Sunday, April 20, 2008

American National Socialist Workers Party Pulls In 56 White Activists For Adolf Hitler Birthday Dinner In Chicago; No Antifa Disruption Reported

American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Commander Bill White (pictured at left) reports that 56 white activists showed up for a memorial dinner held in a banquet hall in Chicago, Illinois on April 20th, 2008. The event was conceived to celebrate the 119th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler. Full story posted on

Summary: Most of the white activists were reported to be from the Chicago metro area. Four speakers urged attendees to fight America's economic collapse and reinvigorate the white working class. The speakers included Tony Zirkle, Republican nominee for Congress in Indiana's 2nd District, Art Jones, former Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois' 3rd District, Theo Junker, a former German SS Officer, and Bill White himself. All speakers focused upon issues of primary interest to the audience, including Jewish involvement in prostitution and pornography, the unraveling racial situation in the United States, and the Third Reich during and after World War II. Theo Junker also expressed concern about divisions within America's national socialist community and appealed for greater unity. Bill White addressed parallels between 1930 Germany and 21st century America.

Despite some idle threats by antifas to disrupt the event, no opposition showed up, thanks to rigorous security measures instituted by White to prevent public dissemination of the specific location in advance. Several pictures of the event have been posted separately by Bill White on Overthrow. In addition, there is a discussion thread on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Tony Zirkle is in a three-way race with Joe Roush and establishment anointee Luke Puckett for Indiana's Second Congressional District Republican nomination. Recent story about a debate between Zirkle and Roush HERE. Puckett has been ducking debates involving Zirkle because he doesn't want to make Zirkle look "respectable". The primary election will be held on May 6th.

Art Jones competed for Illinois' Third Congressional District Republican nomination against Michael Hawkins. On February 5th, 2008, Hawkins defeated Jones, although Jones got a credible 33% of the vote.

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Anonymous said...

Bill White is reported to have offered Jim Ramm $150 for the clothing stolen from White's laundry two years ago.

The clothes (underwear) were apprehended by Ramm for reasons still unclear, although speculation has been rife that Ramm spent 5 weeks alone in his bedroom with the clothing, and only emerged from the locked room having lost 20 pounds in weight when worried family members called the Police.

Ramm reportedly told the Police that the time in his bedroom was spent deepening his understanding of National Socialism.

Bill White is said to be considering the offer seriously as he misses the items stolen, especially in winter. SSources close to White say he is currently negotiaiting with Ramm about the price. Sources say a deal could be in the offing if the underwear are returned in, what they term, "working condition".