Friday, March 14, 2008

Sewer Backs Up Into El Paso, Texas Holocaust Musuem - No Damage To Artifacts, Holocaustianity Continues

A foul stench and dirty water have filled the El Paso Holocaust Museum at its new location near Downtown El Paso. Full stories published by KVIA Channel 7 in El Paso and the El Paso Times.

Museum staff discovered a foul stench in the building and filthy water all over the floor, after a sewer main backed up this morning. El Paso Water Utility crews said a line carrying sewage away from buildings in the entire area had clogged, possibly due to excessive grease.

Leslie Novick, the museum's executive director, said none of the museum's Holocaust artifacts were destroyed. "Thankfully, our artifacts are high enough off the ground. The only things that are ruined are things that can be replaced: carpeting, computers and furniture," Novick said. "The offices are what took the brunt of the damage".

The cause of the flood is still under investigation, and El Paso Water Utilities crews were on site trying to fix the problem, Novick said.

In 2001, the original museum was destroyed in an electrical fire. Since then, the museum board worked to find both a new location and the funds to rebuild. The museum reopened to the public six years later on January 29th.

Commentary: Fire in 2001, a sewage backup now. Think somebody's trying to tell them something?

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Anonymous said...

Why must you have such a closed heart? Feel the love for all people and let it shine. My guess was that you were Christian, but maybe not. We are all part of the same human family arent' we.

Tell me.... Were you taught to hate others, or born that way? Did you have one bad experience that ruined it for you that you can't let go of, or do you really gain something from trying to feel superior? I am serious in my curiosity as I don't understand how people can feel so much hate. I am a truth seeker, and would really like to understand.

Love and Light.... Lover of all people.