Saturday, April 19, 2008

Anti-Gay Backlash Explodes In Rome, Italy; Patriotic Italian Youth Confront Militant Gay Activists At The Mario Mieli Homosexual Club

It was bound to happen sometime. Gay activists, not content with mere tolerance, continue to demand a seemingly endless series of concessions from mainstream society. They demand their relationships be officially recognized through civil unions and marriage. They demand those relationships also be officially subsidized through mandated spousal benefits. They demand preferential access to our kids and recruit our youth through homosexual embassies in our high schools, euphemistically referred to as "gay-straight clubs".

And finally, the long-suffering mainstream societies of America and Europe have clearly reached the limits of their tolerance and patience. A group of patriotic youth decided to fight back on April 17th, 2008 in Rome, Italy. No physical violence, mind you - just verbal outrage. Perhaps this will become our own version of a pro-family "Stonewall"; the wonder is that it hasn't occurred earlier.

Rome, Italy police are searching for members of a mob of youths who allegedly "burst" into the city's LGBT center, supposedly "ransacking" the building. The "attack" on the Mario Mieli Homosexual Cultural Circle occurred Thursday night (April 17th) while members were in the building. Full story published in, albeit with a highly pro-gay spin. Another version of the story is posted on the Overthrow website. I will attempt to neutralize the pro-gay spin in this post.

As the gay activists attempted to confront the gang the youths allegedly recited anti-gay and anti-Semitic slogans. After completing their rally, the gang shouted slogans praising former Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini upon their departure. No physical violence was reported.

The gay activists believe the confrontation is linked to the electoral climate in Italy. Not only is Rome is in the midst of a mayoral runoff between rightist and leftist candidates, but earlier this week, Silvio Berlusconi, well-known for his vigorous defence and promotion of traditional Italian values, became Prime Minister when his rightwing coalition swept national elections.

In 2004, during his last stint as Prime Minister, Berlusconi's choice to be the European Union's human rights chief was rejected by an EU committee after Rocco Buttiglione called homosexuality "a sin" and that marriage existed "to allow women to have children and to have the protection of a male". Reacting to the EU move, a Berlusconi cabinet minister launched into a homophobic tirade. "Poor Europe: the faggots are in the majority," Mirko Tremaglia declared.

And this is not the only instance of patriotically-motivated anti-gay backlash bubbling to the surface in Italy. Earlier this week, in the German-speaking northern Italian province of Alto Adige, of which Bolzano is the leading city, police broke up what is described as a "neo-Nazi gang", arresting 16 people on charges of inciting discrimination, hatred and violence based on race, ethnicity and nationality. Police claim the gang had ties to skinhead and Neo-Nazi groups in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Mario Mieli was a Italian homosexual activist who reached the peak of his influence during the 1970s. He is considered an icon by the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).


Anonymous said...

A "patriotically-motivated anti-gay backlash"? Is that meant to imply that it is patriotic to be intolerant of gays? The intolerant often hide behind the bible, the flag, or traditional family values as a justification for their inner-ugliness. The truth here is obvious. The author clearly dislikes gay people and wishes to glamorize those of like mind with twisted accolades intended to rally others to the cause of hate and intolerance. All I can say in response if that if the author's inner hate is determined to bubble to the surface perhaps some form of self-mutilation might be a more satisfying outlet.

Anonymous said...

to speak so angrily with an obvious inability to believe in tolerance yourself is both hypocritical and moronic. were you hoping for comments glorifying this piece of trash article? It's a real shame you feel so "enlightened" that you need to share it with the world. do us all a favor, if you don't like gay marriage, don't have one. Otherwise live and let live.
Glorifying an obvious hate crime such as the ransacking of the Mario Mieli building doesn't help your cause. Physical actions meant to deter a person or ideal simply out of hatred is as good as violence. Would you not consider physical intimidation a non-violent act? It's people like the author that make this world such a horrible place to live. Not homosexuals.