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National Socialist Movement Leads March Against Illegal Immigration In Washington D.C.; Counter-Protestors Attack Patriots

Update: April 19th, 2008 at 5:12 P.M. Alaska Time: Post reworked to include information from newer and more reliable references.

As promised, the National Socialist Movement held a rally and march through Washington, D.C. on April 19th, 2008. Preliminary reports filed by WTOP radio, MSNBC, WRC Channel 4, and WJLA Channel 7. A more reliable report now available from the Washington Post via the Provo Daily Herald.

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About 30 people from the National Socialist Movement, waving red swastika flags and shouting "Sieg Heil," emerged about 2:30 p.m. on April 19th, 2008 from a bus one block from the White House and strode toward the Capitol, flanked by thick cordons of police who walked the route in riot gear and hundreds of officers on horseback, bicycles and motorcycles. As they marched down Constitution Avenue, they chanted "USA, USA, USA".

Hundreds of police officers in riot gear lined Constitution Avenue. Nevertheless, several skirmishes broke out between bandanna-clad counter-protestors and patriots. Many of the counter-protestors were Communist-sympathizer ARA activists. Three counter-protestors reportedly used pepper spray on undercover cops. One other counter-protestor hit another undercover cop over the head with a pole. Six people were reportedly arrested.

Upon arrival at the West Lawn of the Capitol, the NSM patriots were treated to a variety of speeches. One speaker railed against illegal immigrants and shouted, "White America, your option is with us." However, the speaker who carried the day was radio host Hal Turner, who is considered the premier propagandist of the white nationalist movement. Recovering quickly from major oral surgery earlier in the week, Turner said the group was "part of a much greater movement" that was "willing to play hardball" to fight illegal immigration. He warned that if Congress did not solve the problem, the movement would assemble in "minority areas" of U.S. cities and "clean house".

Two NSM members spoke to the media. "We want an end to this flow of illegal aliens coming across the Mexican border that no one is doing anything about, which is going to result more joblessness," NSM member K. Schneiger said.

"The issue of illegal immigration is not a movement of hatred, it is not about degrading other races or racism. It is basically a movement of love for our people and our country," NSM member William Herring said. Herring is also a registered member of the Vanguard News Network Forum, and posts there under his own name.

However, the opposition wanted to sound off as well. "People marching in brown shirts and swastikas is a tool of intimidation and terrorism. We came out here to oppose them so they won't feel they can do it safely," said Dan Peterson, 23, a District of Columbia resident who was arrested.

Here's a news video from WJLA:

Originally, there was gross variation on the reported number of participants. WTOP 103.5FM reports 200 NSM members. WRC Channel 4 reports 15 NSM members and up to 200 counter-protestors. WJLA Channel 7 reports 100-150 "Neo-Nazis" and 200 counter-protestors. However, the Washington Post, via the Provo Daily Herald, and DC Indymedia both report 30 NSM members and anywhere from 50-75 conter-protestors, so that looks pretty solid. The NSM's two membership purges during the past two years have obviously taken its toll; two years ago, this rally would have attracted 100 or more NSM members and sympathizers. Nevertheless, kudos to those who did show up.

Other information about the rally not yet reported. Click HERE for the original rally plans, to include a list of projected speakers. Monitor the NSM website for their reports.

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