Friday, April 18, 2008

White Hate Crime Scapegoat Mandie Kearns Expected To Be Sentenced To Four Years In Prison In California

This is a case I first discussed over a year ago. On April 5th, 2007, Mandie Kearns was reportedly one of five white adults who encountered 15-20 blacks "chilling out" around the Starbucks in Palm Springs. The blacks started mouthing off to them for no reason, menacing them, but Kearns and her friends refused to take crap from them, and the rumble was on. When the proverbial smoke cleared, two blacks were hurt, and Kearns "found" herself with a bloody knife. And who are the authorities going after? Not the blacks - none of them have been touched. Just Mandie Kearns.

During a court appearance on April 18th, 2008, sentencing was temporarily delayed for a woman who admitted being an accessory after the fact -- along with a hate crime enhancement -- in a stabbing attack on two blacks at a Palm Springs coffee house. Full story published in The Deseret Sun.

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Mandie Kearns, 29, of Desert Hot Springs, is expected to be sentenced on Monday April 21st to four years in prison. But her attorney, John Patrick Dolan, said he believed the mother of five will end up serving about 18 months behind bars because she has already been in custody for a year. The story fails to mention that she's been tied up in jail because she couldn't raise the unreasonable $575,000 bail required.

Update: On April 21st, Kearns was indeed sentenced to four years. She will get credit for time already served. What a travesty of justice!

When she was arrested in April 2007, Kearns was described by Palm Springs police as a self-avowed white supremacist. Prosecutors had accused Kearns of stabbing Murrell and Nicholas Johnson and trying to stab another black man on April 5th, 2007, near a Starbucks in the 100 block of South Belardo Road during Palm Springs Villagefest. Johnson was stabbed in his back and shoulder and Murrell suffered two collapsed lungs. Police alleged Kearns was in possession of a bloody knife and said she told officers at the scene that she had been involved in the attack.

She was originally charged with attempted murder and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon likely to create great bodily injury, as well as gang and hate crime enhancements.

She agreed to a plea deal down to accessory and a hate crime enhancement as her preliminary hearing was set to begin on November 21st. Michael Jeandron of the Riverside County District Attorney's Office admitted that there was insufficient evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Kearns committed the stabbings. But Dolan stated that prosecutors agreed to the deal in part because one of the 20-year-old victims told an investigator she never actually saw Kearns with the knife, but that she did see another young girl pass the weapon.

Valentina Murrell also told the investigator that Kearns was not the person who stabbed her, because she was on top of Kearns during the entire fight and was stabbed in the back. Murrell said she never saw Kearns stab anyone, and the blood on her clothes was likely the result of the fight. In addition, two 911 callers told police the alleged victims started the fight. Dolan also argued that a juvenile in custody for another stabbing was the knife-wielder that day.

According to Dolan, Kearns admitted to trying to defend herself but denied stabbing anyone. She claimed she took the knife from her brother's pregnant girlfriend, who claimed the other girl dropped it in her purse without her knowledge, Dolan said.

Outside the courtroom following the plea agreement, Kearns' mother, Donna, said she was disgusted with how police and prosecutors handled the case. "They used her as a scapegoat. She told them she wasn't involved. This was a stepping stone for the police chief (Gary Jeandron) who's running for public office. He wanted to say `Look what I did for Palm Springs. I got this white supremacist'".

Commentary: This is an absolute travesty of justice. It is a disgrace that the local authorities have made absolutely no attempt to track down the blacks who started the fight. They zeroed in on Mandie Kearns, and once they realized that she had previously associated with a "white supremacist" group, they lost interest in any other possible suspects. They had their scapegoat, and deliberately overcharged her so they could get some jail time out of her. They also knew that she had only limited financial resources to fight the charges, and took full advantage of it. They also knew that whites don't have an NAACP or ADL to back them up, and took full advantage of that as well. The fact that she has five kids is irrelevant to them. They don't care any more about kids than the Texas thugs who kidnapped 416 kids from the FLDS compound in Eldorado.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

The message is clear enough for white folks ... self defense is a punishable " crime " nowadays .
You know they thoroughly enjoyed the press they got getting a " white supremecist " off the streets . All the while , the heathen onslaught goes on unabated and unmentioned .

Anchorage Activist said...

When I first heard of this case, I smelled a repeat of the Shaun Walker case in Salt Lake. And just like Walker, Massey and Egbert got railroaded in Salt Lake, so Kearns is getting railroaded in Palm Springs. The only difference is the Feds did Walker, the state is doing Kearns.

The Feds are no longer THE enemy of our people. ALL of government at ALL levels is becoming our enemy.

fromwembley said...

Unfreaking real. I don't understand why the police do this. It must be easier to screw over White defendants because nobody goes out and protests for them.

I'm glad the Whites defended themselves. I hate that they have been throught the "justice" system. What a crock.

W said...

Why not just all the black guys screw her as much as they want, it would save the taxpayers money and everyone would be happy. She would love it and you other people that replied could jack off to it after you complain how unfair it is. By the way jeff (va. Rebel) The bible is great, the pages work pefectly when you run out of toilet paper.