Friday, May 30, 2008

Google Video: Florida House District 46 Candidate John Ubele Offers Tips To White Nationalists Who Want To Run For Elective Office

The Nationalist Coalition has produced a 21-minute video featuring John Ubele, a white activist who's running for the House District 46 seat in the Florida State Legislature. In this video, Ubele not only discusses his previous campaign for a Mosquito Board seat and his current legislative campaign, but also offers advice for other white activists contemplating a run for elective office. Conducting the interview is another Nationalist Coalition activist, Todd Weingart, who quite frankly sounds like he'd make a good candidate for elective office himself based upon his demeanor and professionalism.

Ubele's official campaign website can be found HERE. Review my previous post on this campaign for a detailed analysis of the House District 46 race.

One of the most important questions discussed in this video is whether or not a white activist should run for office overtly or covertly as a white nationalist.

The question as to whether to run overtly or covertly as a white nationalist will depend upon the type of constituency and the nature of the media in your district. If your local media is relatively honest, you can probably get away with it. But if your local media is overtly anti-racist or muckrakers, the pressure may prove too great.

But as John Ubele also points out, running covertly does NOT mean lying about or hiding your racial activism. It simply means not incorporating such planks into your public platform. You can promote a number of white-friendly positions without being overtly racialist. For example, advocating an end to affirmative action and quotas is a mainstream position. In addition, promoting the libertarian view that you should be able to rent or sell your house to whoever you want without restriction, or hire whichever employee you want, or to send your child to the school of your choice are also mainstream positions which will promote our racial interests under the protective cover of "liberty".

If you run covertly, you must consider whether or not your racial activism will be involuntarily outed and devise a credible strategy in advance to effectively explain it. Lying to the media and the public does NOT cut it; you will be found out and dealt a crushing defeat. Likewise, if you're found to have made 4,000+ posts on a WN forum, you do NOT explain it away as "academic research only", the way Doug Hanks did in his abortive political campaign in 2005. If you have 4,000+ posts on a WN forum, you are not merely curious; you are COMMITTED, and the public will NOT buy any excuses to the contrary. Have a credible strategy ready and own up to your activism if it is outed.

There's also a dedicated Stormfront thread where suggested approaches and activities for pro-white parties and candidates are further discussed.

If you're not planning to run for office, you might want to contribute to those who are. In the HD 46 campaign, John Ubele is currently being outfunded 40-to-1. He's received just under $1,000 in campaign contributions as of this post. If you want to help, you can donate via the PayPal button on the Home Page of his website. Or you can send your donation to:

John J. Ubele for State Rep District 46
PO Box 1104
Port Richey, FL.34673

Also be sure to include a signed note with your donation it if its over $100. Maximum allowable individual contribution $500.


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