Monday, April 21, 2008

Former National Vanguard Director Kevin Alfred Strom Sentenced To 23 Months In Prison For Possession Of Child Pornography

The Daily Progress and KVIR Channel 29 in Charlottesville, VA report that on Monday April 21st, 2008, 51-year-old Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured at left) has been sentenced to 23 months in prison and 15 years of supervised release. Strom's sentence was four months shy of the maximum sentencing guidelines, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Gould. An even more detailed report is posted by ReadTheHook.

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Strom, the former director of the now-defunct National Vanguard organization, pleaded guilty to the charge on January 14th, 2008 in lieu of a trial. Authorities seized his computer in August 2006; he was arrested in January 2007 after a federal grand jury handed down an indictment charging him with witness intimidation and possession of child pornography. However, the witness intimidation charges were abruptly dismissed during the first trial on October 3rd, 2007, primarily because the main witness against him, his wife Elisha Strom, was not considered credible at the time.

Strom has been segregated from other inmates at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail and Central Virginia Regional Jail for the last 16 months because of his beliefs, said defense attorney Andrea Harris. Combined with the 23 months just pronounced, this means Strom will serve a total of 39 months time, or three years and three months.

Ever since Strom pleaded guilty, he has been considered persona non grata within the white nationalist community, particularly by ANSWP Commander Bill White and Vanguard News Network editor Alex Linder. The fact that he willingly pleaded guilty to such a charge justifies his excommunication from the Cause. No one who is truly innocent of such a charge would plead guilty, particularly after having won a previous court battle.

As a result of Strom's troubles, National Vanguard disbanded and disincorporated in March 2007. It was subsequently resurrected as European Americans United, and operates the Western Voices World News website.


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Cordon-off said...


Richard Barrett

The sentencing of Kevin Strom to two years for child-pornography
points up the issue of accountability. At his sentencing, Strom asked for
"one minute for every month already spent in jail." However, he should
have received one year for every pornographic picture he possessed. He
admitted to having downloaded one-hundred-thousand to his computer,
but excused it on the grounds that only a fraction depicted sex with kiddies.
"Accountability, however," refers to individual, as well as group, responsibility.
Accomplices are just as culpable as the culprit.

Strom followed the pattern of David Duke in pleading guilty, but, then,
claiming that he was not guilty. Duke, who had defrauded his contributors,
compounded by mail-fraud and tax-evasion, pleaded guilty, but, upon
arrival at the "big house," claimed that he really had not been guilty, at all,
despite seizure of his records, detailing his corruption and cover-up.
Strom did not wait so long. He told the judge that he was not guilty and
had been framed, but the judge noted that, since Strom had pleaded guilty
and not withdrawn his plea, the court was bound to treat him as guilty.

The telling point was the backing, which both Duke and Strom received.
Upon Duke's release from prison, Strom journeyed to New Orleans
to sign a document, compiled by Duke, pledging never to criticize Duke
or anyone else imprisoned for any sort of crimes. It was a bizarre but
revealing document, the import of which echoed the old adage that "the
king can do no wrong" by claiming that "anyone 'white' can do no wrong."
One thing lacking in both Strom and Duke was contrition. There never
was any "I am sorry," "I apologize" or "Please forgive me."

A website, supporting both Strom and Duke, immediately criticized those
who backed the convictions, calling them "FBI-informants," "bad-mouthers,"
"liars," "Jews," "weird" and "homosexuals." It was even asserted that
Nationalists who "attacked" Strom and Duke were "hurting the movement."
During prosecution, it had been revealed that Duke had spent his loot for
gambling and whore-mongering and Strom had been stalking a ten-year-old
girl. For calling both Duke and Strom out, this writer was called "a joke"
and "non-white" by the convicts' partisans.

Strom and Duke shared one other deviant trait. They both had gleefully
heaped calumny upon those who leveled criticism at their criminality.
Strom published an appeal over his now-defunct website insisting that
this writer be assassinated. He was joined by April Gaede, the mother
of the teenage singing-duo, who Strom had managed and whose heads
Strom had pasted onto pornographic images. Duke, also, had launched a
tirade, by way of surrogates, against his critics, terming them "skunks,"
who "deserve not to draw another breath on this earth."

Duke has moved to a foreign country, where he received a mail-order-style
"doctor's degree." He refers to himself as "Doctor Duke" in Internet
posts. His once well-oiled political-machine has collapsed. His Duke
Campaign, NAAWP and "No Fear" organizations, which had been taken
up by disciples, are defunct. Strom, who had aspired to perpetuate the late
William L. Pierce, whose book had been the blueprint for the Oklahoma-City
bombing, has been banned from the Internet. He has been allowed access
to his retarded son, during his fifteen-year probation.
© 2008 Skinheadz

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

cordon - off ... if all these things are true , they certainly need to do the time and get theirs , but ... even more so do they need to be further exposed and examined ( permission to post this elsewhere ? ). How long have they been wolves in sheeps clothing ? When did they hire on ?

How much damage have they really done ? At this stage of the battle , when the white man is awakening and so in need of guidance ... to be taken in by charlatans . Proselytes who would sell their very soul for momentary gain .

Professing to be lovers of their God , their people , their country . There's a wall reserved for this vile element ... and for the others . None will escape the searching Light .