Sunday, March 02, 2008

YouTube Video Exposes The Talmud As The Spiritual Foundation Of Jewish Supremacism

While visiting the Stormfront website, I found this thread where an invaluable YouTube video exposing Jewish supremacism was posted. This video is a 10-minute overview of the Talmud, which is considered the "other side" of Judaism. While the Torah is considered the respectable, public side of Judaism, the Talmud, which represents the less forgiving and more vindictive side, tends to be kept from public view. When's the last time you saw a complete set of the Babylonian Talmud in stock at Borders or Barnes & Noble? As a matter of fact, you have to visit a large metropolitan library to find a complete set available to the public. The full version of the Talmud can be found online, fortunately.

The YouTube site where the video is hosted links back to Michael Hoffman's website, where Hoffman expounds at length about the Talmud. Unfortunately, Hoffman posts a disclaimer in which he tries to "disassociate" himself from Stormfront's use of this video and his website, but he does go on to expose the Talmud nonetheless. Here's the video:

Dr. David Duke is considered another of the leading Gentile experts on the Talmud. In his books, My Awakening" and Jewish Supremacism", he expounds upon the Talmud at length, establishing its role as the spiritual foundation of Jewish supremacism. Patrick Grimm has also acquired considerable expertise on Jewish supremacism, and regularly addresses the issue on his NewsFromTheWest and ZionistWatch websites.

However, even the "best of the Gentiles" cannot fully appreciate its impact, because Gentiles are not steeped in this doctrine from birth. One must obtain an awakened Jewish perspective to get the full picture. Fortunately, we have Brother Nathanael Kapner, a Jew who converted to Christianity, to better qualify the big picture. On his RealJewNews website, Brother Kapner exposes Jewish supremacism from top to toe, including this post on the Satanic verses of the Talmud.


S├╝damerikaner said...


Whites Greetings from South America (Chile)

White Pride for our people

Anchorage Activist said...

Good to hear that there are Chilean whites who have captured the spirit.

Anonymous said...

I was born a Jew. Watched the video with great interest- without defensiveness. And yet it seems to be misguided.

To make the Jews of then a fixed group, and to assume that they are no different than modern Jews is absurd.

That is like saying American politicians are wise because of studying the words/actions of our founding fathers.

Or, it is like saying Americans are thrifty after studying the post-depression era generation.

There is very likely not one single Jew on Earth today who would agree with those Talmudic statements of two thousand years ago.

And, the view of "gentiles" back then didn't apply to YOU. So, relax... it applied to the neighbors they had thousands of years ago who MAY have been one step less civilized than them, or at least different in value system.

Let's all evolve to a more tolerant view of other people, which requires dropping our defensiveness and our deep with for superiority.

Only the fragile ego tries to push himself above others.