Thursday, April 24, 2008

Black Man Guns Down White Female Bartender Who Carded Him At Kansas City Bar; Brandon Hulett Charged With Murder

Accused killer Brandon Hulett

On April 23rd, 2008, a Raytown man was charged with murder, accused of fatally shooting a bartender after she denied him a drink at a Kansas City, KS tavern. Full stories published in the Kansas City Star, KCTV Channel 5 Kansas City, and WDAF Channel 4 Kansas City. Discussion available on Stormfront.

Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerome A. Gorman charged Brandon S. Hulett with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Lori Reynolds, 44, early Saturday morning April 19th. Hulett, who turned 21 on April 12th, has also been charged with one count of aggravated battery and 10 counts of aggravated assault. He is now being held in Wyandotte County Jail on $500,000 bond. YouTube video of AP story posted below:

Reynolds was a bartender at the Gossip Inn, a small tavern at 2418 Park Drive in Kansas City, KS. A slideshow posted with the KCTV story confirms she's white. Reynolds had been a bartender there for about seven years and was popular among customers. Bar owner Laura Maude characterized her as "her rock" and said she was irreplaceable.

"She is irreplaceable. I don't know where that smile is going to come from and that spirit and everything else she brought to me and the bar and to everybody at the Gossip Inn," Maude said.

The tavern had a firm rule of not serving a drink without customers showing an ID first. So when Reynolds said she couldn’t serve Hulett early Saturday without seeing his ID, Hulett allegedly opened fire, striking her multiple times. Before fleeing, Hulett allegedly shot six to eight more rounds through the bar. No one else was reported injured. Reynolds died of her wounds at a hospital. Funeral services for Reynolds were held Monday April 21st. According to her obituary, Lori Reynolds was preceded in death by her father, Fred Swanson. She is survived by her daughter, Michaela Reynolds; mother, Carol Thomas, and stepfather, Joseph Thomas; brother, Tim Swanson and his wife Shelley; sister, Kellie Kemple and husband Roger.

After the funeral, Reynolds' daughter Michaela said police told her they had someone in custody, and she said having someone charged with her mother's murder was a huge relief. "It's great news, I was so happy that he turned himself in during the services, that was great," she said. "I just hope that he gets the justice that he deserves. It was senseless. He's a young kid and he just wasted his whole life."

Carol Thomas, Reynolds' mother, commented at a candlelight vigil about the senseless violence. "The regard for human life is nil. Nobody even thinks twice that they would come in and shoot somebody, and never thinks of the consequences that are gonna effect everybody," said Thomas. [Ed. Note: For a parent to be preceded to the grave by one of their children can be a traumatic experience for the parent, but Hulett didn't consider that when he chimped out and blasted Reynolds for doing her job and asking for ID.]

Another white family wrecked by TNB.


slantedplanet said...

The thing that really gets me about this kind of crime is that if a white man had walked in and shot a black woman, it would be national news; amid cries of "racism", etc.
But when a white person gets murdered by a black/hispanic (and it happens every day), it's just business as usual. I'm sure the FBI won't be down there investigating a "hate crime" since the victim was only a white person.

charles e lee said...

the thing i hate about it is that race has to come into the picture.Why cant it be that some low life type of person done something unexplianable. Still in this day an age. My heart goes out to the family menbers who lost this young lady.

Orion said...

I wonder if the Kansans of 1858 who were so hot to arm niggers and set them loose amongst us would have a change of heart if they could see the fruits of their labor today. I doubt it, if "charles e lee" is any indication.

White people today need to think long and hard as to what is in store for their posterity in as little as 80 years, when our race will be only 20 percent of the population. It will be much, much worse. Is this what you want?

I would hope that soon, for every white murdered by a filthy negro, 5 negro bodies are found dead randomly about the area of the murder. It's TIME FOR THIS TO STOP!

Marmaduke said...

Lori was my aunt, and i can say that by the dead eyes of the killer Brandon he feels no remorse whatsoever... He had NO ONE there at the preliminary hearing. My grandma lost her husband (my grandpa) 2 WEEKS AFTER this happened. She is a very strong woman...

Anonymous said...

This was such a senseless crime & a very tragic loss of such a beautiful person, gunned down for simply just doing her job.
Brandon Hulett should rot in prison & will burn in hell for the senseless actions he choose that night.