Thursday, April 10, 2008

Censorship 101: Critically-Acclaimed "South Africa Sucks" Blog Taken Down; Was Resurrected As "South African Hell"

Update July 5th, 2010: On November 11th, 2008, South Africa Sucks was taken down twice in 24 hours by Google. It has since been resurrected, as

One of the most critically-acclaimed sources of inside information about the meltdown of the black-majority government of South Africa was taken down by Blogger earlier on April 10th, 2008. In this case, it was a complete takedown; Blogger deleted the blog and froze the URL so it cannot be re-used. This is different than what happened to White Reference; in my case, White Reference was merely restricted to authors only for two weeks until Blogger, after two appeals on my part, re-evaluated it and restored it to full service.

The affected blog, known as South Africa Sucks, chronicled the steady decline of the quality of life and the integrity of the infrastructure which has occurred in South Africa since the transition to black majority rule in 1994. While SAS was unapologetically pro-white, and highly critical of the black majority government, the editors did not express any general hate towards non-white populations as a whole, although it did expound upon instances of misbehavior by South African blacks. In addition, SAS did not spend much time addressing what's known as the "Jewish Question", perhaps in deference to the fact that, in an environment where whites are outnumbered by blacks 10-1, anybody who looks white is viewed as a prospective ally.

A Google cache of the main page of the old South Africa Sucks blog is available HERE, in case anyone wants to capture the posts. This will only be available for a few days.

This is actually the second time this blog has been axed. Its predecessor, South Africa Is Crap, was similarly axed over a year ago after it had reached similar prominence. The editors of SAS then resurrected the blog under a new name, South African Hell, which has since been superseded. Here is the URL:

Because SAS was deleted completely, its old content became temporarily unavailable. However, with several editors, South African Hell quickly filled up with the incisive and insightful content that brought SAS a million hits. Uhuru Guru has already posted on South African Hell and is obviously just as surprised as the rest of us that SAS was deleted. He states that the nature of SAS content had NOT changed, and concludes that South African government pressure may have persuaded Blogger to delete the blog.

If an alternative is ever needed, an excellent additional alternative source for truthful news about South Africa can be found on Jan Lamprecht's African Crisis website.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Glad to see SAS is back so quick , even if under a different name . Quite the shame all their excellent articles were lost . They are our eyes and ears from Africa . Good to see others posting their new link so quickly and it's a great opportunity to discover new blogs ... such as me finding yours . Greetings from Virginia .

Anonymous said...

Tyrone the former liberal (From JHB in SA)

SAS was the only blog I read regularly: best one I have EVER read.

Well done for getting it up again...we need this kind of rational perspective on this black run, increasingly chaotic hell hole.

Shot Guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! its gone again

Anonymous said...

Yes, I checked it this morning. South Africa sucks, South African Hell....the whole thing is off Blogger again. It seems if some people are afraid of the truth and are afraid of the truth coming out. There must be a way around this. We have to do something to save blogs like this.

Anonymous said... .....I have found it, now my day can be more Durable.

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