Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Former "Neo-Nazi" Leader David Gletty Paid $20,000 To Infiltrate The National Socialist Movement By The FBI; Nationalist Coalition Also Targeted

It has been an open secret that former National Socialist Movement (NSM) leader David Gletty was an informer. In February 2007, on this VNN Forum thread, ANSWP Commander Bill White was the first to publicly reveal Gletty's perfidy. But now, thanks to WCPX Channel 6 in Orlando, FL, we now can find out details about Gletty's specific activities as an informer.

Gletty's work as an informer peaked during February 2006, when several dozen NSM cadre and sympathizers participated in a march and rally in Orlando, Gletty claims he wasn't enthused about it, but asserts that the FBI doesn't allow informers to pick and choose their assignments.

The FBI confirmed that it used Gletty extensively for years in a multitude of cases. They also claimed they paid Gletty $20,000. According to Gletty, "I was assigned (by the FBI) to the White Power Movement, Nazi, Skin-Head and Klan". Gletty said. But Gletty's FBI role did not emerge until a year later in federal court after he helped the FBI arrest two former associates for using firearms to rob drug dealers.

Gletty is now training to be a private investigator with a firm headed by private investigator Sam McCloud. He says he's looking over his shoulder, concerned about retaliation.

WCPX confirmed Gletty's dealings with the FBI by court documents, contacting former white supremacist associates and reading news and police accounts from Jacksonville to Alabama. Here's a YouTube video that provides more background on Gletty:

And Gletty may have targeted another white nationalist organization. On a Stormfront discussion thread, one poster revealed that Gletty showed up at a Nationalist Coalition meeting. The poster claimed Gletty triggered her "creepy weirdo alert" and she confided her suspicions to another comrade. But apparently nothing ever came of it.

And Gletty is by no means the first informer or poseur to target the National Socialist Movement. Another infamous poseur was a Farleigh-Dickinson professor, Jacques Pluss, who joined the organization in 2005, then later left, claiming he inflitrated it in order to expose it. NSM Commander Jeff Schoep issued a damage control statement upon Pluss's departure to spin the damage. Now, in 2008, Pluss is trying to worm his way back into the movement.

Another informer in the NSM was their Utah State leader, Rocky Monbaren. Outed in 2006 by Bill White, he became an informer in order to get out of a DUI charge. While he was not involved in the judicial railroading of Shaun Walker and his two cohorts, he was one of three informers working the white power scene in Salt Lake City at that time (the others being Keith Cotter and Brad Callahan). The infestation of the white nationalist movement with informers, pedos, and whiggers has really hindered the Cause. And the NSM, for whatever reason, has been uniquely attractive to informers.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Great article exposing more wolves in sheeps clothing . One day our people will learn which sieve screens finer . Just because you're white and can scream all the right things , means nothing . There's much more they willingly refuse to reveal .