurst and Eglinton area. Full story published by Toronto CityNews.

It all started when police received a 911 call telling them to rush to the family's apartment, where an armed man was holding hostages and firing off bullets. The Emergency Task Force showed up in a hurry, closing down the street and silently sidling up to the residence, before breaking down the door. Only those inside were more surprised than police by what was discovered - three people fast asleep, blissfully unaware of the action taking place around them.

"I got out of bed, I open up my bedroom door, walked over to the front door and had an automatic combat shotgun in my face," Cottle recalls. "When you're getting woken up at 4:30 in the morning by a whole bunch of cops with automatic weapons and then finding out that they've blocked off the entire street outside - pretty unsettling."

Here's a YouTube video of the report, originally posted on Hal Turner's website:

Cops now think it was a prank and are looking for whoever made that call. But Aubrey is sure he knows and doubts they'll have much luck finding the culprit - because he's sure the guy is located a world away in Australia. It turns out that Cottle runs his own online chat website called 420chan and has been harassed by someone Down Under who has crashed his service, written threatening notes and generally been impossible to deal with.

Aubrey has managed to penetrate the man's screen name, and now has his name and address. But getting him to stop may not be quite so easy. If it was the Aussie man, the suspect went to extremes to set up the unfunny joke. "They told me that the guy had called faking the call as if it had come from my cell phone number," Cottle explains. "And said that there was currently an armed robbery in progress. That I had kidnapped a girl and played audio files of gunshots in the background, fooling them into thinking there actually was somebody here with a gun."

Cops are furious that anyone - no matter where they're from - would take such a dangerous and unnecessary step. "In regards to a false call, the main issue is that legitimate people with concerns that are calling in, their lives may be jeopardized," P.C. Tony Vella laments.

Cops admit they'd like to lay mischief charges in the case, but given the distance the suspect is from the scene of the crime, it's unlikely anything will happen.

It should be noted that despite the title of this post, there is NO evidence that Hal Turner had anything to do with this incident, although understandably he's not exactly donning sackcloth and ashes over it. As Turner points out on his site, "When he [Cottle] and his cohorts came after me and my site in December 2006 into January 2007, I got a gazzillion crank calls, phony orders for pizza and Chinese food sent to my house at all hours of the night; literally TRUCKLOADS of Ebay packaging materials shipped (and billed) to me. . . . phony magazine subscriptions and even phony calls to my local police claiming my house had been invaded and I was being held at gunpoint".

The Sociopath Daily blog captured one of Hal Turner's posts during the attacks. It alluded to the possibility of a connection between Cottle and the infamous Canadian anti-racist gadfly Richard Warman. Here's the pertinent part of the post:

On January 24, 2007, my server and back-up audio feed were attacked again with a tremendous attack. As warned, the data center which housed my server cut-off service to me because the attacks against my server were affecting other customers in the same data center.

The Jan. 24 attack was organized by a vicious communist-type from Canada named Aubrey Cottle of 630 Vesta Drive, Toronto, ON CANADA through his web site I am told that Aubrey Cottle works very closely with Canadian anti-white activist lawyer Richard Warman of Ontario. I contacted the web site hosting company where is hosted to tell them their client was organizing attacks and they shut off his web site. But the virulent slime bag quickly moved to temporary service and is openly, publicly conspiring with others to arrange new attacks.

But Cottle is apparently not very highly regarded within the "channer" community. Someone posted some highly derogatory information about him on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Since much of the information is quite personal and cannot be verified, it will not be cross-posted here. The Corrupted Justice blog also reports that these worthless bottom-feeding channer scum also targeted Perverted Justice (who work with cops to bring down pedos) and an epilepsy center with DOS attacks.

But hey, Cottle, it's all about the "LULZ", right? Only this time, WE'RE getting the "LULZ", and you're not. How does it feel to be on the receiving end?


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