Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Google Video: ANSWP Commander Bill White's Speech Outlining The Crises Of Capitalism At The Hitler Anniversary Dinner In Chicago

ANSWP Commander Bill White is currently producing videos of the key speeches delivered during the ANSWP's Hitler Anniversary Dinner held in Chicago on April 20th, 2008. When finished, there will be separate videos on the speeches of Bill White, Indiana 2nd Congressional District candidate Tony Zirkle, former Illinois 3rd Congressional District candidate Art Jones, and former Waffen SS officer Ted Junker posted on The videos are also posted on page two of this Vanguard News Network Forum thread.

White's video is up first. During the 20-minute speech, he highlights the value of ANSWP activism during the past year, portraying the ANSWP as delivering the biggest bang for a buck, so to speak, citing as justification the fact that so many establishment figures such as Jesse Jackson and Leonard "Cry Me A River" Potts have reacted specifically to ANSWP activism. But the bulk of the speech is devoted to economics. Comparing America's present economic situation to the pre-Depression period of the late 1920s, he illustrates how inflation of costs, in concert with deflation of assets, is delivering a one-two punch to America's working class, and, in particular, the White working class. Here's the video:

The portrait of Adolf Hitler centered in the background was actually done by Michael "Vonbluvens" Blevins, the ANSWP's Florida State Leader. He painted it from an early picture of Hitler. Blevins has prints of this portrait available for sale; click HERE for more information.

Bill White's explanation of the evolution of the credit industry is one of the more credible theses put forth. As $15-20 per hour production jobs were exchanged for $6 service jobs, the elite stepped forward to make up the difference - by expanding credit availability. This created the illusion of economic enfranchisement and harmlessly diverted prospective revolutionary tendencies towards mass consumption. The hook of easy credit became embedded in the jaws of millions of Americans.

The theology of diversity and multiculturalism was also used to apply psychological coercion. By forcing millions of working-class Americans of different races together in mixed neighborhoods, working class Americans became further diverted away from concerted action by struggling against one another. The elite, of course, were able to continue to buy their way out of forced diversity by capitalizing on the series of economic "bubbles" inflated in succession; the "dot-com" bubble", the stock market "bubble", the credit "bubble", and now the housing "bubble". But all of these "bubbles" have or are currently deflating; we're running out of "bubbles".

The remaining videos, when complete, will be posted on the Overthrow site.

By the way, antifas and some of their allies who masquerade as white nationalists on the Vanguard News Network Forum are trying to claim that the reported number of people who showed up at the event was overexaggerated, because no pictures of the audience are shown. One reason the audience isn't shown is because many of them don't want to be shown out of fear of antifa targeting and retaliation. However, the ANSWP's Illinois State Leader Phil Anderson confirms that the reported number of 56 is correct. Personally, I think a "Hitler Birthday Bash" should become an annual tradition for the ANSWP.

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