Friday, May 02, 2008

Bobby Tillett Banned By BJ's Wholesale Club Outlet In Jacksonville, Florida From Parking On Store Property Because Of Confederate Flag

Here's a Confederate flag story picked up by WJXT Channel 4 in Jacksonville, Florida and WKMG Channel 6 and Central Florida News 13, both of Orlando, Florida. It's also being discussed on Stormfront. Bobby Tillett (pictured at left) works at the BJ's Wholesale Club outlet on Pritchard Road in Jacksonville. He drives an older pickup truck with a Confederate battle flag attached. Normally, he parks in the store's parking lot.

Until Tuesday April 22nd. Suddenly, he was confronted by management and asked politely to remove the Confederate flag from his truck. Tillett, true to his ideals, refused. As a result, management banned him from parking his truck on their property. Tillett now parks on public property about a half mile away and has a ten minute walk to work as a result. Nevertheless, Tillett is standing firm.

"If I take it down, that means you know the politically correct people would have won, and that's wrong," Tillett said. "If you believe in something that strong (you) should have no problem whatsoever to fly it". Tillett also explained that it's about heritage and pride. He further stated that a lot of blood has been spilled over both it and the American flag, and that he honors both.

View CNN video HERE.

While no representative of BJ's would comment about the controversy, they did issue a statement, transcribed from the CNN video, saying it is about the rights of other employees:

"Like all employers, we have guidelines of appropriate personal behavior and expression at work. While the policy does not identify any specific type of expression, it generally prohibits expression that is rude, abusive, hostile or intimidating. Under these guidelines, we asked this team member to not display the confederate flag in our parking lot. We are confident that we have struck the right balance for all of our team members and their work environment".

However, Tillett said that he has received no complaints from any co-workers about his flag, and that many support him. He's willing to continue flying the flag, even if it ultimately costs him his job.

One has to wonder if this policy would have been equally applicable to other symbols, as well. Supposing an employee was flying an American flag on his truck, and a Mexican co-worker was to take offense. Would the American worker have been forced to remove an American flag? On American soil? This is what the anti-Confederate policy could lead to.

WJXT Channel 4 is also currently running an online "unscientific" poll soliciting public opinion about the situation. As of this post, 63 percent of the 1,460 respondents to date support Tillett. Registration NOT required to vote in this poll.

Visit the BJ's Wholesale Club website HERE. Click HERE to send an e-mail of protest to their corporate headquarters. If you want to target your local BJ's outlet for picketing in order to make them feel the economic pain as well, click HERE to find the BJ's outlet nearest you. Note that BJ's is primarily an East Coast operation; no outlets exist west of the Mississippi River.

And fighting back is necessary, before this symbol is demonized and censored to the same degree the swastika has become denigrated. Learn more about the various flags of the Confederacy HERE. The flag is a symbol of heritage, not hate. Even a fair-minded conservative black woman has posted a defense of the flag HERE. No Confederate battle flag was ever known to have flown over a Southern plantation. And finally, as Dr. David Duke explains HERE, it's not just a "Southern" thing. It's time to stop allowing our enemies sole proprietorship over our symbols and definitions.


Anonymous said...

Bobby is not aware of the fact that the Bill of Rights is not about him and his place of employment rights as to his Free Speech. State and federal laws grant employers the right to limit and or regulate the speech of it's employees. A Nazi flag decal or lapel pin would not be welcomed by any bank if worn by it's employees at work or on their car if said car is in it's parking lot.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

They may make so called laws outlawing our flag but the hypocrisy is evident in that all other races are allowed any kind of " statement " they want . Only the white man is recipient to the strictures imposed today .

It doesn't make common sense to cruise thru nigger town with it flying , unless yer ready to " have at it ." But , it will NEVER come down . It is emblematic of the struggle that will never end til final victory is attained . It is in truth our battle flag .

Anonymous said...

Get over it and deal with it. Blacks are not going back to Africa. Browns are not going back to Mexico. Robert E Lee is dead. The Souther Cause is not the law of the land

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

AA ... wonder if anyone else is having troubles with their blogs . I notice comments say - 1 comment , when actually there may be 4 or 5 . This is just one issue .

To the anon. prick at 10 : 12 ... not gonna waste time or breath with you . Don't really care if yer black or a suck ass white wanna be wigger . The cause , the flag , the TRUTH will never fade away . YOU will have to deal with that . You have no concept of the spirit that will sweep this land , and the world at large .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me that Obama will be the next president of the USA which includes the states of the Old South and the CSA

dave said...

If you are black, you can wear the little round hats, call another black a nigger, or spit out babies yearly and have us taxpayers foot the bill. If you are mexican you can be here illegally, get free healthcare whenever, or speak that jibberish language. If you are Arab you can wear those ragheads on your head, also speak jibberish, or get a free loan and own a gas station or motel. If you are black/white you can pretend to be president. And the flag that you racists need to be mad at is not the Confederate Flag. Every ship that brought over slaves from Africa to America(which was sold by blacks, by the way) flew the flag of the United States of America. There is your culprit. Be mad at that flag. Many black men fought for the Confederate Flag, and died. Lincoln and the north was the first true terrorist. IMPEACH OMAMA!

Anonymous said...

If the Confederate flag is banned because of slavery then the US flag should be purged for representing the indian slaughter. The "abortion flag" better known as stars and stripes is just an empire flag of Obama, it doesn't represent you.